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How to make a Scorpio Jealous? [Explained]


Scorpio is a whole, sensual, passionate person who uses all their power to seduce and capture their potential partners. This water sign prefers everything that has a mysterious, secret, inalienable character.

The harder it is to reach the target, the more passionate they feel, the higher the stakes. Scorpios are capable of doing anything to achieve their goals. They know how to use tricks to fulfill their desires, including lying and manipulation.

However, they hate being betrayed and abandoned. This is why Scorpios seek a unique partner, the one who will be able to offer them the life they dream of to be happy finally. This sign, which can be frightening when hurt, has an impressive ability to perceive subtle changes. So how can you make a Scorpio jealous, and how, after that, can you win back their trust? Let’s see how in this article.

How to make a Scorpio man jealous


By the nature of their sign, Scorpios are attracted to unusual relationships. Let the Scorpio man understand that you are interested in him. Court him in your way for a few days and the attraction will surely be returned. After he’s interested, tease him a bit, make him want you, don’t answer his calls. If this seems counterproductive to you, you are wrong!

Humans are curious animals. Well, if you find yourself around a Scorpio that makes your heart flutter, play into his sense of curiosity. If you are a skilled storyteller, make the most of it. Tell him curious stories to attract his interest and curiosity. If he seems involved, don’t step on the brake, but push him. If he starts asking you questions, one in line with the other, you will have achieved your goal. You know how to keep him in the palm of your hand; you just need to continue on this path, giving him lots to think about.

Nothing burns more than retroactive jealousy, that is, jealousy you cause him by talking about your past experiences. Remain vague about the number of partners you’ve had sex with and how many dates you have been on in the past. You could even casually mention a few hot situations you had with your exes between the sheets. Does he react to this? Good. Now he will want to prove himself as the right partner for you, better than all the ones you had before.

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How to make a Scorpio woman jealous

At first, show her a certain level of interest, so she will begin to be intrigued by you. Once she begins to return this interest, it’s time to change your game plan if you want her to stay interested in you.

Give the girl you like a reason to get jealous, and don’t let her lull you into the belief that you can rest easy if you want to attract her. Find a lot of friends and go out with them, don’t hesitate even in the face of her flirtation.

It will amaze you how much a pinch of rivalry can ignite the romantic desire in your Scorpio. In the darkest corners of her mind, there is the belief that a man is her property. To increase her interest in you, you should certainly let her know that you want or are desired by other women as well.

Jealousy will make her suspicious, insecure, and angry. She will begin to devote much more time to you to try and understand how well-founded her fears are.

Every so often, flirt with an acquaintance, smile at a woman walking in front of you, subtly ignore her all evening when you go out with friends. If you are at a party together, you just have to choose a girl near you and start talking to her. Make sure your girlfriend sees this. You may even ask her to dance with you for a song or two.

I made a Scorpio jealous. Now what?

For the Scorpio natives, nothing is more important than trust in a relationship. They need to put all their trust in the person they choose to be their partner. If they can’t trust you, they will enter a paranoid state which will make them very emotionally unstable.

They also have a natural sixth sense that allows them to immediately understand if what you are telling them is the truth or not, so if you have decided to lie to a Scorpio, you need to know a few things: first of all, you will never be forgiven.

Second, you will have lost the trust this person placed in you. Getting this trust back can be quite challenging but not impossible!

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Things to do to gain their trust back

5 things to make it up, to cool down that jealousy

  • Show them that they are the one for you
  • Try to seduce them
  • Do something special, something that you know will be meaningful to them
  • Spend some of your free time doing something they like with them
  • Let them know that no one is like them and you have eyes for no one except them
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