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What Traits Attract a Gemini? (Explained)


To establish what Gemini likes and dislikes, we will start with their desire for knowledge. Less dark than Scorpio and more brilliant than Leo, a Gemini draws their strength from their desire for knowledge; they are hardly satisfied with surface information. Always bring your own opinions to a conversation with a Gemini as they will love to explore them.

This air sign has great energy but they can be overzealous. A debate with a Gemini can be exhausting but also extremely educational. Gemini deepens, is curious of, and forms their opinions on solid information which they then use to “have their say”.

What does a Gemini like?


One of the things that Gemini likes best is knowing as much as possible. If a Gemini comes across a topic they find interesting, they will research it in depth and will often do so at great speed.

They love intelligence games and enigmatic questions; it is not uncommon for Gemini to have a puzzle magazine at home or something equivalent.

If a Gemini wants something, they will get it. This goes for material things as well as the affections of others.

Geminis love to flirt; if you have been in front of a person of this sign, you will have noticed that the conversation was exciting, energetic and interesting. Thanks to their smooth talking and the aura of mystery they emanate a Gemini is likely to win you over with little trouble.

Geminis also love self-care, freedom, and spoiling themselves.

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Traits to attract a Gemini

But now let’s see what the most important traits are for attracting a Gemini. Don’t worry, once you understand the game it will be easy and rewarding to play.

Strength and confidence

The partner of a Gemini must have a strong personality, but so does the Gemini – you may see them flirting with others.

If you were to show fear of this behavior, Gemini will interpret it as a sign of weakness and will consider you uninteresting and not at all stimulating for them.

Do not let yourself be overcome by fits of jealousy and try to be an active and talkative person when around them. By doing so, you will become an object of interest for his curiosity.

Interest and independency

Gemini loves to be solicited in his follies and in his thoughts. They love when someone asks them about their interests and loves to demonstrate what they can do. The deeper your understanding of their interests, the better.

But remember Geminis aren’t stupid, and so they’ll figure it out right away if you’re trying to flatter them. While you have to show interest in their passions, you will also have to show that you too have yours and that you follow your own path without fear.

At this point you will certainly be on the Gemini’s radar. And believe me, in the quest to getting a Gemini, this is the most important things.


Now let’s get into the spicy stuff, are you ready? Gemini is double in all its aspects, therefore also in sex and in everything related to eroticism and all its facets.

The tastes of a Gemini partner are twofold, as we have just said, so the first thing you will need to do is to have an open mind. When you are under the covers with a Gemini, you must be ready to indulge their cravings and enhance their masculinity or femininity.

But maybe at another time, they might change their attitude and devote themselves completely to your pleasure. Ask yourself, without any shame, what you want them to do to you.

The trick is to always be in control of the situation. In other words, you have to be ready to play a stern queen or a complacent courtesan, without your Gemini knowing that you know the game.


Remember: Gemini love to feel free. Usually they walk the path of life alone but if they find the right travel companion they can be really grateful and faithful. You will have to make them understand that you are able to fly with them.

If they have plans, let them know that they are valid if you really think so, but if you have criticisms, don’t keep them to yourself. The Gemini love to be stimulated. Always remember: the Gemini loves to be appreciated, not flattered. If they were to discover that what you do you do to accommodate them, it will have the opposite effect. In practice, they must feel like you have decided to be by their side for your own reasons, not because they told you to.

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