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How to Kiss a Libra? [Tips and Tricks]


If your love interest is a Libra, there are a few tips and tricks you should use to create the right atmosphere for a kiss with them. This includes making them comfortable to deepen your bond with this zodiac sign. Read on to find out more!

How to kiss a Libra man


Libras are demanding and sensual, with a passion for romance and mystery. However, they are one for cleanliness, so before you get romantic with a Libra make sure your teeth are brushed and that you smell nice. Soft music lighting in an elegant setting are essential. The kiss will be long and romantic, with few interruptions in a well-kept environment that stimulates the senses. The kisses will slowly increase in their intensity.

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How to kiss a Libra woman

Although Libra is one of the most indecisive and insecure signs of the zodiac, their way of acting does not show that. During a kiss, they will be passionate and involved They like to indulge their partner, so they are not the ones who take the initiative, but they wait for the other to take the first step. After that, it doesn’t matter what circumstances they find themselves in, because natives of this sign will kiss so overwhelmingly that no one will be able to forget their kisses so easily.

When to kiss a Libra man

Kiss him while he is telling you how important you are to him, how much he loves you and how much he wants you. Because the kiss, for the Libra man, is the only real answer to a declaration of love.

When to kiss a Libra woman

Kiss a Libra woman while strolling around hand in hand. Surprise her, make her feel she is the one for you and that you only have eyes for her.

Where to kiss a Libra man

The best places to kiss a Libra man is at parties, surrounded by his friends. He is a social animal and he loves having people around. This means he will be comfortable and at ease enough to accept a kiss from you readily.

Where to kiss a Libra woman

A Libra woman loves art and aesthetics. Bring her to an artistic exposition and kiss her in front of the artwork. She is going to love it.

We kissed! Now what?

After kissing a Libra, you don’t have to play the indecisive. On the contrary: show what you want. Don’t pretend to resist his advances for too long, play a little but don’t push it too far. If Libra believes that you are the woman of their life, they will do everything to satisfy you, fascinate you and be the ideal man: don’t stop them. You have to show him that you know what you want but without constantly taking the first step.

Libra is a seducer: do not spoil this pleasure and let him seduce you a little. This applies not only to the early days, but also to your life as a couple. Since the Libra is romantic who values love highly, do not shy away from being a bit sentimental and romantic too. Prepare him some surprises, such as romantic weekends away. Give him some attention too. Even small acts of attentiveness will remind him of your love for him. If you’re dating a Libra woman, don’t hesitate to go big every now and then, even without a specific occasion. She will love it. Take care of Libra and they will take care of you. A Libra is ready to do anything to show their love for you.

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To do list after kissing a Libra man

  • Always make him feel special.
  • Surprise him in a sensual and romantic way.
  • Plan something big for the two of you.

To do list after kissing a Libra woman

  • Book a romantic getaway.
  • Don’t hold yourself back while expressing your feelings for her.
  • Buy something symbolic and romantic related to your first kiss and your first moments together.
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