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Signs that She is in Love With You (Can’t Miss Them!)


Still looking for signs? I mean biggest signs that she is in love with you? Don’t get all f*cked because you mistake her actions for love.

That thought – the thought and feeling of butterfly in her stomach makes her bones vibrate at the sight of you. If you could see beyond the physical, knowing the biggest signs that she is in love with you would matter. Once you sense these signs, go ahead and ask her out.

signs that she loves you
Does she love you? See if she does

I have been there and out and I know the biggest signs that she is in love with you. It will be tough for you though, to know because she, on like other ladies, can well hide feelings.

Allow me to address you as Jake, please.

Look here Jake, while she stares at you, you accidentally make eye contacts but she immediately looks away! Within her, she’s like ‘oops’ and if she had more time after the tipsy moment, she’d stretch it like ‘oopsy!’ She may not smile but believe me, her heart bleeds with blushes and smiles. How do I know? I know, but Aristotle isn’t my teacher, it’s just countless experiences on my side. And you know, ‘experience’, they say is the better teacher, although not always.

I have in due time prepared for you the biggest signs that she is in love with you. I don’t want you to miss this lovely opportunity and I don’t want your thanks either.

A juicy BBW lady friend awaits me outside. However, killing more of her time to give you these tips is a better decision. Here we go on the biggest signs that she is in love with you!

Biggest Signs That She is Madly in Love with You

biggest signs that she is madly in love with you
She loves you but can’t say it
  1. She’s Always Staring

Ah yes! Here we go again. My first ever girlfriend didn’t just miraculously become my first love. She did something to make us become lovers. What did she do? She kept staring of course.

In short, she lost consciousness while staring and because it was too late to look away, Matilda smiled. And yes, Matilda was her name.

A stare from her is simply one of the biggest signs that she is in love with you. Just like you stare at another girl’s backside, a girl also stares at you.

If you’re handsome, believe me, she’s already bragging to her friends that you’re asking her out even though you haven’t. If she’s beautiful and you’d like to hang out for a while, smile back or probably wave at her.

You know what the call medulla oblongata (part of your brain)? Your waving at her would burst it instantly.

  1. Jealousy – But Girl, why the Jealousy?

I do not know why women seem to be jealous than men when it comes to emotions infidelity. The thing is that their own jealousy does not have a cover, it’s always very obvious. Even at that, it takes a real self-conscious man to notice it.

As one of the 7 biggest signs that she is in love with you, this sign can break her. I mean it can cause her an emotional breakdown all because of you. If you have or had a woman or a girlfriend, noticed how jealous she is when you’re with another girl?

Now, for a girl who is in love with you, the level of jealousy is about 18 times higher. The reasons are these:

  • She fears that you already have someone whom you so well love than herself.
  • Your own woman won’t be as jealous because she can always sort things out with you by questioning.
  • Women don’t love other women around their men, especially if they’re not players.
  1. Her Behaviour Changes

Even though she has this bad character about her, the fact that she loves you makes her change. I’m certain that girls behave different in the open from when they are indoors. So far, so good, I have been running a social study on girls about their behaviour in various places.

I have noticed that they make their behaviours match with certain places which are different in guys. My sister and female cousin, for instance, had crushes on people and I was shocked at their body reactions.

They tended to have those unrelaxed emotions, especially with their crushes close by. Now, as part of the biggest signs that she is in love with you, consciousness is what you need. The truth is that she won’t show it but you have to find it out. Woman! Such an amazing creature.

  1. She Permits Flirty Moves from You

On a very normal ground, you dare not try to flirt with a random girl unless she’s a whore. She’d show that she owns the entire world. You know, a world of female feminists isn’t a world to mess with. Naturally, women love flirts but only when you’re someone they love.

Also, your flirty self begins and ends with them because they do not share. When a girl that loves you is near, and you perhaps accidentally touch her breast, it tickles her rather than disgust.

While you cry ‘sorry’, she is crying for more within her. It is just that you will not know but with a careful look, you will find out.

  1. Attention Seeker!

A girl that loves you would oftentimes stay not far away from you. She needs to be closer in order to give you what is called ‘green light’ – a go-ahead. She will also try to be creative and good, especially in whatever you love.

All she desires is your attention and you’ll often notice this when you’re not so busy. In my previous workplace, I encountered this with a particular girl. She is no doubt lovely but you know, guys like myself don’t cheat, so I waved off the moments.

The outstanding thing is that she offers always to assist in my job even when I could finish everything alone without assistance. Attention seeking is one of the biggest signs that she is in love with you.

It is surprisingly also the most obvious and biggest sign that you always do not notice.

  1. She Hardly Finds Fault in What You Do

Even a wave of your hand provides a breeze for her soul. This shows how much interest she has for you and the fact that she doesn’t care what you do.

Even with that, do not be a douche bag! Your personality should remain the type that is prestigious even if you don’t want her. After all, she would be talking about you to her friends whenever they have to ‘gossip’.

Don’t laugh. In case you did not know, the gathering of women results in gossip while that of men in the discussion. In this sense, while they’re gossiping you, they should be able to gossip on that sweetness of yours. If they dwell on your ills, she might stop loving you gradually.

  1. She Talks About Love with You

signs she loves you
Fact of Love

As one of the biggest signs that she is in love with you, men don’t seem to notice this sign. When she is comfortable talking about love matters with you, intimate or not, it doesn’t mean she is drunk.

She is very aware of herself and enjoys talking about it because she’s trying to attain her goal. This takes us back to ‘attention-seeking’. Yes, seeks your attention at this point to go beyond just the discussion.

Trust me, she wouldn’t mind ‘I love you’ coming from you, but you don’t know. This is just the fact because she needs it. Now, do you think that a girl who doesn’t love you would spend her time talking love with you?

Oh wait, you think she is messing around or something? Oh man, truth be told, she is really down to earth for you.

Is She Truly in Love with You?

Here is quite a legit question to answer. You know, sometimes, it may not be real love but friend-zoning.

These many persons would not tell you because they as well know nothing or too little about it. Another factor to be observant is the fact that she might be a player. Probably lusting after your money (if you’re the rich type) and not after you.

You may not understand or know clearly what is up. However, with a deeper look into the situation, you may be able to figure out the trueness. It is somewhat possible to figure it out though.

I’m attesting to this sense because a girl has tried once to play me. It didn’t work after all because I’m a cultured man and very conscious of what goes on around me.

In essence, the sure way to know if her advances are for real love or purposeful is to stay conscious. Observe her every motive and most importantly, ask questions.

To Conclude

Hey, do you still recall the name I gave you? It’s Jake. So, Jake, I have given you enough of the biggest signs that she is in love with you. All that is left here is for you to use your brain wisely.

Who can tell? You may be the guy that’ll be licking her ‘in-between’ and caressing her all the way down to her thighs. Look, Jake, don’t feel too feverish already because you’re almost done having her if you want to.

Do you think you need more love? You should join my clique of winning girls’ hearts without spending a dime. Besides that, you don’t even have to be handsome or muscular. In fact, you don’t have to be part of the bearded gang before she will fall in love with you. ‘Girls don’t fall for anything but they fall for everything’.

ethan alexander author and owner of love manorsketch

Written by

Ethan Alexander

Ethan Alexander is the epitome of refined elegance and effortless charisma. With a keen eye for style and an approachable demeanor, he navigates social situations with grace and ease. Known for his insightful conversations and a subtle sense of humor, Ethan leaves a lasting impression on those he meets.

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