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How to Attract a Cancer? [Explained]


In love, the typical Cancer is characterized by being affectionate, romantic, understanding, loyal, and caring. When they are sure of reciprocity, they give themselves completely to their loved one. It can be difficult for the chosen one to guess a Cancer’s feelings. This article contains some tips and tricks on how to attract a Cancer and win them over.

Attracting a Cancer woman


The Cancer woman in love turns out to be quite a difficult prey to conquer. You will have to be a silent and discreet suitor, never intrusive, but at the same time reassuring and calm, without going over the top. It is a very sensitive type, therefore a risky move could send everything to pieces. Once you have won her heart, the Cancer woman will show honesty and loyalty to her chosen partner; to keep your relationship alive, show understanding, don’t criticize her too much, be polite and respect her privacy.

Remember that tenderness and small displays of affection in everyday life will be highly appreciated by the partner in question.

The Cancer woman is a woman who apparently seems simple to conquer, but in reality she is not at all. In fact, she differs from all the other signs and other rules apply to her. For example, blatant gestures or declarations are banned! They only serve to push her away.

Cancer women are impeccable partners; she does not pretend and is never intrusive. Nevertheless, it is important that you be present and reassuring. Avoid immediately sharing your possible anxieties and/or problems as the Cancer woman is very sensitive and tends to make others’ concerns her own. This could put out the spark you have and leave too much room for negativity.

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Attracting a Cancer man

In love, a Cancer man is sensitive and sometimes suspicious, so to conquer his heart it will be necessary to prove that you are loyal and honest. This is the only way to get him to put his trust in you. His shyness does not have to scare you: take the first step and bewitch him with fun and romance until he falls at your feet. Once you have won his heart, the Cancer man will put your patience to the test. He will often be touchy and will ask that you support him in all circumstances. It will not be easy to keep the relationship peaceful, however if your presence is constant and you prove to be a stable point of reference for him, he will not be able to do without you as a life partner.

The man of the Cancer sign is characterized by sensitivity and at the same time by a strong distrust, so it will not be easy for you to gain his trust. However, by following our suggestions you will already be halfway there. The inclinations of this sign speak of men who let go of emotional outbursts and are often guided by instinct. In short, forget about rationality and rather rely on the weapons of seduction.

How do Cancer women flirt?

Cancer woman is very feminine and seductive, but she reveals this side slowly, only after trust has been established. Importantly, the Cancer woman is most important when she knows her partner is happy too.

How do Cancer men flirt?

Cancer men are characterized by a great shyness and are not skilled seducers, also because they often fear being disappointed by the reaction of their potential partner. This is why they prefer the woman to take the first step, so throw yourself in without too much hesitation. Be patient, because until he is convinced that he can fully trust you he will seem reserved and detached. But now you’re aware of that, you’re prepared to face it!

Dos and Don’ts when flirting with Cancer

  • Do not be intrusive. A Cancer falls in love with their entire soul and would do anything for their partner as long as you do not invade their privacy. There are things and thoughts she prefers to keep to herself and neither you nor anyone else should interfere with this inner monologue. However, don’t fall into the trap of completely disregarding communication as this is sure to be the downfall of your relationship.
  • Keep your Cancer man company whether he asks you to or not. Be by his side in all circumstances, or almost, even the most trivial ones. The Cancer man does not particularly enjoy loneliness, unless he communicates otherwise, so be very present in his life because he needs stable points of reference.
  • What must never be missing in a relationship with a Cancer woman are the moments of tenderness, to be lived away from prying eyes. She cares a lot about love, but not about grand gestures. She always appears reserved in public with her partner. You should therefore ensure your private life is full of romance to make her feel loved. Not doing so can cause a plateau in the relationship.
  • Cancer man in the long run tends to be lazy and very habitual, it’s up to you to spur him on! This concerns both the time you can share together, but also his own life. Do not allow him to be satisfied, help him to have determination to aim for better. So, help him revise his expectations and involve him in different activities from time to time to break your relationship routine.
  • The true key to a Cancer’s heart is their stomachs! They dote on those who prepare tasty dishes for them with love and care. When you want to surprise them, focus on food and you will never go wrong!
  • The Cancer woman is happiest when she is safe in her home, so there is no need to go anywhere else. Helping her organize a dinner or a barbecue with friends and family is her idea of wonderful. Do you want to take her away from home? Being very sentimental, plan a trip to a place she has fond memories of: the city where she grew up, the place where she spent the holidays with her family, the park where she enjoyed childhood picnics – and listen all her anecdotes about it.
  • Pay attention to what you say to the sensitive Cancer woman. Each sentence will be analyzed, so don’t make jokes about her whim, which could be misunderstood. Even if something was said with the best of intentions, it will dwell on her mind. Reassure her often that all is well.
  • Do you have a good memory? Excellent: the best gifts to give a cancer woman are ones that they don’t expect, but you know they will adore. For example, get her the latest book by her favorite author or a bag from her favorite designer.

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You liked each other! What’s next?

Confrontation is necessary within a relationship, but it is also necessary to understand the person at your side to find the point of balance together. If you haven’t found out yet, know that the Cancer woman hates being criticized, so be kind when you’re not fully satisfied with something and want to communicate it to her. There are many ways to express your opinions and always remember that any criticism must be constructive and not an end in itself.

If falling in love with a Cancer man is easy, being able to make your relationship with him go well is not. Part of this difficulty is due to the capricious side of his character and his sensitivity, which can only be answered with an infinite dose of patience, which we know not everyone has. Cancer men are also very attached to their mothers, so be careful not to say a bad word against her. The Cancer man loves to feel like a child even as an adult and this attitude of his must not be the object of criticism.

Understanding the interests of a Cancer woman is quite simple as she is habitual. She finds pleasure in doing the same things, especially if the company is right. Try to create moments of your own that become habit, such as weekly or monthly date nights, cinema trips on Wednesday nights and so on, in order to have some expectation and increase the desire to share a given activity together.

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