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How to Make a Gemini Jealous [With Examples]


Hitting a Gemini in the heart is difficult. They never wholly indulge themselves in their feelings or let themselves be swayed by the feelings others have for them.

They have no time for distractions of any kind. In the first part of their life, they are not in touch with their emotional side: you may find that a Gemini prefers to joke about their experiences rather than face them full-on.

Do you want to make a Gemini jealous? Read this useful guide to help you out, followed by some tips to make it up to your Gemini if it goes too far.

How to make a Gemini man jealous


Flirting may seem like a last resort, but as they say: “extreme remedies for extreme evils”. Knowing how to flirt can be helpful in making a Gemini man jealous. If things with your Gemini man aren’t going how you would like, flirting with another man could shuffle things up. Your Gemini man will feel hurt and insecure so may decide to get more involved with you. The important thing is to be discreet in your flirting so that the Gemini does not figure out your scheme.

Keep an eye on your social media presence as this is something the Gemini will look at a lot. You want to seem happy, carefree, and comfortable with yourself and the friends you hold close to you. These will fuel his jealousy once he sees you flirting with other men. As with the flirting, make sure everything seems natural. This is what will draw him in.

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How to make a Gemini woman jealous

Gemini women are all about appearances. Use your social media presence to your advantage in making her interested in you. Post photos and videos on social media to make her jealous. Posting photos of yourself happily in the presence of other women will pique her interest and ensure you have her attention.

The women you appear with do not have to be the most attractive women you know. Instead, it would be more effective to pose with the Gemini’s direct opposite; if your Gemini is refined and dresses neatly at all times, post photos with your tattooed friends with dyed hair and extravagant clothing tastes. If she is the tattooed woman, then take pictures with the refined. She will spend her evenings wondering why you spend all your times with these women instead of being with her.

However, let her intuit your close relationship with these girls – never show it firsthand. In these photos and videos, never kiss, touch, or flirt too much with the girls. Instead, remain pure and calm. After all, this media is all for the audience of your Gemini girl, so you should tailor it for her.

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I made a Gemini jealous. Now what?

Born under the sign of Gemini are people with a highly social nature and who tend to be successful flirts. For this reason, they are somewhat more likely to arouse jealousy in their partner than to feel it themselves. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, famous for being the planet of communication.

This means that Geminis much prefer to discuss situations rather than hold onto their jealousy quietly in those rare situations where they experience it.

Suppose they notice the presence of a particular physical or mental attraction between their partner and another person. In that case, Gemini will talk about it openly by asking straightforward questions, likely never losing their temper. Like everyone else, they too, are wrong and notice attractions even when there are none. In the cases where they are correct, they will not let their pain show.

Regardless, Gemini is part of the air signs, which is why jealousy in romantic relationships is rarely an issue. They can understand the non-linear nature of all human beings and that not all actions that others take should be taken seriously.

Geminis are human like everyone so they feel jealousy but only in very serious circumstances. They are very rational people and rarely allow their emotions to take over reason.

Things to do to gain their trust back

5 things to make it up, to cool down that jealousy

  • Tell them how you feel
  • Come clean, revealing your strategy
  • Discuss the reasons that led you to act like that
  • Plan something special like a romantic dinner to make it up to them
  • Let them feel needed, wanted and loved with loving daily gestures
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