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How to Text a Girl who Already Has a Boyfriend? (Sneaky Tricks)


Just before you continue to read further, there is no need to fret out over a girl who has a boyfriend. It is very easy to make a girl dump her boyfriend and become yours. In this post, I will show you how to text a girl who has a boyfriend and make her your girlfriend. As long as she isn’t a virgin – see how you can know.

“95% of girls are neglected by their boyfriends and seek for better opportunities to feel loved”

With the above statistics, do you see why it is easy to make any girl your girlfriend – regardless of whether she has a guy of not?  Not to get carried away, if you don’t follow the right tactics, you will get rejected.

This is exactly what we are going to consider in this post. The best way to text a girl who has a boyfriend without screwing things up.

Are you thinking of asking her “do you really love your boyfriend?” Please, that sounds so lame, don’t even think of asking her that. Just to give you a clue of how most girls think;

  • They see you as a potential boyfriend
  • Most girls believe that you will assume they will treat you just the way they treat their current boyfriend
  • Coming with a relationship proposal will make them hesitant
  • Not asking about their relationship status makes it easy for them to do what they like with you.

I will unveil more as we continue in the article. For now, let’s look at how to text a girl who has a boyfriend. It will help to reduce your chances of getting rejected.

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How to Text a Girl who has a Boyfriend

To be frank, you don’t have to follow my steps rigidly. You can also customize it to suit the situation around you. Everything I write here is a result of the situation I used the tricks. So go ahead and customize it to suit your specific purpose better.

A Technique to Get Whatever you Want From a Woman

So how do you go ahead with texting any girl whom you are in a relationship?

Text Her like a Boss

Texting like a boss means you aren’t starting out the regular cliché words used by other guys.

Words like:

  • Hello…
  • Hi…
  • My name is…
  • I was wondering…

Worst of it all would be trying to use pick up lines on a girl who has a boyfriend already. All of that is bound to get you rejected or most likely, friend-zoned. You aren’t getting into her pants, and that is clear already.

So what does it really mean texting her first like a boss?

“Starting off with a hit conversation is the best way to text a girl who has a boyfriend”

It all depends on where you got her contact to start with. If you both met in the office, on the train, at the subway, no matter the place, it is clear that they were a conversation already. All you need to do is carry on with the conversation just from where it stopped.


Let assume you guys were talking about “if going on vacation is ideal for young people in relationships”, a good startup text message would be like;

“If I have the opportunity, I am gonna take you to Italy on vacation. Well, I am just going to wait for the right time and make it happen.

Hey, this is Mike and we met at the subway. Hope you are home?”

This sounds pretty perfect than texting her “Hey, Hello, how are you? Or some other cliché shitty startup messages. So go ahead and start texting like a boss. Be quite selective of what you type before hitting the send button.

Forget about the Boyfriend

Trying to text a girl who has a boyfriend? Never talk about her relationship status. Whether she told you herself that she has a boyfriend or you just figured out, that isn’t your business. You are interested in her and not the boyfriend.

“Never bring up a girl’s relationship status first during a discussion”

You have to pretend that you have no idea about her relationship status, and you aren’t interested in knowing. This gives you several options to play with and no room for rejection from her.

The issue behind asking a girl her relationship status is that you make her start feeling guilty about cheating on her boyfriend. That makes her push you further away to avoid guilt (if she is a girl with a conscience).

For some other girls, they don’t give a s**t about their boyfriends, which allows them to do whatever they like. But to be on a safer side, don’t talk about relationship status while texting a girl who has a boyfriend.

“It gives her room to cheat without feeling guilty”

Never run out of the convo

To achieve this, you will have to chat like a wave. Never let her get a total feel of you; if this happens, she might get bored of you, game over!

The best way to achieving this is to create time for chatting with her. At other times, get busy with your life or focus on something else. Being all over her won’t make her become your girlfriend; instead, she will feel like you want to choke her with attention.

When you aren’t texting her, use a “short message service” to deliver a simple but yet efficient message across to her (Once a day is perfect).

It will help you stay in her mind for as long as that day. This would also help you strategize on the best ways to keep blowing her mind. Too much conversation within a short period of time isn’t healthy when you want to text a girl who has a boyfriend.

Compliment with calls

“Hey, I just called to check up on you. I hope you are well? I wish you a wonderful day ahead. Remain beautiful”

You don’t really need to say much, just cram the write-up I wrote above and use on the days you wouldn’t be texting her. Then you can sit back and see the magic that accompanies this trick.

on the phone

Girls love attention, whether she has a boyfriend or not; that’s the reason why calls are effective.

Once every two days seems perfect for a girl who has a boyfriend and you are trying to woo her.  Too much of it would make you look clingy – which isn’t good for everybody. Being clingy isn’t a good strategy to text a girl who has a boyfriend. You are going to friendzone yourself or be moved to the sympathy zone.

Make the Texting all about her

Lead the conversation if you want to text a girl who has a boyfriend and make her your girlfriend. I am going to say it again, “girls love attention, and that is what drives them nuts.” So you have to use it for your own advantage.

Fewer compliments and more facts are what would help you win her over. Facts are asking her about her goals, visions, and dreams, then complimenting her based on what she says.


If a girl says “I am thinking of leaving my job and focusing on creating a side business”,

then you say…

“I love your drive. Pitch me the business, I could be a potential investor”

You’d notice that you’ve moved the conversation to another gear, making her talk more about herself. This is how to text a girl who has a boyfriend and make her your girlfriend.

Play your End Game Well

The truth about this article is that it is quite generic. I have no idea about the end game you want to play.

Do you want her as a girlfriend and potential wife or just a B****?

If you want her as a potential girlfriend and wife, then all you need is to starve her from giving her boyfriend attention. Channel everything towards your side. When this happens, you subconsciously take over her brains.

Sooner or later, she will break up with her boyfriend and run coming to you.

“Remember, don’t ask for her status until she tells you herself”

If you want her for a b****, then you can read this article to see how to proceed.


Trying to text a girl who has a boyfriend and make her your girlfriend is quite dicey, but I guess I have simplified everything with this post.

Having a clear plan of what you want from the start will give you the advantage you need. It doesn’t matter if it changes later on; at least, you achieved your aim.

Now you know how to text a girl who has a boyfriend, what’s stopping you? Let’s go get em!!!

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