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How to Convince Any Girl To Sleep with You? (Tips)


If you embark on inquisitive research with basis on sexual persuasion, you will find out just as I did that convincing a girl to get in the bed with you is a two-way affair. I embarked on this, and I titled mine girl-to-bed-convincing research. Subject matters such as this are known to ignite various schools of thought, and you will not agree less that multiple individuals have strikingly different takes when it comes to issues such as how to convince a girl to sleep with you.

“Curiosity,” they say, “killed the cat,” but the consequences of my curiosity wholly contradicts with this saying. Bedding a girl, for me, is not so tedious a task; what makes it require more significant effort to accomplish is simply the mindset of the individual in question.

Implicitly, I belong to the school of thought that considers bedding any girl very easy; Yes, I mean precisely what you just read so don’t ask if I’m kidding you.

Mis-steps You Take Trying to Convince a Girl to Bed

Before then, one undeniable truth about our society is that everyone; young, in-between and old, is attracted to the opposite sex. So even if you want to attract a married woman at your workplace, it follows the same principle. You dare not doubt this because it is true. Who knows, your old next-door neighbor may be renown in this game of convincing a girl to bed.

Let me digress to the message of this section. It’d interest you to know that my first-time sexual approach was a complete disaster. It was not how to convince a girl to bed, but I was way too inexperienced; I can’t blame myself though. I know guys out there including you, still practice archaic sexual kinds of approach. Trust me. It doesn’t work anymore. Our girls are now advanced, and we should, therefore, advance quickly to catch up with them.

That reminds me, maybe I should draw instances of missteps you take trying to convince a girl to sleep with you from my disastrous experience. You would at least be able to build your perfection from my errors.

There was this damsel I could do anything just for her attention in high school. I probably was lusting after her, or it was just love, I don’t know. But one thing was sure, and I needed to have her yelling in bed. I gave my best shot but never knew that I was such a punk before her.

Whenever I recall those days, I feel like reverting time to make things right. I know you are aching to know the missteps I took, and yeah, I will, of course, tell you. But promise me you won’t make such mistakes or mistakes that look like it.

Kinds of Stuff I did after successfully gaining her attention!

  • I fixed a date with her for us to see a movie and it was a Marvel movie.
  • She arrived, I hurriedly paid the cabman before she could reach out for her purse.
  • During the movies, I kept discussing past episodes and releases of this movies production giant.
  • Just When I thought she was beginning to feel cool around me, I resorted to telling her how much I love and respect her and that if I didn’t, I’d never invite her for a movie. She was like, “Oh, really” sounding so casual.
  • being myopic, I thought such a response was a sign of positivity.

The Signs of Loss of Interest

Halfway into the discussion, she started fiddling with her iPhone, even with the latest Marvel release still on the screen. At this point, I felt lost. It would, of course, have been better to buy the movie ticket for some strangers out there rather than myself and this damsel.

Everything went even worse when she said she had a thing or two to tidy up back home. I thought of what I could do, and so I decided to be yet another punkish gentleman. I asked to see her off, but she insisted on leaving alone.

This is the night that made me embark on my girl-to-bed-convincing research. Well, I ended up belonging to the school of thought, which holds that how to convince a girl to sleep with you is a straightforward thing to do.

I figured out my mistakes after becoming a pro in this field. The first pathetic mistake I made was our meeting location. I am smiling as I am putting this down. A cinema or any place of its kind is the worst place to meet with a girl you plan to rumble in bed or the sofa with.

The Magic Actions that Convinces Any Girl to Sleep with You

Happy Partners

As a man, if you believe that only excess money and good body structure attracts a girl, you are in the age where even the Early Men would not want to be. If this were the case, I’d be one of those living this life without sex. Yes, you read it right; “I’d be one of those living this life without sex.” My body packs don’t number up to 2, which means that I don’t have a 6-pack body. Intriguingly, I have a bodily deformity which should bar me from getting a girl to bed, but it does not.

We are dealing with how to convince a girl to sleep with you here, and as a matter of fact, it is the emotion of a girl that matters in this context.

Never Get Rejected by a Woman Ever Again!

I’m against the following watered-down, mainstream advice on rejection:

“Go get rejected by as many girls as possible so you desensitize yourself to it.”

It’s not a good approach because it makes you act badly, and that can make people uncomfortable and leave you with bad memories.

Instead, focus on improving your dating skills and being your best self. Rejection can still hurt emotionally, like a physical injury, so it’s not easy to completely get used to it.

Instead of trying to completely toughen up, there’s a quick and effective way, taking just about 15 seconds, based on evolutionary psychology, that anyone can use to protect themselves from rejection, no matter how attractive the person is.

Powerful Lines that Convince a Girl

One of the supposedly best but vague methods used by guys to convince a girl is the appraisal method. This pathetic method involves the use of sentences like;

“Hi beauty, I love and respect you so much.”

“You look like my mum when she was 16.”

“No man will see and walk past you by the road.”

“I will deal with anyone who disagrees with you over anything.”

Appraisal methods do not work on a girl whose p***y you want to mess with. Only a successful appeal to her emotions will win her to bed. Appraisal methods only come in when you’ve successfully established your image in her brain. Since you naturally want to pull off her bra, her pant and look in between her legs, hit her emotions, and hit it very hard.

But first, you should consider your meeting points in some very sexy and relatively hush kind of spots. Don’t go to attention or eye-seeking places like cinemas the way I did. On every meeting;

  • Devour her sexual sense with a natural chat
  • Brush off those appraisal talks
  • Give concise answers to all her questions and question her often to eliminate silence
  • You have to assure her pussy that she will be making no mistake because she’s trying to get an assurance like this from you but unable to ask

So, let’s get there and have you put her in that bed very quick!

1) Be Casual, Flush the Gentleman Style

Like seriously? You do not want to be a gentleman now because you are not her boyfriend. Do not forget that this is all about taking off her pink pant. I can strongly attest to the fact that putting up a gentleman approach towards a girl you want to mess with is not one of the sturdy ways on how to convince a girl to sleep with you. For so many reasons, you do not just want to be a man on a suit. Be a man on jean and some other regular outlook.

The girl in question is not after make-believe; she is more interested in sincerity. The sincerity is that you are putting giving your possible best in pulling that stimulating visual effect.

Do you think she cares about how nice you look? Okay, unless you want to make her your girlfriend, she is only interested in arousal. She is a lady and will not tell you what to do to get her. Ladies expect you to have the mind of a god. How do you have the mind of a god? By simply predicting them. What is here to predict is that she needs you to be that man that she doesn’t have to advise on how best to approach her.

  • She does not expect an overly holy dude.
  • What her pant covers is not interested in something that must wear gold for penetration.
  • Are you insane with the gentleman style? Dude, you gotta flush that. Don’t be rough but check out the regular-guy technique and embrace it.
  • Not being too down to earth shows your true self, and that is the self she needs to be able to judge her every step with you.

When I chose to be ‘Gentle Jack’ to that damsel in my high school days, I know how disastrous it turned out and you, of course, read how to f**k up it turned out. I do not want any girl you’re trying bed to consider you a punk no matter your age.

2) Bond Her with Trust

Nothing brings a girl down to earth most than trust. If a girl trusts you, she can sleep with you even if her man is the President of your country. When I first discovered this is my girl, I thought it was just her.

Being a flirt, I began to look out for this factor in other babes whose panties I shifted. After my assessment, I discover that 70 out of 70 girls can do anything around you if they trust you. Of this 70, about 30 will require you to work a little bit harder if you want to win their body into bed.

All you need is to make her feel super safe around you. You sure do wonder how to convince a girl to sleep with you by making her trust you.

  • On how to convince a girl to sleep with you, being real with her steals you her trust. She knows at this point that you are not pretending.
  • Do you think she doesn’t know? She knows you will eventually want to shift her pant once it is evident that she trusts you around her.

My first ever love-making came as a result of trust. She trusted me enough that she could stand naked in front of me for fun. The least I will do is to tease her sweet body playfully.

3) Talk Cool and Sugar it with a Bit of Dirty

While you talk cool, the occasional dirty things you say get the girl like, “yeah, this dude got them vibes.” You could equally go crazy saying these nasty things with her

  • Oops, I think I’m sighting your tits.
  • I’m feeling a movement within me. Oh, it’s my dick; it just can’t help having you around
  • While we were walking down here, I was staring at your butt. Girl, what you got behind could bend my dick.
  • If only you knew how naughty I’m growing inside right now, you’d just rent us a bed.

The above and many more vibes are just the ‘Busta Rhymes’ required to show how dirty you’re getting. If you hide your mind, you fail. How then do you open? No other way than to talk dirty. Chats like this reveal to a girl that you seriously wouldn’t mind spanking her from behind.

There is this girl I sexted within 2014. I chatted dirty, to a point where she couldn’t hold it any longer, she messaged me that she felt like messaging herself to where I am. When I asked why, she said, “dude, this chat is getting on my nerves. I could do anything with you right now.” I ceased this chance to burst her head by sending more of how I felt naturally. The next day began with her butt in my corner. As you can see, such is the power of dirty chats.

4) Make Her Feel an Increased Sexual-self Worth

Successfully getting a girl to trust you requires just one magic to obtain a key that you could use to unlock her legs anytime you, please.

The magic of letting her know how much the world would do just to cuddle with her.

The baby girl just wants you to tell her those things she hears men say women in movies.

Are you finding it tough on how to convince a girl to sleep with you after various trials? Then the mistake you made or what your procedure left out is your failure to let her know how sweet and well-packaged her body is. It should not be strange to you that women love being told how sexy they look. Don’t tell her that she is the angel of your life because she knows you are lying and even if she does not think so, she probably is unsure whether you mean it or not. Rather, tell her sweet, sexy, luxurious her body is.

Let her know that maybe her creator used finer sand in creating her. And probably more sand in molding her front and back side.

I was innocently seated the other day, and a colleague walked up to me and said, “tell me I look so sexy and busty.” I was about repeating the same when some lousy luck fellow said to her, “You are my angel.”

She sighed and excused him, giving me the chance to say how curvy she was. This earned me a minute hug, and I stole a kiss on someone’s girl. She didn’t mind. I was real and not fake.

5) She Must understand your intense

Do you love her or just wanting to ease your lust? Well, I don’t care about this because it is all about her. She knows already that it is the love you want. If she did not want love, she’d never come around again.

An evil player will promise girl heaven and earth just to sleep with her. Such is not the ideal girl-to-bed convincing man I intend to build with this write-up. I want you to be a natural fellow going for what he desires. You could still follow this method up if your stubborn girlfriend insists on sex after marriage.

For you to open up to her does not spoil anything; it instead pictures you to be a sincere and non-punkish man.

The wrong way of making her understand you’re intense;

  • Poor way of disclosing your lust after her
  • Not giving her the answers she needs
  • Clapping her ass (you are disrespecting her)

Instead of doing the above, try not to be sonorous and make her understand that you are human — Rally round the fact that her pleasure is rested assured when she opens her legs. Every woman loves to be satisfied in bed and will take chances. Even married women still pay outsiders to do what their husbands can’t.

6) Devour Her with Your Flesh

By this, I mean touching. Caress her every little responsive time you get. The best place to start devouring her is her wrist. It is effortless to reach out to her wrist and do not let go, once her hand is fitted with yours. A girl may shake off your grip on any part of her body but not the hand. The hand is a natural part to hold and so, take advantage of it. It is the pathway to accessing other parts, including where her fragile pant guards.

Girls normally would smile when their hands are held. The smile comes not because of your hand but because of how they are being held. In essence, don’t hold her as though you’re handling a piece of wood.

7) Trust Me; a Kiss is Very Necessary

Not kissing her depicts that nothing will happen. Allow the kisses to come naturally and don’t force it. The best way to find out whether to kiss, especially when she’s not long known be you is to look long into her eyes. Often, how to convince a girl to sleep with you dies down to kisses. I discovered that kisses should change as the conversation or whatever goes on. This means syncing a kiss with the tempo it suits plays a massive role in the affair. Be mindful with your kind of kisses and also, make kisses change per phase.

The final phase of kiss usually ends her in bed. This phase should contain lots of foreplay to chain her abruptly to your desires. Give no chance and take all the chances.

kissing as a way to convince a girl to sleep with you

8) When She Talks Dirty, Tease Her Playfully

It is your responsibility as the man to keep the conversation active at its best. When the conversation stays lively, it transits into a new phase. A phase where she begins to flow with your dirty talks. It usually comes after a series of kisses. So, kisses should come often.

Again, 7 out of 10 girls will remain stiff to dirty talks, but this can be conquered with persistent touches and deeper dirty talks. As she gives in, laugh at words, don’t take them seriously. Use this moment to study her deeply. She is maybe revealing the extent of her fall for you.

9) Show Fluidity and Never Use Force

Being rigid is like being unresponsive. The girl will feel you are losing interest or that she is not worth it. Make constant use of your brain and advance based on her body language. The only way to get a positive or greenlight body language from her basis on how you conduct yourself. Showing fluidity ensures some form of impossibility for her to have a rethink of her actions. Being rigid is more like running outta gas, and it is the more reason why you should use your brain constantly. Always think of something, be it something to say or do.

  • She did not come out to be stared at
  • Something brought her out; yeah and it wasn’t to be told what Aristotle and Plato look like
  • You can afford telling stories but make it very brief because her pussy is itching. For you to access her itching pussy, you must do the needful, and the needful is to turn her on. Not turning her on means end of the road.


Ladies? Hmm, they are the most pretentious being out there. A girl thinks you will never know when she is wet down there. But her actions and changes in behavior to your advances will expose her. The moment you’re aware of her wetness, inform her of it, and she’ll give up the pretense.

A girl naturally expects you to understand her, she will never tell you what’s up within her but will give you the room to uncover everything within her; therefore, you should cease the chance. Do not use force because some girls require a little more of talking and time. Adjust until you slip your fingers inside her panties.

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