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What Traits Attract a Pisces? (Explained)


If you are curious about how to attract Pisces, you have come to the right place. In fact, in this article, you will discover all the secrets for attracting a Pisces. Let’s see what traits attract a Pisces and what they like when it comes to love.

What does a Pisces like?


A Pisces is a calm, fragile and sentimental creature and likes all things related to romance and feelings. However, love and feelings are not everything. For the Pisces, there is nothing more important than trust. Even if they have the slightest inkling of a relationship lacking mutual trust, rest assured that they will start sailing in other seas.

Furthermore, unlike many people, the Pisces is very sweet, available and always looking for moments of tenderness. At times, this romantic side can risk becoming a little intrusive, but they don’t do it maliciously: they are just very affectionate and eager to give and receive love.

A very appreciable side of the Pisces is their calmness and tranquility, which allow them to always be understanding and tolerant. These qualities, however, are also accompanied by an evident personal fragility, given by excessive shyness and insecurity.

Furthermore, the Pisces is a dreamer. Their world view may seem almost too innocent, just as they never tire of “having his head in the clouds”. Therefore, it is important for their partner to remain “grounded”.

In short, before you know how to conquer the heart of a Pisces, you should know that it is quite difficult to pull them out of their shell, but once they get out, they will always be ready to walk alongside you with the utmost respect and love which you deserve.

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Traits a Pisces like


We understand the Pisces to have a fairly fragile and romantic character, but also an equally sensitive one. They feel bad about small things and tend to mull over things that have not gone well. What seems insignificant to us may keep a Pisces up at night.

The emotional side of the Pisces is very strong, almost predominant, and to conquer them you have to welcome them with love and sweetness. When you see them feeling insecure, be open and understanding, but do not take it lightly and avoid laughing about it.

Pisces needs to feel understood by their partner. An ideal partner for a Pisces is open and understanding and a reliable person to lean on. Emotionality and sentiment are not one-sided: A Pisces will ask you to return their feelings with your own.


As a daydreamer, the Pisces is creative. Appreciate all that is beautiful, philosophical, fun and intriguing. They could go crazy for science fiction as well as for modern art, who knows.

Regardless, it is very important for them to feel supported in their passions. A Pisces could never be with a partner who asks them to give up their interests or their creative side.

Indeed, they would be enthusiastic to share them with you. This discourse, as always, is not one-sided. The Pisces is happy to see you busy with your own hobbies.


The Pisces has a really high intuition and they trust a lot. Often, they prefer to follow their own feelings rather than what their reason suggests.

When it comes to dating, the Pisces gives a lot of importance to feeling: this is why it is important that you know how to communicate your emotions with them. To do this, you don’t even need words: the Pisces knows how to read you through facial expressions alone.

Being a very deep, emotional and romantic person, the person born between February and March takes less than you might think to understand you. That said, it might sound distressing, but in reality, they will ask you for nothing more than to express your personality without too many filters.


A Pisces often raises barriers to keep others out. This is not because of malice, but of their instinct of protection, which leads them to defend themselves to avoid hurt and disappointment.

If this happens once, it will happen many times. It just takes one instance of a Pisces being ripped from their world of daydreams into the more bitter reality for these walls to come up more frequently to avoid future harm.

Your job in being by his side must be to warm their heart, so that they understand that, at least with you, they are free to lower their defenses. Become their friend, accomplice, partner and lover, and they will be ready to open up to you.


A strange title to understand how to conquer the heart of a Pisces, isn’t it? That’s exactly what I want to tell you: don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. The shyness of the Pisces could lead you to think that they are not interested in you, but do not be fooled by this side of them. They may be afraid of receiving a “no”, so may be reluctant to take the first stem. Don’t worry about texting them first or asking them to see you for a date, because they’ll just be happy. Use your intuition. Also, try to be patient and encouraging so that they feel free and encouraged to take a few steps towards you in return. It may take some time, but if you’re looking for a sweet, reliable, and present partner, then it’s worth the wait.

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