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Perfect Excuses to Break-Up with Your Partner (Without Hurting)

General Lessons

So are you searching for the best excuses to break up with someone once the relationship has hit rock bottom? You’ve found the best post, and I won’t disappoint you with what I have to offer you.

For the past few years, breaking up with my partners, especially via text messages, have been something of great pride for me once I slid into the pants of my partner. The good thing about all these is that the break up doesn’t hurt them. Instead, they see it as I do them a favor.

I hate breaking up and losing access to the gift of cookies between her laps. So I design my excuses in such a way that it makes both of us feel good about what we want to achieve in life.


excuses to break up with someone you love
A Sweet Break Up

Before you start using all these excuses to break up with someone, there are some specific rules you must follow during the relationship. If you just met the partner today and succeeded in getting what you want the next day, no need to elongate the relationship. Here are the steps to take;

  • Find a perfect time
  • Pick one of these excuses to break up with someone
  • Explain to them
  • Remain friends forever
  • Keep enjoying partnership benefits without commitment

But remember, there are specific steps to take before using any of these breaks up excuses. What are they?

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Steps to Take before Using Break up Excuses

If you are interested in retaining the benefits you enjoyed with the partner, then these steps are imperative while starting the relationship.

But if you just want to be truthful and move on after every relationship, then no need trying to practice these steps. These excuses to break up is for the cold-hearted lovers who have nothing to spare in a relationship.

So what are the steps you must follow while starting the relationship?

Attraction should be Financially Induced for the guys

Love at first sight happens, but the relationship should be bounded by financial inducements. Money makes a lot to happen, and it can also create an EX GF becomes an FWB (Friends with Benefit) even after the relationship has ended.

You see, nobody wants to lose an income source; so they will be willing to protect it as much as they can.

No matter how decent a girl is, they all love rich people. So if you give them reasonable excuses to break up, they will want to hang around for a while. Hanging around means giving you access to their honeypot without relationship commitments.

Don’t Say Much about Your Background

Most times, you will be asked about your background during the relationship. The rule of thumb says you must selectively hide some information while speaking to your partner.

If they know everything about you, then most of the excellent excuses to break up with someone without them hating you won’t work!

So when divulging information about yourself, be selective in the ones you tell them and those you keep to yourself.

Keep Giving Hints that the Relationship Might not Last

I do this quite often but subtly – especially once I have gotten what I wanted. I guess that if you are looking for the best excuses to break up with someone without hurting them, then you never planned for the long term.

When we enter relationships, we had several background reasons for doing so;

  • Sex
  • Money
  • Comfort
  • Fame, etc., those are some possible selfish reasons why we enter relationships with people.

Once I get what I want, I start looking for an escape route, if possible, with full benefits.

Once I have gotten what I wanted, I start dropping subtle hints about the impending doom of the relationship.

When you are asked

“Do you love me?”

A perfect response should be;

“Yes, I do, but anything can happen in the future.”

Once you are asked to explain, forget about it and move on to another subject. Subtle break-up hints work wonders when it is done the right way.

Doing these three things early on in the relationship will give you a soft landing when you finally drop any of the lame excuses to break up the relationship.

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So what are the Nicest Excuses to Break Up with your Partner without Hurting Them

excuses to break up with your patner
Discussion about break up shouldn’t be scary

The following excuses to break up with someone have been proven to be efficient when used ideally. You can select just whichever matches your current situation.

Genotype Excuse

Using the genotype excuse to break up with someone shows that not only you love them, but they were part of your plans.

This type of break up excuse can only work if your partner has an AS genotype. I suggest you get all the required information you need from them before using this excuse to break up with them.

Jokingly ask about their genotype, keep the information, and use it when the time comes for a break-up.

If your partner has a perfect genotype like an “AA,” then you should consider another break up excuses listed here.

“Considering that you are AS and I am also AS, one of our kids would be a stickler, which I hate. I love you, but our relationship doesn’t look too good with this situation. What do you think?”


Yes! It should work for virtually anyone who isn’t an Atheist. I bet you; no religious person would want to marry an Atheist or freethinker – except on rare occasions.

The setup of this break-up excuse makes it one of the best reasons to break up with someone.

Once you believe you are tired of the relationship and it’s time to let go, just let them know that you are an atheist. You don’t believe in God and wouldn’t want your partner to do the same.

But either way, you can just be friends till you get enough conviction to believe in a god (enough time to keep hitting their cherries).

“I have to be frank baby, I don’t believe in your god, and I think I should come out plain. I want to believe but haven’t gotten a good reason. Do you think this relationship can work under such a situation?”

Financial Downturn

This is my favorite break up an excuse. My perfect reason to break up with someone I am done having an affair with someone.

No relationship can survive when one partner is suffering from financial crises, and the other is barely surviving. So if you are dating someone and you get fed up with the relationship, use one of the perfect excuses to break up with them.

Before using the excuse to break up with someone, give them hints that you are having financial problems. If they help you solve it – fine; if they don’t, use it as an excuse to break up the relationship.

“Babe, for the past few months, I have been having financial issues. I need to sort myself out; so I will need some time out to get my financial life back on track. I will be back – if you can wait for me.”

The Busy Bee Excuse

This is one of the excuses to break up with someone that still allows you to come back if the need arises.

It starts from a busy schedule to always never being available again unless you feel Ho*ny. The trick behind this form of break up excuse is that you can always continue from where you stopped without much interrogation.

“My workload has increased. When I have the chance, I will always keep in touch”.

Couple exchanging words

Leaving the Country

If you are an expat, then this is the best excuse to break up with your partner. Reassure them that you will be back soon – just in case you come back to the country.

I used this excuse to break up with a girl; of whom she later saw me in a mall and screamed: “you are still here?”

I answered, “I came back a few days ago and was thinking of getting in touch.”

A few weeks later, I used the ‘Busy Bee Excuse’ to finally let go of her.

“I will be leaving the country soon, and thus there’s no point continuing with each other (thereby wasting each other’s time).”

Complex Problems – I need to be Alone for a While

Just when you think that all other excuses to break up with someone isn’t working out, disappearing should work out at least.

After a while, become inactive and stop every contact with your partner. When they finally reach out to you, tell them you need to be alone for a while to figure out your many problems.

Experience has it that the relationship will run out of steam and passion would disappear. When you feel like eating from the honey pot once more, call your partner and reignite the love again.

P.s. Most times, they end up getting new BFs – but never ask them if they have or not. Just assume that they found someone else. That still doesn’t stop you from smashing the cookie when the time comes.

“I have many problems coming up at once, so I think I need to be alone for now to sort myself out. Definitely, I will still be back soonest”.


Now that you’ve seen the six nicest excuses to break up with someone without hurting their emotions go ahead and break hearts as much as you can.

It is either you break hearts, or they break yours; you have to decide whose heart would get broken.

Remember, never share so much about yourself while entering a relationship. You never can tell when you need that information to escape.

To all cold-hearted lovers out there, keep repping’ the brotherhood.


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