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How to Attract a Virgo [Dos and Don’ts]


In love, Virgos filter their true feelings to protect themselves. In doing so, they can inadvertently come across as cold or rude. However, if there is an issue in the relationship, a Virgo will work tirelessly to resolve it. If you like a Virgo and you want to win him over, this article is what you need to read!

Attracting a Virgo woman


The Virgo woman is romantic and shy at the same time. She loves to feel desired and prefers a partner who can stand up to her. To attract her, it is key to focus on dialogue. She appreciates clear and polite communication. It is a hard task, though, so don’t get discouraged and be persistent. Once you have won her heart, the Virgo woman will continue to seek confirmation and attention from her partner. Any lack of respect for her could immediately compromise everything that has been built with patience and commitment. Protection and safety are the fundamentals of a relationship with a Virgo.

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Attracting a Virgo man

The Virgo man in love puts trust first, so if you are willing to establish a lasting relationship with him you will have to prove to him that you are trustworthy. To attract him, also show off your interest in culture, involve him with a dinner, or amaze him with your seduction. Once you have won his heart, the Virgo man becomes the perfect partner, although it will be necessary to pay close attention to what you say to him as he is particularly sensitive. In a relationship, he is caring, attentive and active, but don’t leave everything up to him. Try to establish a complicity in all the activities at home as this will make him feel extremely satisfied and happy.

How do Virgo women flirt?

The Virgo woman is a complete woman who stands out for her determination, intelligence and organization. She has a very romantic streak that sometimes makes her appear shy, but in reality, she is not. When flirting, the Virgo woman knows what she wants: she wants to be the center of attention, she wants to be desired from all points of view and to achieve both physical and mental fulfillment with her partner.

Virgo women are very fussy, demanding and therefore, a little bossy. She needs an enterprising man like her, who keeps up with her without committing missteps, such as being late for a date! For her, punctuality is essential, she considers lateness without a valid excuse to be a lack of respect.

How do Virgo men flirt?

Virgo men aspire to have a partner whom he can trust blindly since he would not tolerate a betrayal by his loved one. Therefore, if you do not have serious intentions, immediately express this to him. Try to impress him with your physical appearance, which must always be elegant and well-finished, considering that the Virgo man is very attracted to details and form.
Virgo men have a strong curiosity that they often look for in their potential partners. Show interest in culture in general but also in what is happening in the world by talking about current affairs or news stories.

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Dos and Don’ts when flirting with Virgo

  • For many men but especially for those of the Virgo, feminine style and elegance are fundamental and often count more than traditional beauty standards. So for the first date, dress carefully and pay attention to the style you convey. Pay particular attention to the care of your fingernails and toenails and choose a sweet perfume.
  • Dine together: If you manage to involve him in a dinner, choose a well-kept place and try to eat slowly. Avoid annoying noises when you eat and drink and do not dirty the tablecloth.
  • Home Invitation: If you invite a Virgo man to your home, make sure everything is in order and absolutely clean. Immerse him in a room scented with natural essences and illuminated by soft light.
  • Respect: the sign of Virgo and that of Cancer have pride and sometimes even arrogance in common, so avoid any topics that could cause an argument. He will be very set in his ways and refuse most other viewpoints.
  • Activities: You can impress a Virgo by organizing intellectual activities, such as visiting a museum or going to the theater. Make sure your choice is of real interest to them.
  • Passion: Virgo men love and appreciate feminine cleansing and body care. Use natural, ecological or alternative fragrances. When passionate, the Virgo man shows off his power of seduction, good manners and a sense of humor. He lets himself go easily and tries to achieve complicity and confidence with his partner. He is not one to resist temptation when around someone he trusts.
  • Virgo woman is anything but frivolous, so from the first approach you will have to pay attention to the topics of conversation that she enjoys. Avoid gossip and the weather, focus on cinema, music, current events, the environment, etc. and you will keep her interested.
  • Hygiene: the Virgo woman prioritizes neatness and believes that her partner should too, not only in terms of clothing, but also in terms of cleanliness, haircut, beard, car, home, and so on. Unkemptness will immediately turn her off you. To impress her, it is preferable to adopt a sober style, not too classic, but not flashy either.
  • Virgo women are very likely to open up slowly, a bit for character and a bit for strategy to test your interest in her. The advice is not to let go, but not to be insistent or intrusive, so communicate your availability and presence and always keep your word.
  • Virgo women seek a harmonious understanding between body and mind, so a relationship should not be forced until she feels ready. When you have broken into her heart you will get abundant attention because the Virgo woman wants, but she also gives generously in return.

You liked each other! What’s next?

Virgo stands out for his precision and super organization. He undoubtedly represents an ideal partner, but to keep him really close you need to work a little. This is because his scrupulous nature leads him to be attentive to every detail. Our advice is to always pay close attention to what you say and the way you deal with him.

Virgo is a lover of beauty and also of simplicity. He considers naturalness to be the most beautiful, so in his presence you should always try to be yourself, with a little attention to going towards your appearance. The way of doing things is also important, he appreciates kindness and sweetness, he does not go crazy for partners who have direct, more masculine ways. At the same time, they love positive people, so wear your best smile around your Virgo.

Virgo like to engage in practical activities, but above all they like to feel useful and to help others, especially their partner. Without taking advantage of it, therefore, ask him for help with both big and small decisions and puzzles that you face. With his sharp mind, he will be able to clear your head and will be happy to contribute.

Virgo men enjoy cultured and intelligent women , therefore show him what you are passionate about and what interests you. At the same time, try to deepen your understanding of the topics that interest him most so as to be prepared for any conversation. Even if what interests him doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea, try and ease into it, for example, by taking him on a museum trip. You may fall in love with it, or you may hate it! Either way, he will appreciate the effort.

What must never be missing in a relationship with the Virgo are the attentions, such as sending good morning messages when you wake up and little, meaningful complements. This is because he tends to feel neglected easily. He also lives every moment with great intensity, as if every day could be the last and therefore he always wants it to be the best. For him, every day is unique, never the same as the one before it.

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