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What Traits Attract a Capricorn? (Explained)


On the surface, Capricorns seem to close themselves off from outsiders, making it hard for you to get to know them. This isn’t a ploy to come across as mysterious or broody – this is just what Capricorns are like! But don’t worry, this only makes the challenge of courting a Capricorn more fascinating… And I’m here, ready to give you the right advice to help you win their heart. Of course, you will have to do your best, since a partner whose zodiac sign decrees the beginning of winter has a hard heart by definition. Hard, but not made of stone; let’s see which traits can help you win their heart!

What does a Capricorn like?


We have said that the Capricorn, at first glance, looks like an impassable wall that keeps the outside world out. But there is no wall that cannot be knocked down: just find the right explosive.

The harshness of the Capricorn is due to the nuances of their character: the partner of this sign is very attached and very faithful to their ambitions and when they are involved in a project or a challenge, they eliminate all those things that could take them away from their goals. In a relationship they are incredibly faithful, even if in their own way: they will hardly send you a good morning message or post a couples photo on social media, but on the other hand they will always keep you in mind and always think from the point of view of the couple and never of the individual. They will always make you feel precious.

Furthermore, the fact of being born in winter makes the Capricorn partner a taciturn and introverted person by nature: they simply feel more at ease when they are alone with their thoughts, or when they are in the company of a person particularly close to them.

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Traits a Capricorn likes

Honesty and kindness

The first contact must be discreet but seasoned with a sincere interest. If you are seeing them for the first time, try to approach them with questions like “What do you do in life?” and try to understand what their projects and ambitions are. All Capricorns have them!

Be interested in what they say and if they start to open up, share your point of view, encourage him, and provide your own insight. The idea here is to get them to see you as someone they can confide in, someone they can discuss their passions with on a level playing field – they would much prefer honest criticism to dishonest praise. This honest, shared passion will set you apart from others in their mind.

And if the Capricorn partner you want to conquer is already your acquaintance, you will find yourself at an advantage, as you will already know how to angle your questions.

Support and closeness

When they need support, sit next to him, perhaps offer them a glass of wine, look them in the eye and give them a light smile. Don’t ask them what’s wrong, usually they are unaware of it themselves, but make sure they always feel your presence when they are upset.

If, alternatively, you work together and you see them darken, invite them for coffee, bring chocolate to their desk (never anything huge, the thought is really enough!). Make sure that they have a little distraction that can distract him from his melancholy.

Slowly, they will begin to associate you with freedom from this innate moodiness that can sometimes overpower their lives.

Complicity and discretion

At this point, you have already acquired an important space within the life of your Capricorn, but it is at this moment that you need to be careful: one of the peculiarities of people born under this sign is discretion, so don’t make the mistake of prematurely considering yourself one of the family!

Feed your relationship a little at a time, let them understand your willingness to talk and do not force him to tell you about their life: if they see that you are a serious person, sooner or later they will commit to you.

When you least expect it, they will start asking you for advice, perhaps talking to you about their family or memories of their adolescence, a trip they took in the past or something that troubles him.

Establish a complicity based on the idea that they can trust you, that they can speak openly with you and that you will not betray them. At this point, their smiles will become more frequent because they will have understood that you are the person for them and that they can deepen your relationship!

Patience and trust

As you may have guessed, by nature, those who have this zodiac sign are not expressive, so arm yourself with patience when you see that they don’t see you as important as you see them. At the start of your courtship, they will immerse themselves in work or hobbies more frequently than you might like. Do not think you are not important to them: if you have planted your seed in their world, your work is done. You just need to wait for the flowers to bloom.

Have faith in your Capricorn and never compare yourself to other couples. You may not hug and kiss as much as your friends do in relationships, but this does not mean that they do not love you. Stay by their side and believe me, you will be surprised! In fact, when Capricorn is not subjected to the pressure of a partner full of fears and uncertainties, they have the opportunity to express their sincere feelings.

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