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What Traits Attract a Leo? (Explained)


A Leo is a truly unique character who hardly goes unnoticed. Charisma, self-esteem and the desire for control are just some of the distinctive traits of the people born between July and August, traits that not all others are able to appreciate and, at times, bear. When a Leo sees possible “prey”, they do not hesitate to take the first step because there is nothing that intimidates them and nothing that is out of their reach. Leos are very considerate of their partner. Their ego is their shadow: it follows them everywhere. This leads a Leo to be a great lover of control – especially the men. He loves making decisions and getting a feel for the situation, especially because that means being in the spotlight. At the same time, however, a Leo is also passionate, romantic and profound. His conception of love is true and genuine, and this leads him to search for a partner ready to throw themselves in the deep end. In addition, he is a very protective, affectionate and kind partner. As for social life, a Leo is a lover of fun and entertainment. They have a very wide circle of friends and acquaintances and for this reason they are unfamiliar with boredom and uncomfortable in what others would call peace and quiet. So, more in detail, what traits attract a Leo? Let’s see in this article.

What does a Leo like?


Sure of themselves and of their means, Leo carefully chooses who to deal with: they love intellect and wit; if you are not at their level then they will not even look at you, or at least they will not reveal their true self to you.

In fact, the Leo likes to “give wings to others”: they love knowing that someone needs them, their wisdom, or their experiences. They always have an opinion or advice to dispense, but only when asked.

Remember, Leo never gives anything by chance. They don’t ask for anything in return because they love knowing that they can help others. This aligns perfectly with the Leo’s distinctive trait of nobility.

As we said, Leo loves resoluteness. Be honest with a Leo as self-belief and individuality are qualities that a Leo really likes.

Pay attention to a Leo: they greatly enjoy being at the center of other’s needs, affections and attention. They love to be cared for as they love to care for others. Make sure to be there for him when he needs you.

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Traits a Leo likes

Trust and loyalty

Leo is the astrological sign of loyalty. Always be faithful to your partner and never break their trust. When in a serious relationship, they’ll never think about breaking their partner’s trust. They are protective over their children. Being their partner means maintaining their ego and trust. This will ensure that both of you have a strong and lasting relationship.


Ask questions about their life, but don’t seem too nosy. You should show them that you’re curious about them but not stalking them. When you walk with them, hold their hand. Give them a kiss or a hug in public. This will fuel their need for attention and give them the certainty of being loved and supported. The visualization of affection is an important step in attracting your Leo. However, don’t get too vulgar when showing your affections in public.

There are times when you will have disagreements and arguments. This is where most people make a common mistake and find themselves locked out of their life forever. A Leo hates arguing with their partner. If you don’t agree with them, talk about it amicably.
If you are sure you’re right, all you have to do is make them believe this. Pamper them, love them, seduce them; this is the only way to make them agree with you.


A Leo loves the most mysterious parts of their partner. The ideal partner for a Leo has sexiness and confidence. When passion is born, the Leo is a passionate lover, who showers their partner with attention and tenderness. Sometimes they can become very possessive and jealous, asking almost constantly for love from their partner.


You need to be solid in who you are, how you feel and where you are going. You have to feel good about losing things too if it comes to that. Leos are attracted to people who are strong in themselves, who have an entire life outside their love life; you need to show them that you will be fine either with or without them in your life.

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