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What Traits Attract a Scorpio? (Explained)


Do you want to know how to conquer the heart of a Scorpio? I am happy to tell you that you have come to the right place. Soon you will know what a Scorpio likes and what traits attract a Scorpio. In no time at all, their heart will be yours!

What does a Scorpio like?


Scorpio is an intelligent, curious and ambitious character. Their desire to learn is relentless, and this leads to really deep conversations. That’s why to attract a Scorpio you will have to prove yourself an excellent listener and speaker.

A Scorpio will get bored quickly as they do not tolerate indifferent, disinterested and indecisive people. That being said, they are also eager teachers if you admit that you know very little about a subject.

The intelligence of the Scorpio makes them an excellent partner as they are endowed with a lot of emotional intelligence. They are perceptive and understanding and the Scorpio will likely be able to tell certain things about you before you even say a word.

Another distinctive trait of the Scorpio is their propensity for sports and hobbies. Scorpios never sit idle because they hate wasting time. The last thing they want is to become a couch potato.

Physical activity is what allows them to let off steam, calm down and restore their inner balance; hobbies are what keep them alive and what keeps their enthusiasm high.

The Scorpio is very reserved and mysterious and for this reason it may be difficult to understand their thoughts and feelings. However, the moment you enter their little world, they will always share what is on their mind.

Finally, the Scorpio is an ideal partner, since they focus on solutions more than problems. There is one mistake you can make that could end your relationship entirely: never try and mess with a Scorpio’s confidence.

At this point we just have to find out how to attract a Scorpio. Below, you will find all the tips you will need to put into practice in order to attract his attention. Be aware, however, that once you get his interest it will be very difficult to get rid of him, so think carefully before starting your conquest.

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Traits a Scorpio likes


Being next to a Scorpio is not easy, especially at the beginning, when there is still that veil of shyness. They could bring up any topic of conversation under the sun and you can’t let this scare you. Always be open to new conversations so that they realize you are a curious and active person. If you don’t know anything about the subject in question, don’t worry: your Scorpio will be happy to explain and tell you everything in great detail. On the other hand, if you have your own ideas, share them, argue it and defend it. Scorpio loves intellectual conflicts because they believe they are a source of growth and improvement. Consequently, they try to avoid phrases such as “I don’t care”, “it’s the same” or “I’m uninterested”.


To attract a Scorpio you have to get it into your head that you will be carrying them in the palm of your hand. Those born under this sign love attention and pampering: don’t deprive them of this! To “feed” these needs takes little effort and in time will become very spontaneous. However, the attention required by the Scorpio could become excessive at times, especially when it comes to jealousy. In fact, Scorpios can exaggerate their jealousy as proof of their devotion to you. Knowing this side of his character, therefore, avoid making them angry over small things, because it will be difficult for them to get over it.


To attract a Scorpio, you will have to bring out the best of yourself in terms of sensuality. These men are very attracted to the beauty of women, especially those who know how to highlight their best assets. At the same time, get involved with seduction moves that aren’t too explicit, but that show your interest in them. By doing so, they will feel at the center of your universe, and this thing will send him into raptures.

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