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How To Attract A Woman Instantly [11 Traits That Make Women Go Crazy For Men]


Many things are straightforward in life – if you work hard, you earn money if you work out you gain muscles – but when it comes to dating, nothing feels straightforward. Most things are either vague or counterintuitive.

Whilst most men would intuitively conclude that money is all they need to attract ladies, and the question is, “is that the kind of ladies you want?”. If you are still young and unwilling to commit, it may make sense to woo ladies with cash, but it becomes a whole different game when something more intimate and meaningful is sort after.

So, the question isn’t really how to attract any woman, but how to attract the kind of woman you want – a bodacious, high class, confident, mannered, and trustworthy worthy lady. You want someone who would support and care for you deeply.

That said, you’d need to develop (or exhibit) the right traits to attract such rare gems. Below are some of those

How Can I Attract Ladies Easily? [Do This 11 Things]

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Something to always keep in the back of your mind is that people are usually attracted to those who compliment them or who are like them in some way – i.e. those who share similar opinions, values, goals, race, language, etc.

Nevertheless, assuming you are “okay” (that is, you’re not struggling to feed, and are healthy – physically and mentally) women are generally attracted to …

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1. A Leader

There is a vast difference between being domineering, controlling, or tyrannical and being a leader. Leadership has to do with the ability to help (direct and guide) people towards an agreed/common goal. A man who is a leader wouldn’t impose his desires on the woman but would seek to understand what she wants, or better still would seek to understand what would be best for the relationship and see to it that that is done, even if it would require him making some sacrifices. A man who is a leader would not risk the finances (his or hers), nor ignore the emotional needs of his partner. He would be willing to work hard, and also make plans (and time) for the relationship to blossom. He won’t let his ego get in the way. He won’t let it fail. If you can be this guy, ladies would chase you.

2. Vulnerability

Vulnerability in the dating world means that someone is able to share his or her thoughts, feelings, weaknesses, or challenges with someone else freely, and fearlessly. Contrary to what you might think, being vulnerable isn’t weakness nor is it perceived as such. On the contrary, it indicates that you are strong enough to share deep and intimate things without feeling ebbed. Not only does it indicate strength, but any lady who comes in contact with your vulnerability is inclined to trust you, and even bond with you. This doesn’t mean you have to spill your guts and cry like a baby to gain attention, but that you are not scared to accept that you are flawed, facing some challenges, or feel affected/hurt by a remark, occurrence, or some other event.

3. Attention

This can be in terms of listening attentively to them as they speak, not just with the intent to respond but to understand. If you can pay her attention, it will make her super-attracted to you. Complimenting them when they do something impressive or put in extra effort into something (this could be their looks, work, or manners.). When you make observations about them that other people miss(ed). It could be when you prioritize their happiness (not necessarily above yours), or simply choose to be/spend time with them (especially when you have other options).

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4. Thoughtfulness

This complements the quality mentioned above (attentiveness). When you pay attention to her, thereby noticing both the interesting and seemingly insignificant things about her, then go ahead to do something later on which inculcates or advances her interest/opinion/choices, she would find that very attractive. It would distinguish you from the competition.

5. Humor

You don’t have to master standup comedy, but having the capacity to inject some fun into your conversations goes a long way. Sometimes it might be as benign as chuckling, seeing the bright side of a setback, or being witty in your communication style – thinking fast on your feet, getting creative, and being generally playful (to a reasonable extent of course). Life is serious enough, and a lady needs a man who can make it a bit more pleasant.

6. Manners

Sometimes, gestures as simple as opening the door, letting her go first, greeting, complimenting, assisting, or simply waiting for her food to arrive before you start eating can go a long way in making you a thousand times more appealing than a guy without those qualities (even if he might be wealthier, and more handsome)

7. Empathy

Kindness is sexy. If you treat others right (despite their societal status), support noble causes, speak against injustice, protect plants and animals, and generally radiate kindness in your dealings, you would find a lot of ladies not just interesting but worth fighting over. This is doubly so if you express that empathy towards her. Maybe you helped her when she was in need or simply encouraged her when she was feeling down (with no strings attached of course). She would find that very appealing. This is not to say you should start acting all nice and lovely; but that you should actually cultivate the habit of being kind because you never know who needs your help, whose help you might need, who’s learning, or who’s watching.

8. Family Mindedness

If you value family – especially if you love babies and can carry out other house chores like cooking and ironing – women would find you attractive.

9. Audaciousness

Women admire a man who is both adventurous and Spontaneity. Someone who is bold and would not bore them – in the kitchen, living room, yacht, or bedroom. They want someone willing to take risks and try out new things.

10. Intelligence And Dexterity

The ability to stimulate their minds with ideas, perspectives, and knowledge they’ve never thought of is not only sexy but disarming. If you combine this with the ability actually to do something with the intelligence – if you are dexterous and hardworking – hardly would any lady be able to glaze over you.

11. Looks

Of course, your looks are involved. We are talking about your body build, your fashion sense, how you smell, as well as your demeanor. What can they see from a mile away? One fascinating thing about looks is that if you can nail it – if you have the abs, clothes, and perfumes on – you will feel confident and exude optimism.

Those are some of the characteristics hardly any straight lady can resist in a straight man. Ultimately, it all boils down to developing yourself to become the kind of man a right woman would desire. As they say, if you want to get the right one, you must also be the right one.

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