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How to Blackmail Someone Emotionally Like a Pro

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How to blackmail someone emotionally

If you want to know how to blackmail someone emotionally, then this post is for you. Probably you’ve cheated on your wife and got caught, and you wish to blackmail them emotionally to set free.

In other instances as a woman you want to get money from your boyfriend and force him to give you, then you must learn the art of emotional blackmail.

For people who are seeking to go into a relationship with another person, it is advisable to know the steps on how to blackmail someone emotionally so that you do not fall victim of this negative attitude.

Like I said earlier, emotional blackmail happens when an individual makes use of psychological threat, exploitation and suffering to get their partner or the person they are close to performing whatever you may want them to do. It is a way a form of manipulation, negative control or abuse by one to another.

If you fall a victim of emotional blackmail, you will most certainly feel frustrated and trapped because you know your emotions are being played on by your partner or someone close to you. It is essential to know how to blackmail someone emotionally, especially if the person is playing with you or if the person is not serious with you.

Whenever you identify the signs of an emotional breakup, you can then proceed to be able to deal with it by confronting the person toying with your emotions. There are several ways and steps to take if you want to blackmail someone emotionally.

To become successful at this, you will have to adhere to the instructions and rules to be able to learn how to blackmail someone emotionally.

Confirmed Steps on How to Blackmail Someone Emotionally Include:

on the phone

  • Threaten or Punish them if they do not do what you want

One of the ways through which you can blackmail someone emotionally is to threat or punish them if they do not do what you want to be done or carried out. Whenever you threaten someone close to you to do what you want to be done, they will begin to feel insecure and feel bad, and they will then proceed to carry out the thing you want to be done.

There are different ways to threaten someone, and this mostly occurs in a relationship with either the man or the lady. The individual may use manipulative words to make the other person feel insecure or feel bad that something harmful or wrong will occur if they do not get what they want to be done.

One of the instances in which you can threaten or punish your partner is to tell them that “I was sure that this relationship would not result in anything”. The statement said will spark up insecurity on the part of the other partner, and they will feel like they are about to lose you. When they begin to feel insecure about the relationship, they will look for possible solutions and make efforts to correct it to get their relationship back working again. The above point is a proven way to blackmail someone emotionally.

  • Make them feel guilty for no reason

This is another method to follow if you in search of how to blackmail someone emotionally. To make this point work out fine, make your partner or someone you are close to feeling bad that they did something to you even though they might not have done anything wrong to upset you.

The significant thing here is to make them feel guilty without stating the reason for the wrong something they did to you. Once you do that, they will begin to feel bad and feel liable towards you, and they will become vulnerable, and you can toy with their emotions and do whatever you want with them.

Examples of this method may be when you tell your partner “You do not care about my feelings, my friends agree with me that you are rude”. Whenever your partner hears this from you, they will begin to feel guilty without even thinking if they are rude or not, and it will make them submissive towards you. When this point is played well, you have successfully blackmailed your partner or someone emotionally.

  • Adopt the blaming attitude

This is another proven way to blackmail someone emotionally. A lot of people manipulate their partner’s emotions or someone emotions by blaming them for the mistakes they make. Whenever you make a mistake, endeavour to blame the resulting situation on your partner or the person. They will feel bad about your situation and try every possible means to correct the mistake.

For example, if you got sacked at your place of work because of your mistake, you can blackmail someone emotionally when you tell them that you got sacked at your home or work because you called them on the phone while work was ongoing. When you say this, they will begin to feel bad, and they might even go to the extent of apologising. Their feelings at this point will be horrible, and you can now go-ahead to do whatever you want with their feelings and emotions.

Blame your partner or the person at every slight instance, even what they did do not have anything to do with your current predicament. They will surely feel bad when you blame them because they might have had a hand in the reason for your failure or unsuccessful attempt.

  • Put your needs before theirs

The female gender usually does this way of blackmailing emotionally as against the male gender. In the majority of relationships, it is often the man that falls deeply in love with the woman. So they will in most cases, do everything within their power to satisfy their woman in every front.

As a woman in a relationship with a man who loves you deeply, you can blackmail his emotions and take advantage of it. Endeavour to put the things you need before the needs of the man you profess your love. When you place your needs before the other person’s needs, you are creating an imbalance which will not be noticed by the other person because they genuinely love you.

In a case where the other person fails to attend to your needs before theirs, you can then put it to them that they do not love and cherish you anymore. This will further prompt them to make sure that all your needs are met to the core.

  • Be persistent on your way

Another way to blackmail someone emotionally is to be persistent on only your way even if it is at the expense of the person you are close to. When someone loves you or is close to you, they will do everything possible to maintain a healthy relationship with you, and by so doing, they will listen to virtually almost everything you want to do.

You can take advantage of this by doing things in the house in your way because you know they will never challenge you or try to do something in their way. Do not make your emotions control you, instead control the feeling of the person you are close to and take advantage of it to get things done in your way.

  • Threaten to hurt yourself to get the things you want

You might have seen or heard of people trying to hurt themselves because they are not getting the things they want. This is a step to take if you are seeking for ways of how to blackmail someone emotionally. When you threaten to hurt yourself, the people you are close to will do everything possible to satisfy the things you need.

Hurting yourself may not always come in physical harm as there are other means to pinch yourself to get things done in your way. For example, you may suggest to your partner that you need a vacation indirectly, but you will make it clear that you will probably stay at home and be lonely and may even do something that you will regret. This statement will push your partner to begin organising a vacation for you because they do not want you to do things which you will regret later.


Blackmailing someone emotionally requires you to be strong, bold, act smart and be patient. When you blackmail someone emotionally, you are taking advantage of the love they have for you, and when it is taken too far, it may turn out bad.

If you want things to be done your way by blackmailing someone emotionally, follow the steps outlined above, and you will be amazed on how everything will work out the way you want. However, note that emotional blackmail may not work out with everyone because there are some people out there who are smart enough to spot when their emotions are being blackmailed.

With all the points listed, your question on how to blackmail someone emotionally would be solved if you read through and follow the steps.

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