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What Traits Attract a Cancer? (Explained)


If you are here reading this article it means that you want to attract a Cancer. If I’m right, stop fretting because I’m here to help you unravel this mystery.

Seducing a Cancer is difficult, this much is true, but not impossible if you know the mechanics behind his strong but noble character. Cancers are extremely attached to their family and loved ones and a lover of the sea and nature, though their personality can sometimes tend towards melancholy.

In this article I will show you what a Cancer like and which traits attracts them the most.

What does a Cancer like?


So let’s start immediately with their character: if you really want to attract a Cancer, you will need to know their personality like the back of your hand. You will need to know what makes them happy and when it’s time to leave them alone.

The first thing to know when trying to conquer the heart of a Cancer is that they are very, very attached to their family. They will always have a great love for their parents, brothers and sisters. You will see them do their utmost to help their family out as if they were the parent and not vice versa.

On the other hand, this affectionate personality means that, as their partner, you will be showered with attention without it ever being too suffocating or coming from jealousy. They have seemingly endless forgiveness for minor quarrels, but never push your luck on this.

Cancer is very attracted to the sea and landscapes. For example, they love staring at the sunset. Cancers, especially the men, tend to be too chilled out for sports or strenuous activities. They prefer to sit and enjoy the view, perhaps with a drink in their hand.

It is important to know that their personalities are very troubled. They are often subject to deep fits of melancholy and they are often quite shy on top of that. You will hardly ever hear them talk about their issues. But despite this, they are endowed with a great sensitivity towards others and can help support those who need it.

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Traits a Cancer likes


Cancer has a noble soul but they are not stupid. If you really care about attracting a Cancer, don’t try any tactics that involve games, trickery, or playing hard to get; they won’t be interested in anything other than your honest approach.

At the point where you have entered their life and are getting to know them, do not believe that the game is done. It is at this moment that the Cancer will slash their claws to defend themselves: they can be quite untrusting and may decide that they would be safer cutting you off now as opposed to letting you in and potentially getting hurt later.

So don’t try to make them jealous or give them pathetic outs because the Cancer won’t think twice about ditching you. To a Cancer, being a good person is paramount. If you so much as hint at being anything other, you may find yourself cut out from their life. Always try to be honest and don’t stress them out with unnecessary mind games. The Cancer will sense and appreciate your true feelings and will let you get close.


All a Cancer’s positive traits have negative sides too. While the pros make a Cancer seem like the ideal partner, the cons make them a fickle and sometimes childish and capricious person at times. But behind these attitudes there is a profound sensitivity.

In their moments of melancholy, they will hardly ever tell you what’s wrong – a lot of the time they may not know themselves. It will be your job, if you want to attract them, to figure it out and support them in the right way.

If you can persevere through their bad moods, understanding that they are often completely out of your partner’s control, then during the good times you will find yourself besides a partner that will shower you in love and gratitude.

Kindness and respect

Their family is vital to them and they often see their friends as part of their family, so make sure you don’t ignore or insult them. Getting to know their family and friends is a surefire way to cement a place in their life.


Money equates to safety for someone of this zodiac sign, and they tend to be very careful with money. They see nothing wrong with a partner paying for things. Offer to split the expenses or pay on their behalf. They may refuse, but they will find you more attractive. They are likely to start questioning their future with you if they think you are interested in their money.


A Cancer loves physical contact. A friendly hug or kiss on the cheek when you meet and gentle touches throughout your conversation will make you irresistible to a Cancer. Don’t use clichés, don’t judge, and don’t think you have to improve anything about yourself to attract a Cancer. Be empathetic and connect with them on an emotional level.

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