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How to Attract a Leo? (Do’s and Don’ts)


Leo is a great lover who can offer a lot in a relationship, even if they frequently season it all with excessive theatricality. They love to give gifts or to amaze with gestures and effective words both in the courtship phase and in the constancy of a well-established relationship. They are attracted to mysterious and seductive people, often belonging to a certain social or aesthetic prestige, and are able to love and pamper them properly, asking for constant and unalterable admiration in return. Let’s see how to attract a Leo and how to be a great partner for them!

Attracting a Leo woman

The Leo woman is determined and gritty. She is often direct in declaring herself and tends to love relationships with intensity in which she can showcase all of her strengths.
To conquer her heart, it is necessary to be polite, consistent and loyal, while at the same time trying to entertain her with new experiences, life projects and initiatives. Once you win her heart, the Leo woman will be irresistible and you will likely hang on her lips. Try to keep attraction alive by listening to her and finding that all-important balance of time together and alone time.

It is also important not to criticize her, otherwise she will show all the anger she sometimes keeps hidden.

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Attracting a Leo man

The Leo man is a hunter and therefore loves to conquer rather than be conquered. The winning strategy with him is therefore to pretend to be prey at the beginning of your courtship and then show your determined side, so as not to be completely overwhelmed and manipulated by the tendency to command that often characterizes the Leo personality. Once you have won his heart, the Leo man proves to be a fantastic partner, generous and at the same time passionate in showing his feelings.

If you can also find passions and hobbies that allow you to spend time together then you are destined to be the perfect couple, perhaps for a lifetime.


How do Leo women flirt?

The Leo woman is a courageous and self-confident person; she is a queen who has a high degree of self-esteem and is generally demanding. Her flirtations are veiled at the beginning and direct when the courtship and mutual acquaintance phase reaches its peak. She experiences relationships with great intensity and expects the same from her partner.

The Leo woman does not want to go unnoticed, she always wants to attract attention. For her, outward appearance is very important. That’s why she likes good looking men. To conquer her, look after your appearance and be outgoing; the Leo woman likes men who look after themselves and are nice and bubbly.

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How do Leo men flirt?

A Leo Man has a typically very strong character which he retains in a relationship, able to instill a sense of trust in the partner. The lion loves to “hunt” its prey and therefore appearing mysterious and seductive can help you win his heart. If you manage to conquer a lion, however, you will have to deal with its proud and at times domineering character, often oriented to command. So be careful not to be too prey-like, ending up falling into his trap and maybe being manipulated. In any case, we wish you a lot of luck because Leos usually have many competitors who aspire to win the heart of a Leo.

Do’s and Don’ts when flirting with Leo

• Behaving as a prey is often the winning strategy, alternating moments of seduction, passivity and provocation with others in which you will be more decisive by taking the initiative. A Leo man loves this cat-and-mouse game and may even evade your clutches to extend the time you spend courting each other.

• Men born under the sign of Leo love risk and challenge, often putting themselves to the test. Therefore, to break the ice, you could offer him an invitation for a particular and adventurous experience, such as rafting, jet skiing or quad biking, or the classic amusement park with breathtaking attractions. You can show off your original and cheeky character side that Leos find irresistible. If you really don’t feel like facing demanding or extreme tests, even an invitation to a game of your favorite sport can hit the mark. Be careful, however, not to be too insistent with your courtship. Notoriously, Leos love independence and hate being oppressed, so wait for his signals. If these signals don’t arrive, throw your hook in the water every other day and be patient. The Leo man loves being in company to satisfy his narcissism, so in the presence of other people he is often witty, lively and nice. So try to alternate between going out as a couple and going out in groups to avoid him becoming bored and becoming sad and shady.

• If you manage to get the attention of a Leo woman pay close attention to how you project yourself: do not distort your personality. Inconsistency is one of the factors that bother her most, especially lies. So give your best based on these tips, but never wear masks to hide parts of yourself… the consequences will be dire!
• Although they have a strong character, a Leo hides particular shyness. What makes them vulnerable and insecure is above all love; they therefore prefer their partner to take initiative most of the time, partly out of cowardice because he is reluctant to take responsibility. So be full of ideas and inventiveness and you will always find him ready to get involved.

• A Leo woman is bright, free and enterprising. In everyday life she shuns clichés and constraining rules. She feels the same in love, she hates being told what to do or not to do. To win her heart, never show yourself as oppressive: if you make her run out of air, you will lose her.

You like each other! What’s next?

No doubt about it, the Leo man is extraordinary as a partner: he is impetuous and proud, but also passionate and generous. So how can you make him fall in love with you? Tease his vanity a little, to begin with. Leo loves being the center of attention and cares precisely for those who give them great compliments, as long as they are not exaggerated and untrue. A good companion for a Leo must have the characteristics of honesty and simplicity. They care a lot about their external appearance so that is something you have to care about to. Always be your best self, be ‘the girl next door’!.

Get as close as possible to his interests and hobbies. As well as giving you a reason to spend more time together, doing so strengthens your understanding and interest in him. When a Leo man chooses a partner, he chooses a partner for life, so if you have the same passions and interests as him you will do great!

At the bottom of their heart, Leo hides a bit of insecurity, which is why they are ambitious and why they love to stand out. So give them comfort and congratulate them on every single achievement they make. They need reassurance, especially from those closest to them, as reassurance soothes their inner torments. In the courtship phase, this could solidify your position in their mind as being the right partner for them.

Don’t worry about expressing your opinion and raising your voice a little if you are offended or resentful. It will seem contradictory, but Leos like discussions as they believe that there is nothing more genuine and natural as expression of values. And, don’t forget, debates are a great way to make peace and reconnect after turbulent times.

Leo women are seductive and bewitching. You may find yourself losing your mind for her without realizing when it all began. What you do know is that you want to be with her and you want her to look at you the same way that you look at her. What should you do? First of all, put yourself on an equal footing; you don’t have to command her, but neither do you have to be commanded. The Leo woman does not make rules, she expects understanding from her ideal partner, an instinctive and natural balance. You must be her friend and lover at the same time, her honest and loyal point of reference.

Leave her space, but above all, leave her free to make mistakes. She does not like to be caged so she looks for a partner who can be her ally, whom she can trust, and not a teacher to be feared. She measures her words well so as not to overdo negative judgments. She prefers to be appreciated than criticized and this is a simple rule, which always applies, even when the relationship is mature. Constantly complaining about your Leo’s behavior could ruin your relationship.

What the Leo loves most is to travel, so break the mold of everyday life and do new things with them. You don’t have to spend too much money and you don’t have to travel every weekend, but it is important that you let your Leo feel the wind in their hair every now and again, even if your travels don’t take you too far.

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