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Do You want a Rich Man to Notice and Approach You? (Tips)


Forget the hype or whatever you’ve been told in the past; the truth is that you aren’t the only beautiful girl in the world. Just to burst your bubbles, there is a countless number of beautiful women – maybe in millions, right now in the world. So this post is going to let you know how to get a rich man to notice you. Whether it happens online or offline, it doesn’t matter.

These are probably simple tricks that many girls have used to get rich men of their dream. You may have seen some girls exhibiting most of them, but you had no idea why they did all those.

If you apply these tactics well, you can get a rich man to marry you even without having to be rich yourself. With lots of girls to compete with, you will need to stand out from the crowd and draw all attention to yourself.

But how do you achieve all of these without burning yourself out? Let me show you.

Problems in Your Love Life?

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The Secret Tips to Get a Rich Man to Notice You

Do You want a Rich Man to Notice and Approach You featured

Know how to find them

There is an old saying that says “if you live around fishes for a long time, you’d end up owning a fish farm”. I sincerely don’t know who made the above quote, but it has proven to be true.

Going to where the rich hang out and hanging around their vicinity is the major way to improve your luck by over 50%. So you have to figure out how to find and get to meet them.

While I won’t recommend a specific website to help get a rich man to notice you, it is still a potent tool for this mission. If you don’t time to network offline, then this could be an option for you. But depending on your location, you can easily find a way to meet them. One of the ways I advise my female students to target rich men is via social media.

Social media has proven to be a very useful tool when it comes to getting attention from rich men online. If you stay in the United States or the United Kingdom, places like coffee shops, clubs, and strip houses are where you can find a lot of the rich folks.

The more you hang out where rich men hang around, your chances of getting noticed by a rich man is definitely high.

Improve your Online Social Resume

Unless you want to be used and dumped just like a sex worker, then your online social resume should speak volumes. Every rich man who wants a lady either for marriage or relationship does thorough background research on them.

Nobody wants to marry someone with lots of questionable loopholes in their bio. Your social resume shows how you present yourself online. It is just like trying to sell yourself to a potential client, so you have to make sure your online presence speaks volume.

It can happen in the following ways;

  • Getting rid of inappropriate pictures
  • Posting contents that are worth reading
  • Having a good social network with individuals that matters
  • Being neutral on certain controversial topics

All of these are what the rich consider before finalizing if you are worth their time or not. So if you want to get a rich man to notice you via online mediums, this point is definitely for you.

Get Attention to Yourself

I won’t guarantee you that this method will make only rich men notice you, but you can decide to sieve out from the pool or men that will come your way. Attention will at least help you get noticed by almost everybody – rich, broke, or poor.

You can decide to select until you find your perfect target. On the other hand, you can keep all of them until you figure out who is who. This step is a gamble, but it sure does works if you play it right.

Be Real and Fake at the Same Time

Whichever medium you are using to get attention, a little bit of being controversial would go a long way to get you noticed by rich men.

  • Create fictional stories about yourself
  • Contribute on every important discussion
  • React to popular trends and discussions
  • Attack those who oppose certain beliefs of your
  • Talk about adventures you never had

No matter what you do, never act broke or extremely rich at all. Showing you are broke would scare potential rich man from approaching you. They will assume you’d end up being a leach – which isn’t a clear description of your intentions.

Act Intelligent

Even if you know nothing about a subject, cheerfully admitting you know nothing about it would portray you as someone with intelligence. If you are on an online forum, contribute to subjects across boards.

It is advisable not to know just for fashion and relationships. Every rich man wants an intelligent woman who is knowledgeable about so many things.

This boils down to reading wide and acquiring knowledge of several sectors. He is rich because he has a lot of knowledge upstairs, so he needs someone to share them with.

Make Yourself Approachable

Most ladies make the mistake of making themselves hard to approach. Most people judge others based on perception. If you want to get a rich man to notice you, then you should make yourself approachable.

Just to clarify, there is a huge difference between being approachable and flirting with multiple guys. While you are warm and receptive to strangers, there should also be a huge line that creates a divide.

Since people judge others based on perception, you shouldn’t give room to be seen as a whore or flirt. It decreases your respect and ruins your chances of getting noticed and being approached by a rich man.

Ways to make yourself Approachable Online

  • Be nice to other guys who want you
  • Make use of the smile emoji more often – so they assume you always smile.
  • Never insult anyone directly or indirectly
  • Avoid online banters
  • Never expose people online – no matter what.
  • Remember never to bring your offline issues with anyone online

How to make yourself approachable offline

  • Always wear a smile – you aren’t the only one with problems. LOL
  • Walk with grace
  • Smile when talking with others
  • Don’t insult random people

Just in case all of these don’t get a rich man to notice you, then you make the move yourself.

Approach them yourself

The rule says “girls should stay back and let the men do the approaching.” I don’t know who made the rule, but it wasn’t cast on stone. Research has shown that many girls find success when they make the first move. Not only does it show confidence, but it also looks sexy to many rich men.

A rich man might have many beautiful girls on his radar, but making the first move might be what makes you stand out. This isn’t always advisable – but who cares?

You want to get a rich man to notice you right? Then the best way is to get in his way and let him know that you exist.

This can happen through the following ways;

  • Mentioning him in first in an online forum
  • Commenting nicely on his pictures
  • Sending him a direct message on social media
  • Asking for his contact directly
  • Tagging him respectfully while making a post
  • Approaching him if you have a clear sight of him offline.

I am not saying doing all these would lead to a fairy tale ending; but since it has several possible endings, you might fall on the right side.


Part of the things I tell the ladies I coach is never act too extreme with any character you are putting up. It is very easy to get everyone to like your personality – especially when you are beautiful also. To get a rich man to notice you are very easy if you put all I have listed out here into action.

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