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How to Know a Female Virgin – 100% Working Tricks and Tips

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Uncommon Signs of virginity in females: How to Know a Female Virgin without Sleeping with Her

I have sl…ept with lots of female virgins (not proud about it tho), and I guessed 98% correctly about the virginity status of a girl even before sleeping with her. I was able to decode the uncommon signs of virginity in females – they wouldn’t tell you, but I will show you in this post. To know a female virgin without sleeping with her is quite difficult – if you are new to dating virgins. But I hope I will break it down for you with this post I am writing at the moment.

It is possible to know a virgin without sl…eeping with her, but you need to be skilled at identifying the signs of virginity in females, which is precisely what I will list out for you later on in this article.

The different part of the whole thing is that girls tend to have a mixed behavior when in public, so it is difficult to tell who is a female virgin just by seeing them in public.

Here is a simple trick to identify a female virgin – have a conversation with her. When you have a conversation with any girl, you can easily deduce who is a virgin. The interview is what you can use to know the signs of virginity in females.

Before going into the signs, let’s consider some popularly asked questions.

How can a man know if a woman is a virgin?

There are several ways to know if a woman is a virgin, but it requires you to pay attention to details. They are often not so glaring. So if you don’t pay attention to things like the body language of a girl, the way she looks, behaves and all, you would miss the signs of virginity in females.

As a man, you can know if a woman is a virgin through her body language. Females are non-vocal beings; unless she tells you by herself (she might be lying), you only have her body language to read.

What are those signs of female virginity I have been hammering on? Let’s get straight to the signs.

Uncommon Signs of Virginity in Females


false physical signs of virginity in females
Some physical signs are fake

She hasn’t had a relationship before

Just by asking a girl if she has dated previously, I can quickly tell if she is a virgin or not. There are chances that she might have been r…aped or she lost it through exercises, but those are rare cases.


confirmed signs of a virgin
I tried using my own signs to tell if she is a virgin or not

If you meet a girl and still wondering if she is a virgin or not – and you feel shy asking her, subtly ask her if she has dated anyone in the past. If she says “No,” there is a 99% chance that you are currently talking to a virgin.

In a situation, she says yes, and then you need to probe further to know if she had s…ex or not in her previous relationship.

All the virgins I had s…ex with all dated a guy before they met me – yet they were virgins. So I can’t ask you to assume she is no longer a virgin just because she has been in a relationship before. This is one of the ways to know a virgin without even sleeping with her.

She hasn’t dated more than one guy

The simple question “how many relationships have you had in the past” would show you if a girl is a virgin or not. If she has dated just one guy, then there is a good chance that the girl is still a virgin. But if she has dated more than a guy; sorry to say, there is a good chance that she is no longer a virgin.

another confirmed signs of virginity in females
Another proof that this is true

You need to ask her that question; once she answers, you can either conclude or continue to probe further. It is one of the uncommon signs of virginity in females.

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Reaction to $…ex..ual Talks

One of the ways I try to know a female virgin without s…le…eping with her is by bringing up sexual talks when we are alone.

I don’t bring up this talk because I am h…0rnny – I do it to watch her body language and see how she reacts to the discussion.

Research has shown that non-virgins would either accept or decline the discussion. While virgins would be indifferent about the debate. This means that they don’t know if to talk about it or not.

Hello guys, this works almost 99% of all the time. If you are chatting with a girl and she declines your $exual talks, that doesn’t make her a virgin. But if she becomes indifferent about the discussion, it is a visible sign of virginity in females.

It means that she doesn’t know what it feels like, so she has no idea how to contribute to the discussion.

She isn’t exposed to Certain Terminologies

The drift here is that when you notice a girl who isn’t an illiterate asking some specific questions like “What is postinor 2, how do I ki$$ you? Etc”, know that you are dealing with a female virgin.

Not being exposed to some things is one of the signs of virginity in females. I would trust your judgment on being able to spot when a girl is feigning ignorance on specific issues. I believe you can spot that out and know a girl who is faking knowing most of these terms.

“Her Scared Look” when Alone with You

If you have known a girl for a long time and probably she is your girlfriend, but still gives you this suspicious look when both of you are together; then she is hiding something from you.

She isn’t hiding “just anything” from you,  aside from a treasure between her laps. She feels you are going to take it away from her and not come back again. It is one of the apparent signs of virginity in females.

She feels Nothing when you Touch Her

Since she has no idea what $ex is all about, she doesn’t feel anything when you touch her in specific ways. She doesn’t know your intentions, so she is mopping at you like a moron with the face “what is he doing?”

Don’t fret out about the look; it is one of the signs of virginity in females. She isn’t exposed yet to what leads to $ex, so she is still trying to figure out what you are doing.

If you see all these signs and still not convinced, she is a virgin, make sure you check out for the last sign.

Just ask and Get an Answer

asking a girl if she is a virgin
Sometimes the question will piss them off

This is the simplest alongside the most confusing way to know a virgin without $leeping with her. What if you suspect that she isn’t a virgin, but she says she is a virgin, what would you do?

That is why asking a girl if she is a virgin isn’t a good idea. She might lie to you, and you have no idea if she is telling the truth or not.

she can lie about being a virgin
Some girls lie about their virginity

So instead of asking, use the signs I have mentioned and find out if she is a virgin without sleeping with her.

Below are some popular questions people ask about a girl being a virgin. Let’s consider all of them.

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Is it possible to know if a girl is a virgin by looking at her?

The simple answer to this question is a big “NO.” There is no way to know if a girl is a virgin by looking at her. You have to either engage her in a discussion or get her to react to certain things, before concluding if she is a virgin or not.

Is it possible to know if a girl is a virgin by her body language?

Body language is just how we humans react non-verbally to situations or things around us. Most times, we prefer not to talk but yet we make it obvious by speaking with our bodies.

Yes, it is possible to know if a girl is a virgin by body language. Just like I explained the way she reacts to things concerning $ex, discussions on $ex, when you are alone with her, all these sums up if she is a virgin or not.

If you are dating a non-virgin, she doesn’t put up much resistance while asking her for $ex. But if she is a virgin, she would fight till… any of you gives up.

Can you tell if a girl is a virgin by the ways she walks?

No, you can’t. There is a stereotype that non-virgins walk with their legs wide apart, but that isn’t true. The way a lady walks can’t be used to know if she is a virgin or not. It is either you ask her, or you use the techniques I have listed up in the article.

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Ethan Alexander

Ethan Alexander is the epitome of refined elegance and effortless charisma. With a keen eye for style and an approachable demeanor, he navigates social situations with grace and ease. Known for his insightful conversations and a subtle sense of humor, Ethan leaves a lasting impression on those he meets.

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  1. After touching her hands.. N body.. A girl put up a little resistance.. N ask me if I had done ds to any girl apart from her.. Which I said no.. N asked me about who taught me ds.. I said nobody.. Pls is she a virgin

  2. When I asked about her “past relationship experience”, she answered in a kind of shy and reserved voice “I do have some experience, but not much and I’m not an expert or anything”.

    I’m not sure…what are the chances she’s a virgin?

  3. Thankx so much for this! I havent been this moved by a post for a long period of time! You have got it, whatever that means in blogging. Well, Youre definitely someone that has something to say that people should hear. Keep up the good work. Keep on inspiring the people!


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