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Signs Wife is Cheating with Co-Worker (& How to Stop it)


Are you suspecting that your wife is cheating with you in her workplace? Probably with a co-worker, well, your findings may be true or not depending on if you know the common signs wife is cheating with co worker.

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This article will discuss the signs wife is cheating with co-worker and how best you can find out. Sometimes, your wife may spend more hours in their workplace than usual and you will begin to suspect that something is wrong somewhere. While you may not be able to pinpoint the real problem going on with your wife, you may begin to nurse the thought that your wife is cheating on you with a co-worker.

Also, it is often difficult to know if your wife is cheating on you with a co-worker because she is at work, and you know that she is busy with work. The thought of your wife cheating on you with a co worker will not come up because she will mostly come back when she is supposed to and do the necessary things she is supposed to do. However, if she begins to start showing some signs that prove that she is not the same person as she was in the past, then you can begin to have the feeling that she is cheating on you.

A majority of our time are spent at work, and the likelihood of having feelings for your co-worker is likely to occur especially if the lady is not loyal to her marriage. Spending more time at your workplace than your home with your husband proves that she values her work more which means there is a possible chance she might be cheating on you with a co-worker.

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Below are the Signs Wife is Cheating with Co-Worker

1. She Spends Long Hours at Work than Usual

This is one of many signs wife is cheating with co-worker. Before you began to suspect that your wife is cheating on you, check to see if she spends shorter hours at work than now. If she begins to stay for an extended period at work, then you can begin to suspect she is having an affair with a co-worker.

In most cases, she may begin to give silly excuses all the time, which will likely get you worried. Some excuses your wife is likely to give if she is having an affair with a co-worker include: “I have extra work to do so I won’t be coming back early,” “I am not done with the work I am doing,” “We have after-work meetings with the owners of the company,” and so on.

The above excuses from your wife may not be a cause for worry at the beginning, but when the excuses start becoming a constant thing, then you may begin to get worried and suspicious.

When this happens over time, try to confront your wife, from her tone, you may detect if she is lying to you or if she is pretending. Do not be quick to judge because there is every chance she might be telling the truth. If possible, make your findings and ask people around her workplace if the suspicion begins to increase daily.

2. She Begins to Hide Her Phone from You

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This may seem like the right thing to do, but not when you both are married. You have every right to check through her phone as she also has the right to go through your phone as well. If you have been checking her phone in the past and lately, she begins to hide her phone from you or she changed her password so that you do not gain access to her phone in her absence, then you can begin to get suspicious and worried.

Some things to watch out for include:

If she uses her mobile phone more often than she does before if she tells you she uses her mobile phone to check and answer emails when her Computer system is right in the house and you both have access to Wi-Fi.

If she continues to hide her mobile phone from you or prevents you from gaining access to her mobile phone, try to confront her and take up her phone when she least expects and check if she is secretly cheating on you with her colleague at work.

3. She often travels for business meeting

This is also among the signs wife is cheating with co-worker. Because your wife travels for business meetings and conferences is not a guarantee that she is cheating on you with a co-worker. However, if she begins to refuse to pick your calls or chatting with you, then you can start getting suspicious that she is cheating on you with a co worker.

When you ask her and she says she does not want to be disturbed during the business meeting, you can boldly say to her that she is lying. Also, if she makes traveling for business meetings more than once in a month, then something is certainly fishy about her relationship with you.

Ask her to explain why she has to travel more than once every month for business meetings, if she is not able to give a convincing answer, you are sure that she has something she is not telling you.

4. She mentions the name of her co-worker often or she avoids his name

If you are a very good observer, then this sign your wife has an affair with a co-worker will not pass you by. Take for example, your wife is cheating on you with a colleague at work and you unintentionally mention the name of her affair mate, her reaction towards what you said will let you know if she is hiding something from you or not.

The adrenaline of your wife could spark up or remain as it is if you mention the name of her co-worker. It may even be worse for your wife if you know the co-worker personally and you both have some form of relationship.

In this case, she may begin to avoid seeing you and her co-worker together because she can fright and lose her stand. Sometimes, she may also make the mistake of mentioning the name of her affair mate at work. It may be during sex or while you both are enjoying a couples time out. If the name continues to ring out from her mouth frequently, confront her and ask to know the person she has been calling, then make your investigations.

5. Your Wife has formed a strong emotional connection with a co-worker

This can be quite hard to find out if your instinct is suggesting so, then there is a possible chance it is right and you should do your research. There is nothing bad about having a close relationship apart from your husband, but if the relationship goes beyond the boundary of a platonic relationship, then there is a problem.

Some relationship experts have suggested that there is a high 85% chance that people begin a relationship asides platonic one from the workplace. That is because there are close communication, unavoidable closeness, and travels between 2 people, and so there is bound to be feelings which may arise to become relationships.

A lot of women are tempted to cheat with a co-worker especially if the co-worker is hot and they have a crush on them. As a husband, if you are suspicious or you are perturbed about a guy from your wife’s workplace who is close to her, then you have a reason to worry.

It would be very difficult for your wife to hide any feeling of love for a co-worker and you can easily find out if your observance skill is high and you take notice of most things around you.

6. Your Wife Dresses Sexually to Work

At first, you may not be worried or have any suspicion about your wife dressing sexually to work. But after some time, if this continues to go on for more than a month, you can proceed to confront your wife and tell her you to demand an explanation.

Tell her to dress more descent because she is a married woman, if she refuses, then you should begin to get worried. Your wife may probably be dressing sexually for her co-worker while they carry out their immoral activities behind closed doors like in the toilet or a hotel room.

Once your wife changes her dress code from the usual she wears to work before; you may start getting suspicious and begin questioning her infidelity towards you. Her dressing to work daily is likely to impress the co worker that she likes and she will probably land the man of her dreams in her workplace.

7. Your Wife’s Other Co-workers are Gossiping

This is another list of signs your wife is cheating with co-worker. You should be able to relate to the feeling of walking into a room, and everyone present in the room is talking about you. This can be quite awkward and embarrassing.

If you visit your wife at her workplace and you notice that everyone is pointing fingers at you and talking about you, it is surely embarrassing and a bit awkward. When this happens, you can begin to become suspicions, possibly take your wife outside and ask her what this means. If she is unable to give a reasonable answer, then you can begin to look into the direction that your wife may be cheating on you with a co-worker.

Your wife’s co-workers may be discussing your unawareness to be able to detect that she is cheating on you. And of course, it is very unlikely that they will tell you even if you pester them to reveal to you why they were discussing about you.

8. She Does not Confide in You Anymore

If your wife sees no reason to confide in you anymore if she has any challenges and she solves her challenges herself, then you have a cause to worry. She is probably confiding in her lover co-worker for her problems and the colleague is possibly solving all her issues emotionally and financially.

In most cases, she may no longer be demanding money from you anymore because she is getting more somewhere else. If this goes on for some time, it is advisable to confront your wife and ask her why. If her answer is not convincing, you should get worried and suspicious. Go ahead and watch her for some time if you will be able to find out anything that will raise some form of alarm.


Your wife is meant to be part of you and should not cheat, not even with her co-worker. If she begins to show any of the signs wife is cheating with co-worker as explained in this article, you should worry and then confront her.

Look out for the signs above, but never be too quick to judge your wife because your assumptions that she is cheating on you with a co worker may never be true. If you intend to cut ties, then, you may part ways with her for a while or permanently.

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