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How to Break Up With a Sagittarius? (Step-By-Step)


Sagittarius are playful people who love to have fun with their lovers, in everyday life and at night, under the covers. They are passionate people, expressive, and willing to experience any kind of emotion in the company of their partner. There is a very fine line between sex and love for the Sagittarius. People of the sign can’t conceive a love in which intellectual satisfaction isn’t accompanied by physical, sexual satisfaction.

They are two strongly intertwined aspects. One cannot disregard the other. Their love of change is a constant in daily life, but the situation is different when it comes to love.

They are faithful and always ready to put up with their loved ones. Once established in a relationship, a Sagittarius is loyal and is dedicated body and soul to the success of their love life. When wooing his prey, the man born in the sign of Sagittarius takes nothing for granted. He works hard until he succeeds in his enterprise. It is a question of personality, which emerges when it is mainly concerned with conquering a person. How to break up with this sign? Let’s see it together.

How Should You Break Up With a Sagittarius?


A Sagittarius leaves early. The suffering of the other leaves them indifferent. They think others react like them, and are rarely let down. So they are the ones to leave without waiting. Let it be you who put them out the door. They are often abandoned by a partner who is tired of seeing them pull too hard. On the other side, know that leaving a Sagittarius is a great system to rekindle his feelings towards you.

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When He is a Sagittarius

  • Follow him everywhere like a dog.
  • Have a private detective follow him and have him find out.
  • Call him twenty times in the office to remind him of the shopping and medicines.
  • Make a fool of him in front of friends.

When She is a Sagittarius

  • Force him to live with your parents.
  • Plan your whole future.
  • Get car sick or have other ailments during movement.

For both sexes, take their passport!

A Sagittarius is a very touchy sign, and if you want him to break up with you, you can certainly leverage this aspect of his character. Don’t smile, and if he tries to get you in a good mood, pretend you’re worse off than before. Blow up one of his trips and force him to stay at home for a weekend. Do not go running with him and do not indulge in his sporting interests. Don’t ask him questions and tell him you are an atheist. Once his enthusiasm has died down, he won’t hesitate to end your relationship.

The things they hate the most are helpful to know so you can upset your partner and make things easier for you to break up with them.

  1. They cannot tolerate those who shamelessly lie to them without restraint.
  2. They tend to be calm people who need a healthy and rational confrontation.
  3. Delays are chronic, and they cannot tolerate late people.

Where and When Should You do it?

Break up with a Sagittarius during a special occasion, even better if outside in nature. The best timing is over the weekend.

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What Should You do After?

Sagittarius is one of the zodiac’s most direct signs. You have to be bold, speak up, and tell him exactly why you are dumping him. He will respect you for your honesty, but don’t be surprised if he responds with the same openness. They love that things are light and fun and will look for the brightest side of even the worst of endings. He can throw the whole story down the toilet and never look back, so if you want to stay friends, you need to be clear about it. He won’t play at guessing what you want. You have to say it as explicitly as possible. Remind him of the good things he did before you got together so he will be less likely to mull over the situation for too long.

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