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How to Make a Libra Jealous [With Examples]


Libras are sociable. They love people, but above all, they love their family. This makes them good partners, usually predisposed to loyalty.

Given their affinity towards others, a Libra will hardly remain alone for long: for them, life is beautiful if shared with a partner, who must, however, be educated, intelligent and caring.

Do you want to know how to make Libra jealous? Read this article. We will share with you how to make them jealous and fix things if you go too far.

How to make a Libra man jealous


Libras love to feel useful to their partner, so the surefire way to make them jealous is to ask for help from someone else. Bonus points if it is a friend of your partner.

Carrying out a project with the help of someone else rather than your partner will also make them jealous, but do not get too touchy with the person helping you or else your Libra is likely to get defensive. It is super dangerous to flirt with others in front of your Libra because the man to make jealous could take it as a wound in pride or a micro-betrayal.

Timing is everything: return to him to subdue his jealousy, compliment him, and calm things down.

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How to make a Libra woman jealous

In front of everyone, pay a compliment to another girl whom you know your Libra woman deems pretty as casually as you can. You could tell her that she smells good, that a dress looks good, or that she is in shape.
Your libra woman will immediately notice your momentum towards the other woman.

The second step is to spend more time with other girls in front of her. Talk to these girls by playing a little with your body language, let it be seductive and also make physical contact.

You can also talk to your girl, but stop making physical contact, show her distant body language, and most importantly, talk about other girls.

Maybe while you’re chatting with her, grab your cell phone and give her a big smile or a mischievous smirk. Then you apologize to her, step away and pretend to send a message. Then come back to her as if nothing had happened.

If she asks who she was, answer her vaguely:

  • Nobody.
  • A friend.
  • Someone I know.

One thing like this is enough to trigger a thousand questions and a pinch of jealousy. Avoid treading on the hand or she will understand your game. She might try to persuade you that she doesn’t care, but don’t believe her. Flirt with lots of girls and do it in front of her! And if you can, do it even with her best friends.

I made Libra jealous. Now what?

Those born under the sign of Libra mainly want two things: harmony with others and avoiding conflict.

Despite this characteristic, they, unfortunately, tend to be quite insecure of themselves so that they can become very jealous.

In any case, since they will try to do everything to avoid confrontation at all costs, they will deny their jealousy towards their partners until they explode.

Libra, as a dual zodiac sign, is identified as the sign of “we”, which is why they may go on a rampage if you try to distance yourself from a Libra.

As it is a very sociable sign, Libra loves human relationships, and since it is an air sign, she tends to flirt a lot and be very open, so she herself arouses jealousy in her partner.

Libra deeply wants her partner to always agree with her. The positive side of those born under the sign of Libra is that their sovereign planet, Venus, makes them solution-seekers.

Always in search of romance, Libra will give their partner several chances to prove they are faithful as they tend to rationalize their jealousy. Getting away from conflicts is, therefore the number one goal of a Libra. If they find themselves in the middle of a problematic situation, their primary instinct is to remedy the problem as soon as possible. People under this sign love their partner very much.

Libra is quite jealous and can become unpredictable and dangerous. When Libras get jealous, at first they manifest it in a tranquil way; gradually, their anger can increase and their reactions can become very strong. Libra men like to talk but hate to argue. Avoid fights, dramas and hysterical scenes. If there are problems between you, write to him in a letter. Long, thoughtful, calm.

He will sigh with relief that this is your approach to conflict (he hates impulsive partners!). After some rational face-to-face discussion, he will look for a solution with you.

Libra is not Mr. Passionate Love: he looks for a stable relationship.

Which is great if you want a lasting relationship and bad if you want to have fun.

Therefore, do not try to suggest an open relationship and never destabilize him: stay calm and faithful to his side, until death (or boredom) do you part. Libra likes to be flattered a little but without excess.

It is better to amaze him by remembering his favorite artist or the food he adores rather than jumping from an airplane screaming your love.

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Things to do to gain your Libra’s trust back

5 things to make it up, to cool down that jealousy

  • Write a letter where you share your emotions and feelings
  • Call them, but don’t put too much pressure on them
  • Give them the time to process the problems between the two of you
  • Let them tell you how they feel about your behavior and explain to them why you did it
  • Listen to what they have to say and then, after a while, tell them your side of the story
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