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How to Break up With a Leo? (Step-By-Step)


Leos of both sexes are intensly and profoundly passionate, and lukewarm feelings are not natural. Shared love requires both parties to give themselves fully without abandonment. Leos are afraid of letting go.

A condition for falling in love is self-esteem. They hardly fall in love with a person that does not arouse their admiration. And this admiration depends on the psychic and moral qualities of the partner and the beauty that counts for Leo as much as inner gifts. A Leo man is the prototype of an endangered species: the male. For him, man and woman will never be similar or the same.


Not because you judge the woman inferior, but she is well aware that the woman has a different power that scares him a little.

The Leo woman, unconsciously, thinks somewhat similar to the male. She believes that men are superior to women, to all women except her! Leo has gifts of loyalty and frankness, of which, few other members of the same sex have. The man’s loves are difficult since he has very high ideals.

The beauty of it is that it takes care of everything, including your finances and small financial duties: fines, electricity bills, quarrels with the neighbors, children’s homework, plumbing, expiring TV subscriptions, and more. In short, having a Lion at home is sometimes like winning the lottery.

However, the bad thing about it is that sometimes they get in the way too much, with mum, with friends, with work, ect, and does not let you breathe. What to do then? If your Leo has become insolent, greedy and intrudes too much in your life, now is the time to open the love cuffs with the key and let him go. So how to break up with a Leo? Let’s read about it in this article.

How Should You Break Up With a Leo?

If you want to end a relationship or a marriage with a Leo, consider yourself lucky. It will be a clean break without recriminations. Even the unhappiest Leo man, or the saddest Leo woman, will not indulge in a scene or any sentimental blackmail. At most, they will ask you for explanations but without too many words. Leo men are more in tune with their inner energy and are a bit harder to break up with. But if you know where to push, it will be one easy task!

Don’t wash his socks anymore! How will he get to the office? He’ll either have to wash them or buy new ones, and he hates wasting time shopping.

Don’t iron his shirts! He’ll arrive at work half asleep to iron them himself or with the wrong color tie.

Prepare all the foods he hates! Fast food isn’t his favorite. He prefers oysters and champagne in fine dining establishments.

If, on the other hand, you want to try to be left behind, you can try to assume some attitudes:

When He is a Leo

How to get rid of him:

  • Transform yourself.
  • Treat him like an incompetent in front of his colleagues at work.
  • Become his superior.

When She is a Leo

How to get rid of her:

  • Whenever she looks in the mirror in the morning, point out a wrinkle.
  • Make a fool of her in public.

Where and When Should You do it?

Do it where he feels like he is in charge, like at his office. He will feel weakened and less powerful than usual to fight back. Do it when something special related to his own life is about to happen: a special celebration, a promotion, a work presentation. He won’t stand it and he will be more open and willing to let you go without fighting to win your heart back and fix things.

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What Should You do After?

A stable sign, the Lion can stay in a relationship for a decent amount of time but is also capable of burning bridges or diving into a new story very quickly. The Lion much prefers to be the one who leaves over being left behind. No longer being able to be the light of someone’s existence hurts his pride. You can always say, “it’s not you, it’s me,” but if it’s his fault, tell him in a kind and respectful way. Regardless, prepare yourself for the fact that he’ll get spiteful afterward. You will have to give it time and space to elaborate, that’s for sure.

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