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How to Break Up With a Libra? (Step-By-Step)


The need for pleasure is an integral part of the Libra character, to the point of sometimes making those born under this sign tributary of feelings of others. Often the desire to be loved takes precedence over that of love to the point that they can stay with those who are not suitable for them if only the person in question loves them and shows it to him.

They are not sure of their value, and seducing them reassures them and strengthens their feelings of self-worth. Loneliness is unbearable for them. They are ready to do anything to avoid it, at the risk of accepting and idealizing a person who only meets their expectations. They fear breaking up relationships.

Libras are very pleasant. They are caring, affectionate, and conciliatory. They pretend to understand even if they do not understand, only not to make you sorry. But one should not expect great passionate effusions from them: it prevents them from modesty. The sexual act, being an emotional excess, has the effect of frightening them. They manage to indulge in pleasure only when they find a partner more understanding or thanks to a simple concomitance of events. In the act of love, they find an aesthetic sense, harmony, and beauty.

Because, after all, they are sensual individuals, capable of expressing their sexual fantasies, love foreplay, and are unable to make love in the absence of tenderness and trust. The Libra man is a refined esthete with an almost feminine sensitivity, making women love him. He is neither authoritarian nor male chauvinist because he knows better than anyone how to get what he wants with sweetness and persuasion: his knowledge of female desires allows him to understand how she can make herself seductive easily.


A Libra woman carries within herself another universe, and not everyone understands it. Seducing a Libra man is not as easy as it seems. He is lovable with everyone, and therefore his attention does not indicate much.

Except if he suddenly gives you an unexpected compliment, even aggressive: this altered behavior does hope for the best! The Libra woman generally emphasizes her sentimental accomplishment than a career. When occupying an enviable position, she is unhappy if she is alone and abandoned. Her social behavior is often a desire to seduce, and some Libra women behave provocatively like real owls!

During her youth, the Libra woman is attracted to difficult relationships with people who escape them, only to break away from them as soon as they show interest in her. Later, it will give some importance to the stable relationship and be ready to make many concessions to safeguard the couple’s harmony, even when it is apparent. That’s how Libras experience love. What if you want to break up with a Libra? Let’s see it in the next paragraph with tips and tricks on making it efficient.

How Should You Break Up With a Libra?

Those born in Libra are caught off guard when breaking, causing tears, scenes, arguments, and discontent. It often causes them to degenerate completely, having to decide or make choices, putting them in crisis. Something drastic has to be done to get them to resign themselves to the separation, and even in this case, they will not give up the idea to back off. They fear facing loneliness more than they do living unhappily in two.

If, on the other hand, you want to try to be left behind, you can try to assume some attitudes:

When He is a Libra

  • Call him “my beloved” and stick to him every time you go to a friend’s house.

When She is a Libra

  • Eat with your hands.
  • Freely express a negative opinion over something she enjoys.
  • Ask her to learn how to parachute. They hate extreme activities like that!

Where and When Should You do it?

The best place to leave a Libra is by the sea and in a messy way. Try to do it when your Libra is planning something special. They won’t forget it!

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What Should you do After

If a Libra isn’t ready to end a story, they’ll try to get what they want and softly persuade you to stay. Unless the relationship is horrible, the scales are hard to leave, so you need to set clear boundaries and repeat your reasons if they try to convince you not to quit. He will try to negotiate and maybe even make you jealous with a change of look. It may be best to go out of circulation for a while so that the scale stops thinking about it all day and vice versa. They might take it a little better if you put a small (but appropriate) parting gift on the plate.

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