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How to Make a Sagittarius Jealous [With Examples]


Independent, always willing to look on the bright side and live a healthy and happy life, Sagittarius can be stubborn about getting what they feel they deserve.

Sagittarius, who knows what he does not want, avoids suffering. Love is, for them, an exercise of their faculties, a means to expand, a noble competition. This perspective protects them against traumatic incidents in their search for love. So how can you make a Sagittarius jealous? Read this article to find out.

How to make a Sagittarius man jealous


If you want to engage in one of the behaviors that make a man the most jealous, then detach yourself from him for a few days. Cut down on calls and text messages, invent excuses to postpone your dates, and show little interest in his things. When he asks you why you’re acting this way, give him a smile and kiss; maybe he will understand that he needs to focus all his attention on you.

Time well-spent rule: if he is ever out the house without you, don’t stay at home in front of the TV, gorging yourself on chips and butter biscuits.

Take advantage of his absence to enhance yourself: go to the gym, treat yourself to an appointment with a beautician, and organize an evening out with friends. Rest assured that if, upon his return, he does not find you bored on the sofa gulping down greasy foods, his certainties about your relationship will begin to waver.

Seeing you come home well made up and with your hair finally in order, but above all senses, your renewed femininity will make him consider the possibility of someone else being in your life that appreciates you more than he does.

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How to make a Sagittarius woman jealous

You are sitting at the bar table sipping your usual drink. Unexpectedly, a beautiful girl enters. At first, you give her a fleeting glance then, sure that your partner is distracted, you look at her with greater insistence. In reality, your woman is just pretending not to notice the glances you throw at her “rival”, she is trying to figure out how long you will linger with your gaze on a woman who is not her.

When the other is out, she will probably make a scene or pretend to be disinterested but quietly feel like she is not attractive enough for your tastes. I understand that the eyes want to enjoy the beauty, wherever it hides but, if you can, contain yourselves!

One of those moments that are very good for couples. You are chatting amicably about this and that. Unfortunately, you let slip: “my ex always said …”, “when I was with my ex” and so on. Even worse if you compare your ex to your new girl. There is nothing worse for a woman to hear! Exes are a kind of dark entity that should never be talked about for any reason whatsoever. They can trigger a higher level of jealousy because you have had feelings for them and we may sense some nostalgia when you talk about her.

I made a Sagittarius jealous. Now what?

Sagittarius is always ready for love, as long as their independence is not compromised. Small issues will sometimes be exaggerated by these bluff-loving Sagittarians but will ultimately be resolved with judgment and reasoning.

The Sagittarius zodiac sign highly values the person they love. The agreement between them must be physical, sentimental, intellectual and moral. Never be mean to a Sagittarius or speak ill of their friends or tell lies. The Sagittarius sign is always sincere, or at least, if they really can’t, they avoid telling a lie by simply keeping silent about the truth.

The Sagittarius sign is not jealous, except in exceptional circumstances. And when that happens, it will be impossible to see from the outside.

They will not spy on their partner. They will not rack their brains to come up with some explanation. It is difficult for them to think of being betrayed. They are not naive but simply noble, upright, and just.

They do not understand the need for subterfuge, for deception. They will not go mad with jealousy, but they will esteem less the person who has stolen their good faith and their love for them will fade.

It seems to be very unlikely that Sagittarius will become jealous within a relationship. Like the sign of Gemini, Sagittarius is much more likely to arouse jealousy in their partner than the other way around, even when very much in love and engaged in a serious romantic relationship.

Sagittarius is simply not predisposed to have suspicions about their partner. For these reasons, Sagittarius is seldom possessive and jealous and, even if they were to be, they would never, ever admit it because of their deep pride.

However, if those born under the sign of Sagittarius were to discover that their partner betrayed them, they would very simply never forgive them and would not easily forget the fact that they were unfaithful. In any case, as a freedom-loving sign, the word “jealousy” does not seem to be part of the vocabulary of the zodiac archer.

Those born under this sign want to live in a world devoid of labels that bind definitions and introduce limits. The ideal partner of a Sagittarius is completely honest and sincere about their intentions. Sagittarians tend to trust their partner unconditionally.

Sagittarians are human like everyone else, and if provoked multiple times, they will eventually become jealous too.

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Things to do to gain his trust back

5 things to make it up to your Sagittarius, to cool down that jealousy

  • Spend most of your free time with them
  • Create a romantic night with an intimate dinner
  • Dress up fancy, for their eyes only
  • Give them a special, meaningful, and considerate gift
  • Be honest and promise always to be as loyal as possible
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