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How to Break Up With a Pisces? (Step-By-Step)


A Pisces is among the most affectionate signs of the entire Zodiac. When they are with a person, they do everything to make them feel at the center of the universe—mostly succeeding. The loved one is the most important thing to them, and they hate making mistakes in their presence or making them angry. They know how to put all their effort into their feelings, sometimes exceeding and making mistakes. Under the covers, they love to have fun with their partner, taking nothing for granted and satisfying the requests of their beloved. When they have to approach a person who attracts them and with whom they aspire to go out for dinner, they are shy and struggle to take the initiative. In these cases, the push of a friend is essential to get to the point.

However, when they manage to get to know the boy or girl they want, they can charm them with their refined language and a lot of elegance. It is difficult not to fall at the feet of a Pisces person if it reflects their aesthetic standards. From the “head,” it can only hit you from the point of view. Sometimes a little too jealous, he tends to control his partner and replaces suspicions at the slightest misstep, struggling to maintain peace of mind.

They don’t know half measures. They love complicated, impossible stories, studded with drama and separations which end, depending on the mood, with a passionate reconciliation, a departure for the convent, or a collective suicide.
They are romantic, sensitive but thirsty for change and able to leave those who love them simply to live another experience and cling to those who abandon them. Impossible things attract them. They hardly accept the coexistence of passion with everyday life. The ultimate goal of their research is fusion, the symbiosis of bodies, souls, and the particles that compose them. “To form one thing.” On the sexual level, they have no difficulty because letting go is natural for them. They identify with the other, with his desires, with his erotic fantasies, in an intuitive way and do not skimp on the manifestations of affection. Their weak point is sometimes falling into sadomasochism and masochism. They are sadistic in that no one is better than them in blaming others, and masochists in that they enjoy suffering.

How Should You Break Up With Pisces?


For Pisces, it is challenging to leave his partner, and you must know that forcing him to do so will make him suffer. As a couple, he has a reputation for being submissive and easily yielding to his partner’s wishes. The only way for him to leave you is to hurt his sensitivity, show indifference to his tears, and ingratitude towards everything he does for you every day. If you don’t feel like doing this, resign yourself to the idea of spending your whole life together.

If you are the one who wants to put an end to a relationship lived with a Pisces, know that the classic methods, such as becoming unpleasant or brutal, risk having the opposite effect by awakening the latent masochism of your partner. Waiting for him to get tired would be a dangerous utopia. We might as well take him by the “fins” and throw him out decisively.

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When He is a Pisces

  1. Ask him to show you his bills.
  2. Make a loud mockery of his minor ailments.
  3. Act jealous in public as soon as he speaks to a woman.

When She is Pisces

  1. Tell her you’ve never met a chatterbox like her.
  2. Treat her as if she were transparent and remain impassive in front of her every manifestation of affection.

Where and When Should you do it?

The best place to break up with Pisces is nearby a water source. The best time to do it is on a Monday or around their birthday.

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What Should you do After?

If he wants to break up with you, a Pisces is a type to write you a long letter about what it was like to be together and go through the entire saga of your history — but you can always beat him and write a letter first. Pisces do not like confrontation. If you try to catch a Pisces with your hands, it will slip away fast, so you have to let it know the point in the letter. He will idealize your story until the end of time, but chances are you will be able to remain friends or even occasionally go back to bed in the future. Pisces prefers to keep a line of communication open so that you can support each other and recognize the validity of any confusing feelings in the breakup.

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