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Here’s How to Break Up with Partner (Via Text Message)

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Do you want to know how to break up with someone over text and they will even thank you for breaking up with them? You don’t have to be heartless to achieve this; I will show you how.

how to break up with someone over text

A call from a ‘side chick’ who thought she was my main GF woke me up this morning, and it was annoying. She complained of how I have been neglecting her for the past few days after we’ve had sex. I simply sent her a quick text message saying “we are done – don’t bother calling,” and I went back to sleep happy.

How did she feel? Well, I don’t care as long as I am happy. If you have been betrayed by a girl before, you will understand that they don’t also care about how you feel when they break up with you. So why should you care about how they think themselves?

If you are interested in how to break up with someone over text, just hang around, and I will show you the steps.

This post will show you:

  • Is it bad to break up with someone over text?
  • How to break up with someone over text
  • The secrets of how to break up with someone over text without hurting them
  • The few steps of how to break up with a girl over text
  • How to break up with a guy over text

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Is it bad to break up with someone over Text?


I think the simple answer is a “NO”. It isn’t bad to break up with someone over text. Texting is a means of communication, the same way you can call, send a voice note, or leave them a voicemail. It all depends on how urgent the breakup seems to be. Lol.

Break-up isn’t friendly, so there shouldn’t be any form of emotional sentiment attached to breakups. Once you feel tired of the relationship, you tell that immediately.

Whether you do it by text, call, or by setting up a meeting, it all depends on your mood. Never let anyone blackmail you into believing that it is bad to break up with someone over text.

Whichever way you decide to break up is cool – as long as you are happy — F*Ck what the other person thinks.

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How to break up with someone over text without hurting them

Oh well; for the emotionally weak people who are scared of hurting others, here is how to break up with someone over text without hurting them. Just follow the steps, and you will be fine.

Gently Cut-off communicating with them

Break up is hurting when it comes unexpectedly – this is one rule you should know. When start seeing signs of illness, it gives you the ample opportunity to make preparations for treatment. That way, you don’t get frustrated when it finally comes.

It happens the same way in trying to break up with someone without hurting them. One of the key ingredients in a relationship is communication. The moment communication suffers; the relationship begins to experience a downturn.

So if you want to break up with someone over text without hurting them, then you should attack communication.

  • Fewer calls
  • Fewer dates
  • Seldom messages
  • Excuses for not doing all of the above
  • Never discuss plans

Discussing plans might mean that you still have hopes in the person and looking forward to a better future.

Create controversy

If you’ve done the first step by gently cutting off communication, you will realize that tension keeps building. Breaking up at this point will hurt both parties, and that isn’t what you want to achieve.

It is the time to create controversy; controversies will make the relationship get worse. Below are some common controversial ideas you can use;

  • Put up a beautiful girl’s/handsome guy’s picture and tag them your best friend
  • Pick up any offensive word from partner and use it against them
  • Is there something they have done wrong, keep hammering on it

All of the above is an excellent example of controversies that can lead to a fight or an argument.

Make it a Common Occurrence

Controversies like that should occur quite often. The aim is to wear your partner’s endurance down so that they can start considering a break up themselves. That’s one of the secrets if you are looking to break up with someone over text without hurting them.

Fights should occur every three days at least for a start. If both of you stay together, then technically complain about everything she does. It will force her to start thinking of ways to get out of the relationship.

Break-up with a Text Message

If your lover stays with you and still haven’t left, then inform them you need space to clear your head over the current issues. Nothing emotional should come with your speech. It should be more of a command than a plea.

“If you don’t mind, I will need you to leave me alone in this house for a while. I need to clear my head and figure out where we are headed in this relationship.”

With the above tactics, it becomes easy to break up with someone over text without so much emotional hurt. There are several text message strategies for guys and girls, and I will outline them.

How to break up with a guy over text Sample Messages

Hi Tom,

Of recent, I have noticed that things aren’t as they used to be before. This has led me to do several things I never intend doing.

A few days ago, I cheated on you with a friend because I wanted to clear my head. You don’t have to forgive because I don’t regret cheating.

I suggest you find a new girlfriend that will love you as you want. We are done for good.

Don’t bother reaching out; my new boyfriend won’t appreciate the call.



This is the perfect message to break up with someone over text. Meanwhile, after sending out this message, never get to see him again. He might even kill you if he sets his eyes on you. Delete his number and move to the next available guy.

image of break up quotes
Break Up Text Message Sample

How to break up with a girl over text Sample Messages


I should have moved on without telling you; I guess you are tired of the relationship as I am too. We don’t deserve each other again, no need for pretense.

I cheated a few days ago with you and felt I need to inform you. Don’t bother calling me; my new GF is going to pick up the call.




I don’t believe any girl will call you after getting such a breakup text message on her phone. This is a perfect sample message if you are looking at how to break up with a girl over text.


All of these methods are proven, so feel free to explore them. Once you get tired of sleeping with the girl, dump her as fast as possible, and get yourself a new Girlfriend. So I guess the post helped you with the answer of how to break up with someone over text – maybe without hurting them. But who cares if they get hurt?

See you in the next post. Bye!

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