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How to Kiss a Scorpio? [Tips and Tricks]


Are you into a Scorpio and need advice on how to kiss them? Then this is the article for you!

How to kiss a Scorpio man


Kissing for Scorpios is often not a priority. It is a very small step towards more intense things. Scorpios love to be in control, so let them lead. But be prepared: usually, their kiss is a prelude to more elaborate things. So, make sure you are in a place where you can go further. The kiss is passionate and intense, with the ability to continue for a long time, if the Scorpio wants it. They hate to deviate, so don’t expect any kind of wild moves while kissing.

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How to kiss a Scorpio woman

Kisses from a Scorpio arouse intense emotions. We are talking about one of the most impetuous signs of the zodiac, one of those who does not mind showing their love, so whoever receives a kiss from one of them will remember it for a long time. They like to woo by nature, which makes them attractive. You will fall in love with their kisses so quickly that you won’t even understand how it happened. Scorpios are bold and courageous. When they want to experience new sensations, they take action without asking for permission.

When to kiss a Scorpio man

A kiss will be the gesture capable of convincing him that he is comfortable with you, that he can trust you. Remember that for a Scorpio man, kissing is the right and necessary prelude to inevitable passion.

When to kiss a Scorpio woman

Kiss a Scorpio woman when you can have some privacy as a kiss with a Scorpio woman can easily and quickly escalate into something more intimate and spicy. There is no way to avoid it, Scorpio women are naturally very intense, so their kisses are full of passion and they are able to make their partner feel as if he had taken a rare love potion that leads him to delirium. Therefore, accept her kisses with caution.

Where to kiss a Scorpio man

A walk on the beach is just great. He loves the seaside and will definitely feel comfortable there. The more comfortable he is, the more open he will be. It’s like he is in his natural element when by the sea.

Where to kiss a Scorpio woman

A romantic picnic on the beach or during a coastal getaway is what you need to recreate the perfect scenario for you and your Scorpio woman to finally kiss.

We kissed now what?

After kissing a Scorpio, you will have a tricky job making things last. Because of the character complexity of Scorpio, sometimes they have difficulty controlling their emotions, whatever they are. He will sometimes go through quite dark moments where he’ll need you to make him smile again and make him appreciate life again. Scorpio is sometimes a little too perfectionist, which ruins some good times. Likewise, he can turn out to be pessimistic from time to time. Love is so important to Scorpio because he needs someone to show him that he is not alone. To fall in love after kissing, the Scorpio needs a person who shows him constant affection. If you commit yourself to a Scorpio, you will have to reassure him when he needs it and keep his spirits high. A love story for Scorpio is therefore also a way to find a certain balance in one’s life. It is for this reason that, at times, he will tend to be a little too possessive towards you. So if your Scorpio partner starts stressing over you, it is not because he doesn’t trust you but because he is driven by passion and strong emotions towards his love interest. Accept it and let him know that you are on the same page. He will pay you back for this trust!

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To do list after kissing a Scorpio man

  • Cuddle him and spend more and more time looking for physical connections.
  • Plan an outdoor getaway where you can be together.
  • Have his back, always!

To do list after kissing a Scorpio woman

  • Buy her special gifts.
  • Bring her to places she loves and that are meaningful. This would make her feel heard and understood.
  • Create sensual situations to let her express her interests and her passion for you.
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