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How to Make an Aquarius Jealous [With Examples]


The sign of Aquarius tends to be frightened by emotions.

It is a fixed sign and can be interpreted as strength, stubbornness or rigidity, depending on how extreme it is.

Often, they are naive in matters of the heart and tend to stifle their emotions, considering them a sign of weakness. Their feelings are sincere and loyal. If they tell you they love you, they truly mean it.

They are truthful and caring with a lot of self-discipline. They do not lack passion but are not particularly attracted to sensual shows of love. They are great both as friends and as partners.

With an Aquarius as your partner, you will still have plenty of your own freedom. Although they are jealous like any other sign, he will seldom show or admit it; their jealousy is never intrusive. But how can you make an Aquarius jealous?

How to make an Aquarius woman jealous


Plan a weekend with your friends. The fact that you can have fun without her will be a point of curiosity and annoyance. If you have just broken up with an Aquarius, she will be agitated that you can so easily return to your regular life without her.

But that’s exactly what you need to focus on if you want to make her jealous. Go out, organize plans, stay in the company of your friends and, if you have the opportunity, dedicate a whole weekend to having fun.

This, in addition to making your Aquarius woman jealous, will also allow you to feel better and recharge your batteries. In short, as they say, kill two birds with one stone.

Don’t hold back when you meet new people, especially women.

If she finds out (through social media or her friends) that you now have new female friends whom she doesn’t know, your ex will likely feel overwhelmed jealously.

You will feel freer in matters of the heart too, since now there are other women in your life as well.

Regardless of what happens between you and these girls, it will be more than enough to instill jealousy in her mind and make her miss you and your love story together. However, you will have to be subtle with your actions. She will drop you like a hot potato if she figures out your plan.

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How to make an Aquarius man jealous

Some ways to make an Aquarius man jealous only require your words!

First of all, it must be said that the phrases below are simply guidelines and you should tailor these sentences to your particular Aquarius man and the situation you find yourself in.

There is an abyss of differences if you talk on the phone, if you see each other face to face, if you text them over Twitter or Instagram, or if you want to “vaguepost” about them on social media without ever mentioning their name but knowing they will see it.

Let’s go and see, case by case, what are the effective phrases to make your Aquarius jealous.

If you have recently broken up, an ad hoc phrase for a casual meeting or for a social media message is:

“I’m doing really good now!”

Let it be understood by your ex that you are enjoying yourself now and that the world has been brighter for you since you broke up with them. Don’t use this one too liberally, though, or it will come across as genuine.

If you receive a text from them, you can reply:

“Sorry, I don’t have this number saved. Who is this?”

This will blow him away. Whether he’s an ex, an old acquaintance or someone you’ve recently met, this phrase will instill doubt in him that he wasn’t interesting enough for you.

In a face-to-face or phone conversation, talk about other men positively, but casually.

Talk about the men who passed you notes, shared an umbrella with you, or helped you study in college. Talk about the chatty barrister at your local coffee shop or the man who compliments you when you go to the gym. Your casualness, nearing indifference, is very important.

This tactic should also be used sparingly, as overuse will make you seem lonely.

Be casual and calm, weigh the words you say and smile often.

All of these techniques are sure to make your Aquarius man jealous.

I made an Aquarius jealous. Now what?

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are known for having the most unpredictable emotions of the entire zodiac.

For an Aquarius, jealousy has three different shades: it could be a concept totally foreign to him, a slight, passing, ‘in the moment’ sensation or a signal that it is time to move away from it that relationship.

Aquarius are unpredictable and usually tend not to show their real emotions to anyone. They are inclined not to get jealous, and if this were to happen, they would very simply break up with the partner who made them jealous and then move on with their life.

As it symbolizes rebellion and innovation in many different areas of life, Aquarius is not particularly known for being possessive. Aquarius is progressive in nature, open-minded and appreciative of sincere and carefree human relationships.

A little jealousy may arise in members of this zodiac sign only if they do not feel appreciated by their partner or believe their partner is attracted to a third person. In that case, they could decide that simply walking away from the relationship without making a big scene is the best thing to do.

In any case, personal relationships with those born under the sign of Aquarius often begin with a solid friendship, so they are usually inclined to communicate their concerns to their partner.

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Things to do to gain their trust back

5 things to make it up, to cool down that jealousy

  • Talk about how you feel and why you did what you did
  • Let them know you are worth the fight
  • Remind them what you have together and why it is so special using a video with your best moments together
  • Respect their “me time” if they put distance between you after an argument or breakup
  • Ask their closest friends for support to win their trust back
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