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How to Break up With a Scorpio? (Step-By-Step)


Those born in this sign are always looking for an opponent. Love is one of their favorite hunting grounds. Like everyone else, they need to be loved and suffer from loneliness, even when defending their independence. Their weak point is sensitivity, and they are afraid that others will find out. He wants to be loved as he is, and he doubts his abilities in this regard. He doesn’t like routine or habits too much. He loves the unpredictable in life and the relationship. Relationships are not without surprises. Otherwise, he gets bored.

In a relationship lived in the manner of a Scorpio, there are two crucial moments: The meeting and the reconciliation. He is incredibly fascinated by the fact of seducing someone, of discovering every mystery that surrounds him and its most secret motives. The second important moment for him is reconciliation. It’s something he loves. He even goes so far as to provoke some separations only to be then able to experience this incredible feeling of returning, to meet again, to make peace after the war.


Sexually, Scorpios are all or nothing. As for their jealousy, it is purely cerebral. The Scorpio man is a fascinating individual because he is perfectly sincere in his contradictions and always faithful to himself. He does not compromise, but he is a person of value. He does not listen much to what you tell him, and even if he shakes his head with a convinced air, he will always do his own thing!

Whether he’s extroverted, full of vitality, curious about anyone experienced, or introverted, anxious, romantic, and restless, a Scorpio always has remarkable creative potential. He is not authoritarian in his life and lets others live at their own pace, provided they are confident of remaining at the center of their interests. Stable relationships are a bit scary.

The Scorpio woman, when she loves, is capable of having a blind dedication to the other, provided she feels respected and accepted. Often she is independent and even a dominatrix in the workplace. She dreams of meeting a partner who surpasses her, at least in intimacy. She relies more on charm than physical attractions. She is incredibly feminine despite the virile energy with which she has. She is like a cat, or rather a panther. Her almost feline attitude to do the “purr” must not make us forget that she also has sharp claws with which she is ready to help herself. When she is in love she is ready to do everything for her beloved. However, she demands total sincerity from him and does not hesitate to take revenge if he fails.
Let’s see now how to break up with a Scorpio.

How Should You Break up With a Scorpio?

No fear! Scorpio knows how to break up in a noble, dramatic, and less painful way.
Tip: leave before it explodes! The breakups in the manner of the Scorpio take place quite calmly. First of all, they are very intuitive and therefore feel the scent before you want to leave them. And they push you, with a little masochism, to manifest it. They love relationships that gradually fade. A clean cut is better, even at the risk of suffering. Most of the time, they take the initiative in the breakup. But is it a breakup? Or is it just a method to put a little salt in the relationship? You will only know afterward because the after-breakup is one of the most interesting behaviors of Scorpios. After having lived such a complicit relationship with them, Scorpios know it won’t be easy for you to find the same complicity with another. And they know it very well, so they continue to have genuine tenderness and true friendship with their exes.

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Where and When Should You do it?

Do it around his birthday and in the presence of his closest friends! He won’t stand it, and for sure, he will make a scene like a drama queen. He won’t forget you and won’t forgive you easily!

What Should You do After?

Leaving a scorpion will not be easy because he will not let go of anything in general, and being a sign ruled by Mars, it is easy for him to meditate revenge if he feels betrayed. Ghosting him and disappearing into thin air would be crazy because he will give you the hunt, making you feel worse than if you had dealt with it head-on and with dignity. Scorpios don’t forget, which can be a good thing or a bad thing – it depends on how you made it feel. Play your cards wisely, and don’t be surprised if you end up in bed with someone you know well or if the next partner will be exactly like you but taller and better off. Accept the real possibility that a Scorpio will no longer want to talk to you after the breakup. A scorched earth policy may be the easiest thing for this sign to implement, often and willingly.

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