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How to Break Up With A Aquarius? (Tips Explained)


People born under the sign of Aquarius tend to get scared when emotions get too intense. They are stubborn, and when they want to conquer their “prey,” they put their heart and soul into it. When the situation becomes more delicate, and time to launch the decisive thrust, they brake. When it comes to matters of the heart, an Aquarius is quite naive and tends not to consider some fundamental dynamics of the couple’s relationship. Partners often refer to them as “faint of heart,” prone to overshadowing true emotions.

Therefore, when an Aquarius person reveals his love to a person, he has lost his mind. He would do anything to make his loved one feel good, including putting himself in the background, at least in his private life. He almost succeeds in annihilating himself with his partner, bringing those who share life with him to a silver platter. Do not criticize the person you love because they could get their nails out and answer you in style: their life partner is the most important thing there is in the world for them, no ifs or buts. How to break up with Aquarius? Let’s see it in this article with tips and tricks on how to handle the breakup.

How Should You Break up With Aquarius?


In the meantime, congratulations: it is not easy to permanently tie an Aquarius to oneself. Since he tends not to formalize his relationships, he disappears without a definitive closure. Some small precautions are necessary: call him repeatedly, especially if he does not answer you. Suggest that you do something together on a fixed day of the week. Make him discover you while you browse his phone or computer. Ask him to marry you.

They can’t stand lies as they always tell the truth but expect other people to be honest with them.

Try to be frank, clear, direct, and play down if necessary to make the climate less tense and heavy. He will be meticulous and nitpick your every sentence. He will not easily win you over.

He will not beg you to stay together. He will accept your decision and will come to terms with it.

An Aquarius has a hard time ending relationships. For them, the ideal is always to maintain a semblance of “friendship” whether it is an ex or a long-term relationship. Faced with irretrievably compromised relationships, however, their choice is to bring out any possible bad mood, explaining what they did not like and why in their opinion, things have cracked to the point of shattering. In the case of long-lasting relationships, a way of doing that could last a long time, and they will conclude only when they are sure they have had the last word.

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When He is an Aquarius:

Make him lose his temper by messing with his plans and projects.
Tame him and ask him to use his free time to stay together.

When She is an Aquarius:

Ask her to sacrifice her friendships.
Don’t explain too much about the breakup. She will lose it!

Where and When Should You do it?

Break up with an Aquarius nearby the sea, a river, or a lake. Its predominant element would reinforce the aspects of his life and personality. The best time to do it is on a Monday.

What Should You do After?

Aquarius needs freedom and air, but it is difficult to express these needs. If the relationship no longer satisfies him, you will feel distant, but he will himself. He will make you believe that you have nothing to do with his sadness, but he will take a break promising you that he will come back as soon as things get better in his life, but obviously, you will never see him again.

Aquarius is an air sign, so as soon as you tell an Aquarius person that things are wrong and you need to talk, they will want to see you and make everything right — for an infinite amount of time. During this conversation, you have to stand up for yourself. The Aquarius is intelligent and can rationalize being together as much as breaking up. You need to motivate them and not change your reasoning just because the Aquarius says things that seem intelligent. Tell him that you understand his point of view but that he must respect yours. It may take a little patience as the Aquarius processes his feelings, but keep calm, and don’t be surprised if he suddenly changes his tune and decides to shut you out of his life out of the blue.

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