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What Traits Attract an Aries? (Explained)


Those struggling in love often say that people are all the same, but they only feel this way because they only look at the superficial aspects of a person. People and their needs in a relationship are all unique and this can be overwhelming to understand, hence why some people tend to overgeneralize and put completely different people into the same ‘category’ in their mind.
Knowing the characteristics of the zodiac signs can be very useful since the stars tell us so much about the personality of each individual. In this article we will talk about people born under the sign of Aries and what their love profile looks like. I will tell you everything you need to know about the traits that attract an Aries.

What does an Aries like?


Aries is a very impulsive sign that often acts on instinct.

Those born under the sign of Aries love adventures, especially those in the open air. In fact, those who belong to this sign often spend every minute of their free time thrill-seeking. The Aries is courageous, energetic and adventurous; you may often find them and their friends out camping, clubbing or taking part in other high-adrenaline activities.

Alongside an Aries, it is really difficult to get bored.

Aries loves to organize and almost always has good instincts. They tend to fall into leadership positions in every situation, a job which they are well suited for.

At the same time, the Aries is passionate about sports and obviously loves mountain walks.

Aries is a very strong sign and is unlikely to be discouraged by unexpected events. It is a determined sign and always knows what it wants. Aries is a fire sign and is rarely afraid of anything. Perhaps those born under the sign love adventures precisely because they jump at the challenge to overcome obstacles.
Aries and optimism travel on the same track. An Aries’ approach to life is full of positivity and negative thoughts are kept away as much as possible. Aries loves their freedom.

Finally, Aries loves beautiful things and above all loves to take care of themselves.
People who are born under the constellation of Aries are unmistakable; when you meet an Aries, you will know straight away. They are very attractive and stand out for their originality. Aries have a lot of self-confidence, therefore they have a great ability to relate to others. They love to be the center of attention, which is likely why you are attracted to an Aries! However, despite their being extremely seductive, they are not always looking for love. Aries have a passive approach to love and think that love will appear in their lives when they need it. That being said, they will be very active once they think they’ve found their partner.

Aries have an idea of their partner in mind and hardly anyone else will be able to win their heart. If you manage to conquer the heart of an Aries, you will discover a very loyal person, deeply faithful and viscerally passionate, willing to give everything for the person they love. Aries are gentle people, extremely generous and love to protect their partner and satisfy their every need. Sharing their adventures with their partner is important for an Aries. With an Aries next to you, you will never get bored, they will always know how to surprise you and how to put on a show.

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Here is a detailed list of all the characteristics that a person born under the sign of Aries looks for in a partner.

Common interests

If you want an Aries to notice you, you have to walk at the same pace as them, but not by his side. Let me explain: if they love to dance salsa, you can learn too, but do not attend the classes that they do. Learn in secret then surprise them in a club with your moves. If they love to hike, take it up too. The Aries must understand that you have common interests. Their passions are your passions! By doing so, they will be encouraged to contact you and to establish a closer relationship with you.


Once your relationship has grown closer, a big step has been taken. But there is still a long way to go. Now, the time has come to assert your presence in their life. Aries loves nothing more than challenges and those who can take a challenge on. Therefore, don’t waste time flattering their abilities, but let them know that you are no different. Keep up with them in debates and show off your variety of knowledge. Slowly establish a relationship of pleasant competition. They will adore you for this and will understand that you are a person to be respected and that perhaps you have what it takes to be something more than just a friend.

Old-fashioned courtship

Because of their character, the Aries likes to take the first step when starting a relationship, so get out of your head the idea of courting them, revealing your feelings too explicitly or inviting them on a romantic date. However, their competitive spirit often leads them to try to keep even the person they like on their toes, and not to admit to feelings, until they are certain that there is an interest on the other side. Let them court you.

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