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How to Attract a Married Woman? (at your Workplace)


This would be the only real post you will ever read about attracting a married woman anywhere. Even though I will be more specific on how to attract a married woman at work, these principles can work virtually in any condition.

Have you ever thought of dating a married woman before? Or you have these fantasies of imagining what it would be like to make them scream, while you go down on them. Do you imagine what the husbands of the women feel when the woman is being dealt with on the bed?

It is time to experience those fantasies with my proving methods of attracting a married woman. All you need to do is follow my steps one after the other – make sure you miss none of them. Then you can come back and drop a comment after it works for you.

Is it possible to attract a married woman at Work?

Where do you think a married woman loses her guards the most? It is at her workplace! You can meet a married woman at the gym, church (not a good idea), market, grocery store, laundry shop, etc. But the best place to manipulate a married woman is right there at the workplace.

To most amateurs, it seems like a hard task, but I will simplify it with this post. When you meet a married woman at work, it looks like a neutral place where nothing can happen. Women love everything around them to happen spontaneously – that is the feeling of seduction.

The workplace offers such an environment. It seems a harmless place to work, talk about life, and get to know each other better without tensions from any party. The key to making sure that you can easily attract a woman in your workplace is to see the type of women around you.

Never Get Rejected by a Woman Ever Again!

I’m against the following watered-down, mainstream advice on rejection:

“Go get rejected by as many girls as possible so you desensitize yourself to it.”

It’s not a good approach because it makes you act badly, and that can make people uncomfortable and leave you with bad memories.

Instead, focus on improving your dating skills and being your best self. Rejection can still hurt emotionally, like a physical injury, so it’s not easy to completely get used to it.

Instead of trying to completely toughen up, there’s a quick and effective way, taking just about 15 seconds, based on evolutionary psychology, that anyone can use to protect themselves from rejection, no matter how attractive the person is.

Types of Married Women in a Work Environment

In every work environment, you will generally see these types of women. Your job is to identify them with the tips I will give you in this post. I am not asking you to jump into conclusion with any of them; you must make your investigations.

The s*xually frustrated Woman

For the $*xually frustrated women, they are one of the easiest women to attract. There is nothing as frustrating to a married woman than when she doesn’t get good $*x from her husband. It doesn’t show up her face, but she is looking for a man to share the burden.

How to Make Your Man Feel Good Emotionally featured

Common signs of a sexually frustrated woman at the workplace

  • She is generally hostile
  • She smiles less
  • Such a woman disgusts talking about $*xual thing with others

These are the common physical signs of women who are $*xually frustrated in their marriages. So if you are looking at how to attract a woman at work, then going for $*xually frustrated women is your best shot. I will share the steps very soon.

Attention Starved Woman

There are the women that make good sugar mums. They got married as good women with lots of attention from their husbands. Just when they felt that the love would continue like that, everything tumbled.

They are desperately seeking attention and wish to be loved. How do you know such women?

“Attention starved women spend more time on social media than in reality.”

This is a good sign to know a woman who seeks attention so very much. They are also one of the easiest women to prey on at the workplace. Just in case you are looking for how to attract a married woman at work, think of how first to identify an attention starved woman.

The Emotionally Injured Woman

Let’s just say that the emotionally injured woman isn’t getting what she expected from her marriage. She may smiles outside and pretend that all is well; deep down, she wishes she could have something better.

Women who are emotionally injured always pretend that all is well – but deep down, they keep yearning for something better. They are easy to manipulate if you know how to play your game very well.

Just-at the-Brink

Her marriage is over; she is just looking out for the best way to move out finally. She is fed-up, and everybody close to her knows. If you are also close, that should be an excellent time to have a taste of her cookie before she finally finds another man or a better option.

She can be easily manipulated to get at her husband or make him jealous. It doesn’t matter who owns the cookie – it is for everyone at this stage.

The Happy and Satisfied Woman

I think the name explains it all already; she doesn’t need you in her life. How to identify such women?

It might be difficult since other sets of women might pretend to be happy and satisfied. You can only know when you have an honest discussion with her.

She will surely tell you that her marriage is stable and a blessing to her.

Steps to Attract a Married Woman at Work to Love You Easily

Now that you know the caliber of women you can find in your workplace, it becomes effortless to attract them. There is no general rule for attracting a married woman – because they are all wired differently.

Note: You must have the guts to execute the action.

Once you feel scared or show signs of weakness, it becomes a huge turn-off. So get your balls straight before deciding to attract a married woman to love you.

Get to know her

This is the first step to attract a married woman. She is no longer a girl that you can hit on just anyhow. There must be a process, and that process must never be taken for granted. If you want to attract a married woman, then you must respect this process.

Get to know her as a friend; the aim is to identify her weakness, yearnings, and uttermost desires. Your goal is to identify hidden desires like;

  • Is she satisfied in her marriage
  • What are her fantasies
  • Her main point of attraction
  • Likes and dislikes
  • What are her wishes
  • The type of woman she is (I explained to them at the start of this article).

All this information will kick start the attraction process. Once you have them, then you can begin to plot how to attract her and make her get attached to you.

Make yourself her confidant

If a woman can share deep secrets with you, then rest assured that you are close enough to get her cookie.

Make her obsessed with you; this process shouldn’t be forced; it should come naturally. In the workplace, always make eye contact with her most often and smile. That is one of the simplest ways to attract a married woman at work.

Visit her desk during lunch, joke with her, tell her her problems and make her share hers. Once you can make her talk about her issues, she will forever keep making you know her deepest secrets.

Make her take the first step of sharing her problems with you. This is the second step to attracting a married woman.

Listen while she talks

A Technique to Get Whatever you Want From a Woman

This shouldn’t be news; one of the significant reasons why partners fall apart is most times when the man doesn’t listen to the woman.

They get emotional and start to back-out from the relationship. Listening to a woman makes her believe that you care so much about her issues.

This will make her trust you; when a woman trusts you, she can do anything just for you.

Send Mixed Signals

When you are at work, you can drop a flower at her desk with a clue for her to know you dropped the flower. It shouldn’t often be, just once in a while.

When discussing with her, touch her romantically and withdraw when she starts to realize what you are doing. It will get her confused, and the confusion is what will drive her to you.

Make sure you keep her guessing; when at work, you can play around with other female colleagues. This will also show you are someone every other lady wants to be with together. This will eliminate any form of games from her part.

Take her out on a Date

To finally attract a married woman at work, ask her out on a date for a proper discussion. I assume you’ve been visiting her desk at work; it is now time to extend it outside.

Choose a location far from her home and convince her to lie to her husband. If she accepts, then you are close to the ‘promised land’.

Build Her Fantasies

To attract a married woman easily, you should learn the art of stirring up her fantasies. Make her imagine things.

If she is the sexually starved woman, you can use lines like;

“You are too beautiful; if I were your husband, I would be eating you up like every single day.”

Say it with a big and fat smile.

If she is bruised emotionally, then lines like;

“I wish I am with you; your heart will be pampered like an egg. You are just too amazing to be with.”

Tactically make her realize things you want to do with her when she is with you.

Make her Go Naughty and Dive into her Legs

The aim is to go down; so you have to find the best way to achieve that. Continuous dates and naughty dates can do the tricks. One of the ways I realize mine is to send text messages and end them erotically.

“Hope your night was great … Kisses from me on your $exy lips.”

How are you this morning sweet … keep a kiss for me; I am coming to have them.”

Then find the best time to kiss her; invite her to your house and possess what you’ve ever wished for.

Then you can do away with her if you want.


If you handled all the steps pretty well, then trying to attract a married woman at work won’t be a big issue for you.

Know who she is, what she wants, and use it to your advantage.

If you feel confused at any point, please send me an email after subscribing, and I will guide you on the steps.

Keep slaying em married women and enjoy what they have for you.

Peace. Don’t forget to subscribe for more badass posts!

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Ethan Alexander

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  1. Dear sir, there is awoman who is a friend to my wife we discuse alot. I like her but i dont know hw to approuch her, she is a married woman. ilike her pls help. thanks

  2. My husband left me a month ago after 14 years of being together. I’ve spent the last month agonizing, crying, feeling guilty and feeling the lowest ever. I did so much to get him back but nothing worked out.


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