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How to Attract An Aries? (Do’s and Don’ts)


Although Aries is an ardent and passionate sign, it takes a bit of skill and experience to know how to conquer an Aries. Because this sign likes to drive, seduction is more of a chase. If you are trying to catch the attention of an Aries, these strategies will help you! Check them out!

Attracting an Aries woman

The Aries woman is a tough person who tends to intimidate as she is strong, decisive and combative, but also in need of attention. In fact, she tends to be a self-centered person who expects to receive compliments. So remember to flatter her subtly. The Aries woman is an adventurous woman who seeks an enterprising and courageous partner, ready to take risks, especially for her! The one thing an Aries woman wants is a man to be her partner-in-crime, not just someone she feels she can walk all over. Remember to bring your own strong personality with you when talking to her.

Attracting an Aries man

Men born under the sign of Aries tend to prefer well-groomed, sporty, athletic, committed women. They are also very busy individuals so you have to constantly work to get their attention. Casual encounters are your best friend – we must try and meet these busy men on the street. But beware! Aries men don’t like feeling like prey, so be subtle with your tactics. Usually the Aries is very instinctive. Once an Aries identifies the object of his desires, he takes the first step without delay. His busy life may get in the way, so make plans to take him to dinner or to a football game if you want to spend time with him. On the first date, the key is to leave him breathless: just show up with a generous neckline, red clothing, sleek accessories but always with a sophisticated and never a vulgar touch. The result will remain etched in his mind. Let him understand that you need him, for advice, for chores at home, if you are not well: Aries men love to be indispensable, to be considered as Knights to the rescue of their lady.


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How do Aries women flirt?

You will always make great memories with an Aries woman; she knows what she wants, she is uninhibited and you can involve yourself with her using skill and simplicity. Passion with her is anything but complicated, but don’t expect spiritualisms and mergers between souls. Especially at the start of your relationship, she can be a bit like a flooding river, fast-moving and powerful and perhaps a little over-the-top for some. She likes to get straight to the point!

How do Aries men flirt?

Aries men lead in all things, and this includes jumping into romantic relationships rather impulsively. People of this sign crave affection even more than they crave passion. Aries men flirt because they thrive off compliments and need to make sure they’re desirable, and this goes both ways. Aries men are particularly receptive to complements. Empty flattery will be seen for exactly what it is, so superficial attempts at seduction are likely to be rejected!

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Do’s and Don’ts when flirting with Aries


  1. Always try to be understanding with them, but at the same time don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by their aggressive and possessive nature.
  2. Always be decisive and direct with an Aries, even when flirting with them: they will see you as safe and trustworthy.
  3. Always be ready in any situation, you never know what awaits you, given the unpredictable nature of Aries.
  4. Try to endure the obsessive courtship of Aries, behind their aggression hides a great romance.
  5. Let yourself be protected by your partner, they will involve you in an unprecedented passion storm.
  6. Always show pride in him. Driven by their enthusiasm and your support, Aries will achieve great things.
  7. Understand and improve your Aries partner’s worldview. Make them understand what your worth is; don’t settle for anything less.
  8. Try to conquer them with boldness; Aries will greatly appreciate your direct way of doing things and your independent spirit.
  9. Be ready for anything, whether it’s a date night on the beach or a canoe ride on the rapids of a river.
  10. Always be on the alert. Although you are ready for anything, Aries will always know how to surprise you. You’ll have a different adventure every day.
  11. Get ready to appreciate an always energetic and extremely romantic courtship.
  12. Expect a lot of fun: Aries always knows how to surprise you with flowers, balloons and other small gifts that you would never expect.
  13. Learn to accept that you may sometimes be in your partner’s shadow. Aries are bold and energetic but will take you along with them on all their adventures.
  14. Be proud of the irrepressible enthusiasm of your Aries partner.
  15. Enjoy the light that shines on your Aries partner – they will be the winner of the race, the heart of the party or the star of your private show.


  1. Don’t be too pushy or overwhelming, their need for freedom will progressively push him away from you.
  2. Don’t try to get his attention by appealing to jealousy, Aries wants a partner who is focused exclusively on him.
  3. Do not try to limit an Aries’ enthusiasm, the relationship would suffer a lot as Aries may feel offended or humiliated.
  4. Be too critical of him or his friends.
  5. Criticize openly – they will be very disappointed by this and will get defensive. Also, do not hold a grudge for a long time.
  6. Try to get their attention by flirting with others or hinting at old love affairs. These games work like a boomerang with Aries, who prefers the past to be left behind, and loves the fact that you are fully focused on your current relationship.

You liked each other! What’s next?

Once you have conquered the Aries, it is very important to prove that you are the right person for them by learning to sail in a stormy sea. The relationship with an Aries is anything but calm, it is impetuous, in every sense and it is good to be able to stay afloat in the waves. This is mainly because every day is different with an Aries and the best way to stay close to them is to keep their pace, which can be fast and sometimes tiring, but which also results in great joys. We therefore advise you to keep physical contact as high as possible, to surprise him, to always leave them space and to share experiences that go beyond the routine.

Be their friend and their equal. Your relationship should hinge on your equality and this will lead to you trusting one another. Aries need space sometimes, so having high trust between you and your partner makes this easy and comfortable for you both. You can spend time apart happily without a worry in your mind.

The Aries, even when in love, feels the need to have his own space and to go out with her friends. They still need plenty of attention from you, though. So, wherever possible, always try to be there for them, especially when they are down in the dumps or are having a day. In these cases, they need your reassurance, but above all to let off steam having the full knowledge that you are listening to him.

Under the armor of toughness and boldness, the Aries hides a tender heart. Once you have won their trust and obtained their love, you can sleep peacefully, you can reassure yourself about his good faith. The Aries, when in love tends to give a lot of confidence and freedom and expects the same thing from his partner. You should leave all jealousy at the door when entering a relationship with an Aries.

When with an Aries, be sure to communicate. Their headstrong, energetic approach to things can sometimes come across poorly or have bad consequences: in these scenarios, remember that short-temperedness and directness are features that your partner has little control over. If there are moments where you can’t communicate properly, some time alone to cool off will likely be best for the both of you.

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