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Typical Signs of a Rebellious and Disobedient wife


Maintaining a hale and hearty relationship after marriage is not easy but very important to attain. Amid the difficulty in maintaining a hale and warm relationship, your wife adds to the pain of the marriage by disrespecting you.

If you are a man faced with the problems of your wife rebelling against you, then you have arrived at the solutions to your questions. In this article, we are going to be discussing the signs of a rebellious wife. For a happy marriage, both the husband and the wife must respect each other. Whenever your wife begins to exhibit a bad character towards you, then you should check out the signs of a disrespectful wife to be sure she is indeed disrespectful.

Until you are sure of the signs of a rebellious wife, you cannot rescue your marriage. Relax while we take you through the ten signs of a rebellious wife. Let’s go!!!

10 Signs of a Rebellious Wife

Angry Woman

These are the most common signs you’d notice. The aim is to allow you to know basically how to tackle these signs without conflict. It would help you know how to solve and approach them.

1. She will always complain

One of the most disgusting things a man can ever experience in marriage is nagging on the part of the wife. No matter how you try to impress your wife, she does not seem impressed or happy with you. She nags at the slightest provocation, and any little mistake you make gets her fuming. In most cases, she will be complaining about things that ordinarily should not matter at all.

However, the way your wife complains is her sign of disrespecting you. Anytime you fail in your responsibility in the marriage, she will make a big deal out of it and complain till she gets tired. This behavior can be quite tricky for the man to endure. If your wife complains a lot, take notice that it is one of the signs of a disrespectful wife.

2. She Never Listens to You

A disrespectful or rebellious wife will never listen to her man. She believes that since she does not respect you, she is no longer mandated to listen to you. Whenever you inform your wife to carry out certain things in the home, and she does not heed to your information, then you can conclude that she does no longer respect you.

In some cases, your wife will form excuses and give to you to avoid having a conversation with you. You will notice that your wife’s attitude towards heeding to your instruction has gone, and she does only what she feels like doing at her own time. It may even be worse when she has children. She may decide not to pick up her kids from school, and you will be left with no other choice than to leave your place of work to go pick up your kids.

Whatever you try to tell your wife or say to her is not her concern, and she will always give you divided attention if you have the slightest of a chance to communicate with her. This point is a definite sign that your wife disrespects you.

3. Always Keeping Secrets Away from You

Any time your wife fails in her responsibility to tell you what is bothering her, she is rebellious against you. Before marriage, you both agreed to share anything that may be bothering you. However, if after marriage, your wife fails to tell you her deepest secret, then she is disrespectful towards you.

After marriage, your wife’s life is meant to be your concern, likewise yours. In a case whereby your wife hides secrets from you, and you get to know from an outsider, what influence does it portray on your marriage? Your marriage will be the talk of the town as people would see that you both are having problems. If your wife keeps secrets from you, she is rebellious towards you.

4. Flirts with Others in Your Presence

This is the height of being disrespectful towards your husband in your marriage. After marriage, it is not morally acceptable that your wife should flirt with other people, even in your absence. However, if she goes on to flirt with other people in your presence, take it that she is disrespectful towards you.

Your wife does no more extended care about the feelings you have for her, and she feels she can enjoy her sex life with anybody she wants. You do no longer become a priority for her, and she can choose to welcome any sexual advancement from other men. When your wife flirts with others in your presence, it is a sign of a disrespectful wife.

5. Always try to avoid your presence

If you make any attempt to get in contact with your wife physically, she will keep on running away from you and keep some level of distance between both of you. This is because she is rebellious against you, and she does no longer cherish or care about your sexual advancements.

She is probably getting satisfied somewhere else, and that is why she has turned to disrespect you. This is so heartbreaking in any relationship, and it is challenging to endure. In some situations, your wife may become rude whenever you attempt to approach her for sex. She may often adopt the behavior of shouting at you, hitting you with her hand, or pushing you against the wall.

At the time when you notice this, know that your wife is disrespectful, and she does no more extended care about the marriage. However, try to look for possible solutions to solve your marital crisis by trying to find out the real reason behind her change in behavior towards you.

6. Breaks her promise of support

When you want to marry your wife, the priest will ask you if you will support your wife/husband in good times and in bad times, and you both will say Yes. However, after marriage, if your wife turns a new leave and stops supporting you during your bad times, she has broken the promise of support. Overall, she begins to disrespect you and does not see you as her husband anymore.

She begins to act the way she likes because she feels you are no longer brave enough to demand her respect. In this case, your wife was only after what you can bring financially or otherwise. Your wife gets rebellious against you until you can stand on your feet again. Meanwhile, shun any woman who does this to you because the woman does not make for a good wife.

7. Makes fun of you a lot

If your wife makes fun of you all the time, it means that she is not respecting you. In cases where your wife gets to meet her friend or family member, and she sees no wrong in making fun of you, then she is not respecting you. However, note that if she makes fun of you in a few circumstances, it is not an assurance that she is disrespecting you. Meanwhile, if she makes fun of you in front of her family member or friend all the time, then she is disrespecting you.

If your wife is in the presence of other people and she makes fun of the way you look, how you sleep, how you eat, and how you speak, then it is a sign your wife is disrespecting you. This kind of disrespect from your wife is not easy to endure, and it can drain you emotionally.

8. Turns away from her responsibilities

A disrespectful wife will not try to share the responsibilities that come with marriage. Whenever you try to inform your wife that she has to perform some specific duties, she will come up and form a flimsy excuse as to why she cannot perform her duties.

When your wife disrespects you, she will not care about what you think about her, and she will live her life without your care. Your wife will not perform the responsibility she is meant to do because she has developed to disrespect you, and there is nothing you can say or do to change her thoughts.

If your wife fails to perform her responsibilities, it is a sign that she is rebellious against you.

9. Does what she wants

One of the signs that your wife disrespects you is when she does what she wants at any time she wants. This is more like she does not care if you exist or not, your wife goes where she wants at any time, she comes home late, she visits her friends at any time without heeding to your warning.

If your wife falls into the list of categories above, she is a rebellious wife.

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10. Engages in Supremacy Struggle with You

This is a huge sign of disrespect for the husband by the wife. In every marriage, it is known that the husband is always the head of the house. It is only in situations where your husband is dead that your wife has the right to run the house. However, if your husband is alive and you still run the house, it means that you have no respect for your husband.

If you choose when your husband watches the TV, what he eats, what he wears, where he goes, then you are disrespecting the supposed man of the house. If your wife does not allow you to live your life in your home and if she commands respect in your house, it is a sign that she is disrespectful towards you.


Marriage cannot be enjoyed when your wife disrespects you. If you are a victim of this, you must seek for a possible solution to solve your problems. Your wife should be cautioned when she disrespects you so that she will change from her ways.

You deserve to be treated right when you are married to your wife. Your wife should be subject to you in almost all cases. Look for the signs of a rebellious wife and make attempts to correct them for the sake of your marriage.

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