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What Traits Attract a Libra? (Explained)


If you’re looking to attract a Libra, it is important to know what traits they are attracted to. In fact, in this article I will not simply reveal how to seduce a Libra, but I will take you inside their world, made up of justice, balance and harmony.

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

What does a Libra like?


In order to seduce a Libra, you must first know who you are dealing with. No student would show up to take an exam without studying at all, right? And the same goes for you: if you want to get into the heart of a Libra you need to know their traits.

First of all, it is important to focus on the term ‘Libra’. It is a word that embodies balance, justice and thoughtfulness. Libras are just like that. It is distinguished from other zodiac signs by being calm, calm and, above all, fair.

In fact, the Libra is a habitual “balancer” of things, even within the relationship. They prefer to talk and clarify, rather than argue furiously. For them, achieving harmony and happiness is an “obsession” in any area of life.

Furthermore, the Libra is a skilled speaker. They are interested in speeches of a certain depth but, at the same time, they always manage to make everyone feel at ease. Those born between September and October are also very inclined to team and group work, as long as there are no disputes or confrontations within them.

In love, Libra embodies balance, the trait every partner would like in their other half. They are patient, loyal, cautious and very attentive to their relationship. For them there is nothing more beautiful than living a true and authentic love story, which could lead to marriage!

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Traits a Libra likes


To win a Libra, and to be able to keep them by your side, you will have to commit to being romantic. Yes, those born between September and October are real romantics.

The Libra sign loves surprises, loves spending time with their partner and is always looking for hugs and cuddles. To attract a Libra, therefore, try to come up with original way to surprise them and, above all, make them feel your presence.


This is a different kind of surprise than above. This time, by “surprise him” I mean surprise him with different elements of yourself, not with material things.

Every now and then, cultivate a new look including different, flattering clothes and a defining hairstyle. It might seem trivial to you, but the Libra is genuinely attracted to beauty, and if you are determined to conquer a Libra, you must also focus on the aesthetics.


Although a Libra is a balanced and thoughtful being, they are also characterized by a certain indecision. This trait is evident above all when it comes to decisions of “little importance”, but which in the long run could be unnerving.

A Libra will find it difficult to choose which restaurant to go to for dinner, which movie to see in the cinema and whether to eat meat or fish. If this happens, be prepared, express your ideas and be open to talking about which is the best option to consider. Help them, don’t leave them at the mercy of their indecision.


Finally, the last point that you will need to keep in mind to be able to conquer a Libra is company. Yes, Libras hate spending time alone, especially once the two of you establish a proper relationship.

As a result, put your heart at rest, because your Libra won’t mind letting you know that they want to spend a lot of time with you. Sometimes, however, this side of their character could become suffocating.

So, as not to offend them, try to explain to them that from time to time you simply need space, and not because you are not comfortable with them, but because “you are like that”. Trust me, there is no need to give further explanations.

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