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How to Kiss a Leo? [Tips and Tricks]


Are you into a Leo and need help making them fall for you? Read this article to see what you can do to attract a Leo!

How to kiss a Leo man


Leos are wild and uninhibited performers. Get ready to take a walk on the wild side of love. But be careful: you are with a natural-born star, who loves to strut and loves to have spectators around. So expect more kisses when you are at a party than when you are alone. And remember: the wilder your kiss, the more likely they are to want to be with you. They are bold, courageous and impulsive. They love to be the center of attention and will have no problem kissing you in public. The kiss is intense, with a lot of passion. They also love to use their tongue to tease.

How to kiss a Leo woman

Do you want to experience the feeling of a kiss full of passion? Then find yourself a Leo partner. Obviously, when the queen of the zodiac animals is not in love, her kisses seem bland and cold, far removed from those she gives when she is truly in love. The Lions know how to be very creative in kissing their partner, by transporting him into the most complete pleasure with their solar kisses.

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When to kiss a Leo man

Leo men especially appreciate a kiss when they are certain that he possesses you, that you are only his. The kiss will be experienced as a promise, a pact of love and mutual loyalty. Always intense and somewhat solemn.

When to kiss a Leo woman

The best time to kiss a Leo woman is after you tell her that you want to be with her. She will be enamored by your passion.

Where to kiss a Leo man

The best place to kiss a Leo man is in a romantic and picturesque place. You can book a romantic dinner with a view and then seal it with a kiss. He is going to love it.

Where to kiss a Leo woman

A Leo woman loves going to places where she can be treated like a queen. Choose this place with attention and care for the tiniest details. Not only will she appreciate being spoiled, but it will definitely relax her, allowing you to steal a kiss with ease.

We kissed! Now what?

After kissing a Leo you have to know that he is not that simple to seduce, nor to support. Although he is very sociable, he is not very good at psychology: he thinks that the whole world perceives things in the same way as he does and never questions himself. He is not ill-intentioned, but can be clumsy. You will therefore have to show patience and be conciliatory with these different aspects of his character.

Furthermore, a Leo does not like to complicate his life, so it is better not to be too complex in your relationship. Don’t be too distressing or possessive. Otherwise he won’t hesitate to change you for a more fitting partner who lets him be free and independent. However, when Leo is in love, they are capable of being absolutely adorable and will always try to fill the partner they love with joy.

Do not be too afraid of Leo: despite his intimidating appearance, he will not be against a woman who gives her opinion and makes proposals at the risk of upsetting him a little. Like everyone else, Leo must learn to make concessions: so go, do it gently but do it anyway, so as not to let yourself be crushed by his personality.

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To do list after kissing a Leo man

  • Be honest about how you feel.
  • Focus on his needs and ask him how he is doing.
  • Make him feel like he is the one.
  • Look prettier when meeting him. A Leo man wants his partner to look gorgeous and feminine all the time.

To do list after kissing a Leo woman

  • Send her flowers with a special note.
  • Surprise her.
  • Let her know your intentions for your relationship.
  • Write her a letter to let her know how you feel about her and your connection.
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