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7 Tips on Making a Long-Distance Relationship Work (Guide)

General Lessons

Long-distance relationships are prevalent these days. Couples are bound to meet on any site from across the world. Business ventures and trips are other triggers for long-distance relationships. From a first-time meeting to a coffee outing, to date and lastly, a serious relationship, developing affection for a person from a long-distance region is never hard. However, what’s hard is the maintenance of that long-distance relationship. Keeping your loved one at heart, albeit physically far away, can be very challenging. Both of you are bound to lack that intimate physical connection that couples crave for.

Nonetheless, with technology and the globalization that we’re so deep into, a long-distance relationship is nothing to worry about. A lot can be done to make both partners comfortable and let them enjoy the fullest together while still apart.

Here are some tips on how to make a long-distance relationship work.

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Here are my favourite tips

No Need for Excessive Communication

Although communication is an integral part of any relationship, it’s always the precipitating factor for killing most long-distance relationships. Communicating too much creates a compulsive need for attention, which is still not available, especially given the different time zones. It necessitates a possessive craving on either of the partners and with that, insecurity sets in. Most partners will find it difficult to admit that their significant other is having a good time while in a long-distance relationship with them.

This is likely to drive them to pick up unnecessary fights and eventually end the long-distance relationship. Besides, if you reduce the talk-time between you two, the next time you have a conversation will have so many topics to talk about. The chat will be interesting, and you will feel the vibe of the long-distance relationship going away. The bigger the hold, the stronger the bond you will create in subsequent chats. In addition, look at it that both of you have your own ventures to look into. Too much getting in touch is likely to bring down each or either of you in their careers.

Set the Ground Rules

All relationships have some basic rules that, however much they remain unspoken, are pivotal in the relationship. They are the building stones for the sustenance of the relationship. For instance, before settling down and starting a long-distance relationship, it’s good to know and decide together the level of seriousness that you esteem. Will it be in an open relationship, or would the two of you wish to get married someday? Can either of you see other people or go on dates? Such issues appear minute, but they pose a significant threat to the stability of the relationship. The earlier you address them, the longer the relationship is bound to last.

Avoid Precarious and Potentially Antagonizing Situations

According to long-distance relationship statistics, these are the leading cause of breakups in long-distance relationships. Although they happen unintentionally most of the time, they have a ripple effect that instantly kills long-distance relationships. Such situations include going out to the nightclub, hosting house parties, engaging too much with members of the opposite sex, among others. These trigger insecurity in long-distance relationships. A partner who thinks that you’re partying with other people has more cause for worry than not.

Moreover, the situation is aggravated by keeping it private and locking the partner out of the picture. Technically, letting the other partner know that you will grab a few drinks with a friend will cushion the blow compared to them finding out later. Likewise, informing them of your planned hike with a couple of friends will make them happy for you, unlike them getting to know what happened during the walk later and, worse still, from a third party.

Visit Each Other Frequently

Visiting your loved one can relieve them of their pressures

However much it is a long-distance relationship; the need for human contact is always perpetual. You can never replace the touch of a fellow human being with anything in the world. The craving for human connection is one of the long-distance relationship problems that technology and science have struggled to solve. Whenever you feel like things are about to get heavy, it’s great to visit your partner.

For instance, if they are studying abroad and understand that the system is becoming unbearable for them, you can visit them and help them along. Most people need reassurance and company on the verge of a breakdown. Visiting them is one great idea, as they will get to enjoy the warmth and company of a loved one. However, visiting them in the middle of a long-distance fight could be unwise. During a row, they probably would like to see less of you. That long-distance visit might be the last one you have.

Send Each Other Gifts

Gift-giving reliefs the pressure in long-distance relationships

Just like in normal distance relationships, gift-giving is an important gesture in all relationships. The recipient of a gift always feels treasured and appreciated. They, in turn, repay that with loyalty and trust. Long-distance relationship gifts are even better. They are surprises that get the partner off guard and cover them with love. They make the recipient miss their significant other so much. They are known to mend relationships that are on the verge of a breakup.

So, if your lady is overseas and you want to impress her immensely, you can check online and get her the best lubricant for women in the market. Gift-giving is so romantically strong; it eliminates the need to look for long-distance relationship advice. Besides, what is better in a long-distance relationship than waking up to a boxed gift of your favorite artifact at your doorstep specifically sent a long-distance with all the love? It is a moment to feel proud, important, and treasured.

Enjoy Your Time with Your Family

The family is probably the best teacher and counselor we all have. When you’re wondering how to have a long-distance relationship, your immediate family will be your greatest motivation in the world. However much they will not help get a lover overseas; they will provide you with the comfort and encouragement that you need. For instance, running errands with your family will be a great bonding opportunity where you tell them what’s bothering you, and in return, they help by calming and reassuring you.

When the love of your life is in distant lands, it is a great opportunity to talk and interact with the family. Get to spend as much time with them as you can. It will help you get over the illusion of a loved one that is in yonder lands. Besides, the void left by her being away is easily covered by family than anyone else. Your immediate family is the best company to have if you focus on keeping a long-distance relationship.

Always Stay Positive and Grateful for what you have

Amidst all that pressure, breakdown, neglect, and insurmountable need for contact in a long-distance relationship, it is most important that both of you stay positive about the relationship. Truly, the biggest test is not even in the distance between the two of you, but the attitude you bear towards the relationship. If either or both of you are pessimistic about the future as a couple, it is highly likely that the long-distance relationship will end before you meet again. Even the communication you have between yourself is not as enthusiastic if there is an element of pessimism in the distance between the two of you.

Staying positive requires a strong mentality and carries with it great confidence, trust, and loyalty into the long-distance relationship. For instance, if you are positive about your long-distance relationship, you’re not going to cheat on your partner in the distance because they will always be in your heart. It will also be practically impossible not to plan your future without them as you perceive them to be a part of you. In line with popular opinion, long-distance relationships are not for the faint-hearted. They can only be sustained by two individuals with characters strong enough to withstand the distance and possible pitfalls.

One sure way of staying positive is to find a career if you do not have one. If you have a job or engage in a long-term activity, it is a great opportunity to focus and use your days well. At least, you have the liberty to do as you wish for the days that you are in a long-distance relationship.


Long-distance relationship ideas are few and hard to come by. The experience generated by long-distance relationships is a tumultuous one, with many pitfalls, setbacks, and bridges to cross. However, the test of pure gold is fire. Through all that fight to survive, you come out stronger and more vibrant. If the long-distance relationship survives a long-distance plus the test of time, it is reasonable to classify it as strong. Few things will be able to shake it. You and your partner can then relax and supply us with as many long-distance relationship quotes as possible.

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