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How to Date More than One Guy Successfully? (Tips)


I’m putting up this article as this blog’s guest to show ladies how to date more than one guy. As a girl whose early life was messed up because of ‘trust,’ I learned enough to enlighten others. During my recovery, I decided to find out how to date multiple guys without being shady. And as luck would have it, I succeeded.

In a society where there are lots of trust issues hanging around in relationships, we ought to take measures. One of such is the keeping of multiple guys on dates.  I will let you know that there are signs you show unknowingly when you cheat, so just make sure you keep your head down.

Did your other man hurt you so bad that you felt emotional death looming? Do you think it’s necessary to date more than one guy? Come on, don’t be worried about that because the etiquette for multiple casual dating is here.

It is one thing to keep one guy and another to casually date more than one guy at once. Dating just one guy subjects you to some freedom, coupled with fears. But on the other hand, dating multiple guys provides you with ‘choice,’ and this makes it unique. Permit me to show you the ‘dating more than one person rules’ and etiquette for multiple casual dating. This would go a long way to help mold and justify your various dating lifestyle.

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How to Date Multiple Guys Without Their Knowledge?

How to Date More than One Guy Successfully featured

There are a few compelling reasons why we ladies should date more than one guy. I figure two of these reasons to be:

  • Living the life of a female player.
  • Building options too pick from.

The second is my case because I do not want to commit to one man who’ll hurt my feelings again. While dating multiple guys at a time, I would advise you not to show signs of being in love with any of them.

The woman is mostly the victim in a relationship, but only a few are aware. And what men do not understand is that a woman is always vulnerable. For some months now, after my trust was messed with, I have involved myself with three guys. Neither of them knows what’s up, and should they like two, once did, I can sort things very quick. Don’t be surprised at how fast I type stuff because it’s the dating etiquette.

Here are the ‘dating more than one person rules’ that keep me alive in the game. This is merely the etiquette for multiple casual dating, which I’ve practiced for some fruitful months now.

1. For How Long Do You Intend to Run this Campaign?

When it runs for too long, something will provoke something to get you caught. I recommend running this campaign for not longer than 12 months. I’m confidently sure I’ll make my decisions very soon and whom to go for.

If you intend to go for as long as I’m because this whole article is not meant for you.

2. Schedule False Time

I have gone through several articles online, but these articles do not help the matter. What’s the essence if there are no dating more than one person rules to follow? It’s like they’re copying each other rather than explain the reality. The first and necessary etiquette for multiple casual dating to observe is ‘time.’ I know men to be humans who love you around the same way you like them around. For crying out loud, these guys are humans, and they have feelings too. Forget their masculinity, or do you want to see men cry before you know they can be fragile.

I have three dates, and the first thing I did was to develop a false time that accommodates them. You can achieve this by doing the following:

  • Lie about your free time.
  • Keep your timing off their tabs.
  • Give excuses and not making yourself readily available.
  • Include falsework times on your calendar.
  • Manipulate the guys’ minds with your touches, emotional voice, and peck with tears (the weak point of men).

3. Disable Your Social Media Last Seen

It is fun and exciting when you chat with just one of the guys you date at a time. Although you can initiate chats with even five guys at the same time, it can be costly. For instance, if one demands a video call, it means cutting off the others. This used to be my position until I disabled my last seen. They each asked about this, and I replied that it was necessary to curb the irrelevant messages from random guys. And as you can see, this is pleasantly convincing, and none of them questions me anymore. This, in turn, gives me control over whom to chat with and whom not to.

Moreover, when I have to stay up late with another guy, the others won’t find me online to question or suspect me.

Imagine telling a guy “goodnight” at 8 pm, and he wakes up to find you online at 11 pm. Is there any iota of sense in that? Anyway, don’t omit this because it’s part of how to date multiple guys without being shady and stupid.

4. Don’t Disclose Your Home

A long-distance relationship is not only when partners stay far away. When partners do not know at least where one of them resides, it’s long-distance too. The best feeling in a relationship comes when a partner trusts a partner to be in their apartment.

If you’re dating two guys, for instance, both would want to know your home.

Do you believe that none of the guys I’m dating know my apartment even though I know theirs? Babe, this common sense isn’t magic at all. I stay in a rented apartment, but none of these guys come by because I do not want them to. If either of them or all three know my apartment, here are the things that will manifest.

  1. One, two, or all three will start spying.
  2. I’ll fear to welcome any of them in my apartment.
  3. Unannounced visits will begin, and Lord knows what such would lead to.

How to Keep Guys Away from Your Residence

Only one thing can perform this magic, and that is the lying power of the tongue. I told all three that I stay at my uncle’s place and wouldn’t want to bug his home with visitors.

This applies to my situation, which means that you should find what suits yours. If this suits your situation, then give it to them while it’s hot.

Other ways to prevent a guy from knowing where you live.

  • Disable your phone or laptop’s GPS while chatting.
  • Never share locations while you’re at home.
  • Do not permit any of the guys to offer you a ride back home.

5. There Should Be a Folder for Each Guy

This is the play girl’s style of how to date more than one guy without being caught. It’s a badass etiquette for multiple casual dating that will make you evade the possibility of being caught. And most importantly, it saves time when switching your phone style to suit the particular guy you’re meeting.

If you’re dating two guys, for instance, there is that possibility that one of them will often assess your phones. Such guys can be very jealous, and if they find something they dislike, they won’t give ears to any explanation.

The essence of creating a gallery-folder for each guy is essential. It makes it easier to do away with the memories you have with other guys when meeting a particular one.

6. Don’t Lock Apps, Clear Chats and Block App Notifications

Dating more than one person’s rules can be best effective with this method. I mean to say that this is the proper etiquette for you to practice and earn in this multiple dating. It is, in fact, one of the psychological ways of how to date more than one guy without any of them suspecting you of cheating.

While you are living this lifestyle like myself, no chat should be significant to you. Remember, you’re not double-dating for nothing. It’s either you’re making money, or you’re searching for the better guy.

After every chat, clear the conversations. Allow each guy to have access to your phone, but block app notifications. I do not know how to help you do this, but you can search for that online.

7. Posting Either Guy’s Photo Online is a Problem

No matter what prevails, never post anything concerning either of these guys on timelines or statuses. It’s not right on how to date multiple guys at the same time. After all, they’re just the guys you’re dating and not legal spouses.

While you’re celebrating guy X, guy Y is dying in bed. What would you say to the dying guy? That the person is a niece? Nephew? In as much as these make sense, they’re not enough. And as they say, “prevention is better than cure” equally applies here.

8. Stay Conscious of Your Sex Life

Do you feel like having a sexless relationship? I respect your feelings, but can that could be a rare one to find. However, if one of the guys you’re multiple-dating is cool with it, fine. There is nothing so special about the sex aspect. The only problem is when you’re selling yourself out or sexing a guy with zero feelings.

Another weird thing about the sex aspect is that you’d be involving your pink puss with many dicks. If such is the case, it’s necessary to practice safe sex with any of the guys. On my end, I wouldn’t see this practice of how to date multiple guys at the same time intelligible. The reason is that you’re becoming a sex tool already.

How to Avoid Sex in Multiple Dating

There are not many ways to escape this fate when dealing with how to date multiple guys at the same time. I invented my style, which works for me and would work for you. I call this the ‘sincere lie.’ This is because even though I lie prefer to lie to the guys I’m dating; there is a sense in it. I do not give flimsy lies like I’m a virgin, and all of that because it changes nothing.

I know you’re naïve about this, and I’ll disclose what I do, of course. As I said, I use the sincere lie technique, which leaves the guy hanging in a state of disbelieve and believe. I tell them that I seriously do not want to initiate sex at this early stage of our relationship. When they ask why I maintain that my last did mess me and that I’m not ready to kill the trust I already have for them. Trust me, statements such as this make them proud of themselves because of how much they feel I already trust them.

9. Pick the Dates/Decide

Babe, it’s either you pick the dates or the dates pick you in the relationships. A man who wants to earn more of your love gives you the freedom to choose. Unless you’re in a one-guy dating, do meander with this freedom. Cease and use it because it is naturally there for you.

Mistakes to Avoid in Multiple Dating

The jokes I’ve read lately are the reason why I include this part of how to date more than one guy. It’s funny how people advise others to open up to the guys they’re dating. Like seriously? Do you feel the guys will respect you when they find out? Do you think they’ll give an f**k about your adventure for a good man? No way! Whether you’re into this as a player or as a seeker for true love, know the following:

  1. Never talk about your relationship with the guys you’re multi-dating.
  2. Do not be too sincere until you find the man you want.
  3. Never love all alike.
  4. Avoid being too demanding on one of the guys. This would be making that particular one to expect even more from you.


Here is all you should know about how to date multiple guys at the same time with no shit. Earlier on, I stated the two reasons why we ladies double date, and I spotted the one I’m practicing. It all right to date multiple guys, but it’s like gambling with your reputation.

And if you don’t plan on endangering your reputation this way, the best option is to limit your time.

The added advantage I derive from this lifestyle is the gift I receive from all angles. Truthfully, I’m not here for the tips and can’t reject them to prevent any suspicion. Most importantly, if you’re demanding, do not be overly demanding. And if you can’t help it, focus your demands on at most one of the guys only. This way, you’d have a cause to worry less when you’re caught.

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