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How to Play a Girl Who is Playing You? (Tips & Tricks)


So are you looking for how to play a girl who is playing you and come out the winner? Or let’s say you are looking for how to convince her to sleep with you, but she is leading you on with just the hope of tasting her hole.

Imagine how hurtful it would be for a girl to play you . The worst is when she eventually dumps your ass. Not only would she laugh at you, but she’ll also share her success with family and friends. As you already know the nature of women, you’ll be the topic of every conversation. They’ll be like, “Catherine played that crumby dude,” and the one girl in their midst who does not know what you look like will get a complete description of you immediately. Even if she has never met you in person, the story will make it appear so.

girls talking

In a situation like this, you need to watch out and act fast before she goes too far. You must quickly figure out how to play a girl who is playing you and also, you must be mindful and be good at how to spot a female player because not all the funny actions from her entail that you are being played. This, in turn, calls for answers to questions like, “Am I being played by her?”

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How to Know When a Girl is Playing You

Tips for how to spot a female player should be something you must know. I will make that for you as you read down. Concerning the cheap ways on how to play a girl who is playing you, worry no more, it is time to beat her ass like a pro.

I will make it easier for you by using an instance that occurred between a female player and I. She thought she was good, but man, she was messing with a specialist and a pro.

She later admitted being the victim, and now, she’s a close friend of mine. This is how unexpected events and times bind people. I will also use her real name, and if she eventually comes across this, she’d just laugh so hard.

So, Adele Oliver; her real name, happens to roadwork at the same days and spots where I stage to exert my muscles a bit. This is how it went;

Roadwork Day 1

We did not know each other, but we began roadwork from the same spot.

Day 2 (two days after)

The same spot again, and I could not keep it to myself any longer. I decided to question her, and she was responded nicely. So lovely that anyone on the street could mistake us for lovers.

Day 3

Still the same spot! At this point, I wondered whether Adele Oliver was spying on me. I felt she thought the same too. We coursed ourselves on the same route and discussed as we hopped. It was here that I got to know Adele better and that she just moved into the residence.

Day 4

We met again, this time, it was a planned meeting, and we exchanged our mobile contacts. During this period, the thoughts that she may want to mess with me did not come to mind, and so, I never cared to question myself thus; “am I being played by her?”

The lucky-meeting days ended when I left for a nearby town. But I was able to chat up with Adele.

I noticed she was becoming friendly. One day, she began our chat with “runaway love.” When I came online, I refused to open the message so that she won’t get the ‘read’ notification. The next day, I put my mobile data back on and messaged Adele Oliver thus; “Lol, you can have me at any time.” Immediately, she replied with, “Then come back!”

It should interest you to know that I fell for this at first. The way Adele struck me with her choice of words for the chat was catchy.

I wouldn’t blame myself for having fallen at first because we weren’t talking in person. I would have studied her mood because I’m good at how to spot a female player.

How I realized the Girl was Playing Me

After the business, I dropped back into town. I phoned to inform Adele Oliver of my arrival, and we set a date for our next roadwork. The day finally came, and we met. This time, it wasn’t for the jogging and all, it was just to meet and talk to a “runaway love” like she teased me. We had a pretty good time all through. This went on for days, and a day came when I invited her over. This is where I realized that a game is ongoing.

She missed coming over, and she did just two things;

  • Adele claimed her aunt so severely needed her to do an unspecified something for her
  • She summed up that on her way back, she forgot her PC and that she would be using it that night.

The mistake made!

  1. She was telling me that she forgot her PC!
  2. Secondly, she once complained that no reason could make use a PC at night; it affects her eyes

beg a woman

I played in as a sweet innocent guy and let her have her way. At this point, I figured out that she is just a cat waking a lion. But I still asked myself, “am I being played by her, Adele Oliver?” I almost allowed my emotions to lead me astray into believing that she was just real.

Did you notice how I figured out that she was playing? Now, that was more like;

The Skills you need to Spot a Female Player!

I need not say much because there are only two ways of all the ways you’ll find online that can help you on how to spot a female player, and the forms are ‘attentiveness’ and ‘emotion control.’

Using these two ways, you can determine virtually everything you need on how to spot a female player.

1. Attentiveness

Had I not been attentive to Adele’s excuse when I asked her to turn up, I’d just end up as one of her God knows what, maybe errand dog. You know too well that women manipulate you to serve and worship them blindly. Being attentive makes it 70x tricky for any girl to pull more stunts on you because they already realize that you are not one of those guys that will give in easily without making it evident to them that you know what’s up.

2. Emotion Control

In case you do not know, a girl’s first appeal to your emotion will make you drown. It is okay to give into what she has for you in the beginning but not when you eventually forget to question yourself with stuff like, “am I being played?”, “Is she a player? If must know, shouldn’t I sort out how to spot a player?”

These were the things I allowed to play in my mind after I met in person with Adele upon my return to town. If you don’t control your emotions early enough, you will drown when the waves come.

Couple exchanging words

Winning Her Like a Boss

Winning a girl player all dies down to your manner of approach and technique. Even after knowing specific techniques, you could still fumble. This is because such methods do not work and do not mean she can’t be played. Not to worry, there are better ways to deal with the situation. How to play a girl who is playing you requires a little bit of focus and mastery if you are going to win her like a boss.

Trust me; there is no girl player out there that is not playable. There may be difficulty in playing an adept male player, but for female, it is likened to deceiving babies. Depending on your mastery level, you could eclipse a female player with a wink.

This leads us into yet another question, a question of how to play a girl who is playing you. In the section above, we saw the two magic ways that help on how to spot a female player, and now, we will look at how to play a girl who is playing you.

How to Play a Girl Who is Playing You

Back to Adele Oliver, I did not require too many resources to turn her games against her. I needed to do just four things.

1. Timely Flirting

“Am I being played by her” should no longer be the question. If it remains a question within you, I’m sorry, you are self-belching. She wants an errand dog who tends to feel that the love is there for him, so, signing up to be some little girl’s errand dog? I hope not.

flirting with other girls
Flirting with other girls

You would be told by others to make her jealous, but no guide on how to go about with such is provided. Making your self-acclaimed playgirl jealous is one hurtful way for them to realize that you’re repelling. The one way to make her jealous is to flirt.

Flirt even in her presence. Apart from a direct flirt in her presence, there is one more way you could tell her. You could hurt her by giving out free compliments to girls on the street while strolling with her. For instance, you could comment on the dress of every girl you come across on the way. If you want her to be madder, ask if she owns any of the clothes you’re complimenting. She may just laugh it off or confess that you’re annoying.

I did a connived flirt in front of Adele. This is the part that hurt her most that day until I disclosed it to her later on.

We were going to sit out in an open space downtown. I happened to know a girl around, and so I explained to her that I want to hurt someone. I told her how I intend doing it, and she accepted just for me to win.

Some minutes later, she walked down to where I sat with Adele, and I tapped her ass and complimented with, “Gosh, shit is dope.” Adele starred at me almost drooling.

2. Become Stingy

She wants to get everything from you while playing you. She may close down your bank account if she gets the chance! You know how much girls love-givers and you know how much they hate stingy men.

This is because they always want to take rather than give. How to play a girl who is playing you is by being stingy. It hurts them; and if care is not taken, she might resort to calling you names.

Better to be seen as a ‘bad market’ than a ‘daft punk.’

Girls? they never lack names to label you once things don’t go their way.

3. Request for Things

Oh wait, a player she is, and a ‘played’ you are. I’m laughing out loud because that’s what she’ll be thinking. This is one of the skills I used to turn the table against Adele. I gave her no chance of asking, and instead, I was the asker.

You are not a beggar so don’t you dare think so. Besides, why is she not labeled a beggar when she asks? See? It is a 50/50 affair. If she asks and I don’t have, I will ask her to do it for me.

Dude, I am giving you the real deal on how to play a girl who is playing you. Forget about being told to put on gentleness. Blast gentleness and high levels, it does not work when someone is trying to mess you around.

4. Quick-Kill-Quick-Heal

This is a secret method and a weapon. It lies here for patient readers, but you may not quite get it if you skipped any line above. I have tried this on girls who try to friend-zone, and it worked. I even tried it while playing games, and it did work out too.


All this method does is to fluctuate the consciousness of any girl in question. I do not want to write big on this, so I’ll just summarize that this method is all about making her feel that you love her now and then having her aware that you probably detest her in the next moment.

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