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How to Kiss a Virgo? [Tips and Tricks]


If your love interest is a Virgo and you can’t wait to kiss them, this is the article for you!

How to kiss a Virgo man


Virgo men are meticulous, neat and patient and will constantly catalog and analyze your relationship. But don’t expect foolish or impulsive moves. Practical considerations of where and how to kiss must be resolved before any action begins. However, they are attentive and thoughtful. They are gentle, they do not nibble. They love to hug their partner tightly when they kiss.

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How to kiss a Virgo woman

The way of kissing Virgo women is rather careful and scrupulous. It is likely that you will want to kiss her after the second date to see if you two are going anywhere in the relationship. They are generally good kissers, but it is difficult for them to state their feelings right away. Thanks to the perfectionist and precise nature of those born in Virgo, their kiss is perfect and unforgettable. Except that to get to this point, you will need to be patient and wait until the Virgo decides she can trust you.

Perfection is something they strive for. The qualities that make them successful in their careers, such as attention to detail, also make them good kissers. When a Virgo kisses you, they will completely envelop you with their body.

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When to kiss a Virgo man

Don’t be in a hurry to kiss him, because he needs time to get intimate with you. In short, it is better to wait until he trusts you and decides that he wants your relationship to move to the next phase.

When to kiss a Virgo woman

Take the time to get to know her and to create a connection, even a friendly one is better than nothing to break the ice. Let your Virgo woman be open to exploring a kiss with you.

Where to kiss a Virgo man

Organize a day of total relaxation. A beach, a SPA, natural treatments to revitalize body and spirit will definitely be the perfect occasion and place to have your first kiss!

Where to kiss a Virgo woman

A Virgo woman loves spending time at the beach. This is the best place to steal your first kiss while she is at ease.

We kissed! Now what?

Woman kissing man

Virgos are pragmatic, honest and hard workers. He loves a job well done and will devote all the time necessary to it so that the result obtained is satisfactory in his eyes. Even if he does not like to upset the order of his day, he will always find a solution to help people who need him. He knows how to make himself available for others. In particular, he would never want to do wrong to the people who are close to him. And, despite all its qualities, he will never put himself in the spotlight. After kissing someone under this zodiac sign, you will have a bit of a work to do.

However, he is a great perfectionist and becomes distressed and irritable when he feels overwhelmed by events. Moreover, having a firm grasp on his own morals, he sometimes struggles to question himself. This can be difficult to live with in everyday life. He also spends a lot of time helping others, so will not have as much time for you as you might hope. To win a Virgo after a kiss, you will have to find your place in his daily life, little by little.

Virgos don’t like surprises, they prefer to have everything under control, so do things gently if you want to seduce and conquer them. To seduce him, you will have to show that you are on the same wavelength as him: pragmatic, with your feet on the ground and without crickets in your head. Virgos have the goal of starting a family that will last, so they don’t want a woman who is too superficial. Therefore, the efforts you make to seduce them through your appearance will have little effect on him in the long run, even if they please him in the moment.

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To do list after kissing a Virgo man

  • Don’t be afraid to let him know about your expectations for your future together.
  • Compliment him about the kiss.
  • Show him support over his daily tasks and projects.

To do list after kissing a Virgo woman

  • Write a romantic love letter where you tell her more about your feelings for her.
  • Plan something relaxing you can do together as a couple.
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