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How To Attract Women On Facebook [Using The AIDA Formula]


Social media (especially Facebook) is great because it keeps us connected. This means we can be friends with (or at least follow) anyone we are interested in – a celebrity from the other end of the globe or the next-door neighbor. However, with everyone on Social Media, it is very easy to get lost in the crowd (and sadly, this is the case most of the time). But all that is about to change; because in this post, I’d be sharing with you how to attract women on Facebook (note how I said “attract,” not “chase”).

4 Tips For Attracting Women On Facebook [or Any Social Media Platform]

Attracting Women On Facebook

So, you’re on Facebook and there are dozens of super-attractive women on your screen 24/7 and their profiles all read “Single” and “interested in men”. Funny enough, you are also “single” and “interested in women”, yet you both are not flying into each other’s arms. Well, let’s just say the problem is strategy and approach.

If you’ve been on social media for at least 15mins, then you must be aware of something called ads (those sometimes super-attention-grabbing pictures or videos that show up from time to time asking you to buy the item you left on your cart…I know, it’s super annoying). But here is the thing, those ads work. They succeed in turning strangers into raving buyers and fans. They work so well that companies pour billions of dollars into them yearly.

In this post, I’d be exposing their secrets to you so you can inject that into your Facebook (or any social media platform) to start getting a torrential downpour of ladies in your DM. Are you ready?

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The first thing you need to do is stop the scroll. You want to capture the attention of the kind of lady you desire. And you do this in several ways.

– A Nice Profile Picture: You don’t want to have a picture of your cat, a quote, or worse Naruto. You want your picture to be on your profile picture. This is the first thing anyone will see about you (when you comment on a post, share a post, or are suggested as “someone they might know”). Hence, you want it to be an impressive and catchy image of yourself. It is a plus if you are smiling and standing close to a car or some other expensive thing (since it makes you appear inviting, high-class, confident, and desirable).

– Activity: There is a tendency for us to like people and things we’ve seen over and over again (it’s called the mere-exposure effect). By simply being active on Facebook – sharing quotes, your personal picture, videos, commenting, and so on – people get to see more and more of your content, and that makes them naturally prefer and trust you. All of a sudden you are no longer a stranger when you message them. Another thing is when you continually put out or share content people with similar interests start getting drawn to you, and would like to check out your profile.

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Secondly, you want to get them interested in you (and it’s quite easy). All you need to do is clearly state who you are – your likes, hobbies, and all. In fact, apart from the section of your profile that states that you are “Single” and “Interested in Women” when you mention that you love traveling, dancing, or reading books in your bio (or “about me” section); it makes her interested if she fancies that.


Now, they’ve been hooked by your profile picture, have gotten interested in you thanks to your nice, and well-thought-out bio, next they want to really dig in to know who you are. They scroll to the pages you like. They look at your friend list. They scroll through your wall to get a glimpse of how you think – your view, values, and opinions. They also look out for pictures you were tagged in and what you were doing or saying. In fact, they investigate you. That said, if you do not share anything, it makes them wonder what you are hiding, if you are a loner, or maybe your account is hacked (and is being used by a scammer). So, you want to have your picture (or videos) out there. You want to be nice and courteous. You want to appear kind, confident, audacious, fun, and witty in your timeline (or wall). This is what makes them desire you.


If you have you’ve nailed your profile picture, have an awesome bio, are active, and share well-thought-out content; you can go ahead to chat up the kind of ladies you desire. If they interact with your content, they would be more open to conversing with you. However, if they haven’t taken notice all this while, when you message them, they would quickly go over your picture, bio, and timeline to know who they are chatting with. Now. You do not want to be amongst the crowd again (because if she is hot, there are a lot of guys hitting her up), so you want to keep your conversations brief. You can go ahead and ask for her digits during the second or third conversation. After which, you should proceed to actually do something with the number (hint: Call her, and ask to meet up).

And that is how you attract girls on Facebook

P.S: the word “AIDA” in the title of this post stands for “Attention, Interest, Desire, & Action”, which is what I just showed you, and it is what is used by most internet marketers. It is extremely potent, so give it a try, and start attracting women on Facebook today.

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