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What Traits Attract a Sagittarius? (Explained)


How can you attract a Sagittarius? This is a good question, since those born under this zodiac sign enjoy a very particular astral influence. The Sagittarius is in fact a centaur: half man and half horse, and consequently his personality suffers (or prospers) from this bivalent nature, making approach very difficult. But don’t worry, I’m here to help! One step at a time we will rattle off all the nuances of this very particular sign and we will understand what traits attract a Sagittarius.

What does a Sagittarius like?


The Sagittarius is brilliant, full of energy and creativity: you will see them involved in a myriad of projects, all more or less complicated, managing them as if it were the most natural thing in this world. In addition, they love to travel and explore new places. Afterall, part of their sign is a wild horse!

But do not underestimate their introverted aspect. If you really want to understand how to seduce a Sagittarius, you will have to remember that even if they are sunny and positive in public, they hide a darker side with dark humor as they are uncomfortable discussing their feelings, which they can perceive as ‘weaknesses’.

But despite their resistance to problems and their ability to manage multiple situations at the same time, the Sagittarius is not infallible: very often, they find themselves facing the consequences of rash choices made due to their impetuous souls.

By making a quick final portrait, we will be able to define someone of the sign of Sagittarius as a person full of energy, who knows how to manage the problems of life with skill and with a bitter smile on their lips, but who encounters a lot of difficulty.

If you have decided to attract a Sagittarius, it can sometimes feel like falling without a parachute. But when everything settles down, you will have the best view in the world.

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Traits a Sagittarius likes


We have seen that the Sagittarius manages to do different activities throughout the day, and the first step to take if you want to get close to them is to learn to keep up! Remember that the more time you spend with them the more chance you will have of attracting their attention.

At first, I am almost certain that you will not be able to keep up with every single aspect of their complex routine, but that doesn’t matter. So long as they see you trying, and so long as you can match them in some areas of their life, you will grab their attention.

So be brilliant and dynamic, always prepared for action and always ready to lay the foundations for a new project. Don’t always follow their choices but be the one who proposes new ideas!


The Sagittarius is used to the hard life and encountering obstacles, yet they always face them with a smile. So if you want to know how to seduce a Sagittarius, learn how to build strength and face various obstacles yourself without losing your drive.

I’m certainly not asking you to become a biting satire expert, but if the Sagittarius were to recognize you as someone who shares their black sense of humor, you will certainly earn a lot of points compared to a partner always in distress.


The Sagittarius has a strong personality: they start many projects, as I have already said, but they are not infallible.
They never come into serious trouble, but when something goes askew and they can’t manage all their projects at once, they can feel lost, even if they don’t show it. The same goes for their state of mind: even if they’re always cracking jokes, it does not mean that their heart is free from pain and suffering. So, if you want to attract a Sagittarius, your task in these situations will be to get close to them; if one of their plans fails, be present and by his side. Comfort them and have a solution or a new project ready as an alternative.

Try to understand their moods, if something hurts them, do not baby them, but do not leave them alone. The Sagittarius is proud but does not shy away from the help of another person, as long as this person is trustworthy.


By nature, Sagittarius is a centaur, so half of them is a free and wild beast! And unlike their plans organized down to the smallest detail, sometimes they let themselves be taken by instinct. Be prepared for wild adventures as monotony can bore them quickly.

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