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How to Start a Conversation with a Girl Online? (Tips)


It is very okay to be shy about starting a conversation with a girl online. However, you are depriving yourself of what makes you a man. A lot of guys have had this difficulties even right from childhood. In truth, I have been a victim growing from childhood through adolescent to adulthood. Today, after knowing how to start a conversation with a girl online, everything is as easy as whatever.

In this article, the primary focus is on how to start a conversation with her online. This article covers 3 major online platforms where you might be having difficulties to chat with her. Thus, this article will expose how to start a conversation with a girl on facebook and how to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram. The third one is how to start a conversation with a girl on Whatsapp which is the main online social chat application.

I will structure this article in a manner that covers each of the 3 online social platforms and any other platform.

Note: Social platforms such as WhatsApp is the toughest online platform to initiate a conversation with her.

How to Start a Conversation with a Girl Online

As earlier stated, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to start a conversation with a girl on facebook
  • How to start a conversation with a girl on Whatsapp
  • How to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram

The below listed practices are what you require to start a conversation that will not force her to block you.

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1. Admire Her Uploads

If it’s a platform like facebook or Instagram, admire her uploads. However, this will not be the case for platforms such as WhatsApp since it is not designed to be a very social platform. In cases where you have the contact of the girl, then you’re few steps from starting a conversation with her. Wait for her to upload her statuses and make a simple comment on them. Below are the sorts of comments to make without getting snubbed.

“Lovely”, “Nice”, “Looking bright”, “Wouldn’t mind being part of the shot. Lol”, etc.

Note: The tempo and structure of your comment must correspond with the upload. Sometimes, it’s okay to want to be noticed but it’s stupid to overdo.

The response you’ll get from her will be a simple “thank you”. If you attempt to go beyond boundary, you might be snubbed or possibly blocked from ever seeing their updates.

2. Craft a Question

The principle in the techniques of how to start a conversation with a girl online that opens the way is questioning. This does not imply questioning her about her name, address, hubbies, and all other irrelevant kinds of stuff. This is all about finding a question that suits a particular event that concerns her. For example, a girl I prefer to first debate with any girl I want to have something with. You may not quite understand what I mean and I’ll explain further.

When I need to have a conversation with a girl, I first make sure that I target a ‘context’. This is the trick that makes a girl to even suspend her boyfriend and give me all the time online.

How to Start a Chat by Targeting Context

First, what this simply means is that you must pick an opening chat from something that has meaning. There are several ways to achieve this. In cases where she is a colleague at school, target what question bothers her and take that question to her online for discussion. If she is the type that updates argumentative posts often, pick one that makes most sense. Message her and make it obvious that you’re messaging in regards to the post. In no time, she will reply without hesitation.

3. Discuss the Subject in Context

You may skip any other step but not this. Once you’re here, backing out means losing out. Before I proceed, a girl is not interested in a conversation when the conversation is irrelevant. A girl often feels exposed and wanted for sex. As such, she attempts to do anything possible to prevent herself from becoming a victim. This means that the moment your message arrives her inbox, she looks at the content of the message and either smiles or sighs. If she sighs, she will delete the conversation and tag it as irrelevant. You know what it means for something to be irrelevant, right?

If she has raised a discussion that appears like a debate. For example, she posted something like:

Are women free in the modern world?

This is a question, right? As you can see, this is a question that requires answers. For her to ask this question on any social platform, it means that she’s ready for direct messages. Seize this opportunity and message directly and make sure that the contents of the message concerns the discussion.
I often come across guys texting irrelevant things to girls and anticipating a response. How do you expect her to respond you? Wouldn’t it make her a cheap girl? Think!

4. Switch from the Discussion Naturally

Of all the things you might know about how to start a conversation with a girl online, here is the stage. This stage is a make or break stage in the sense that it decides whether the girl would always take you serious or not.
A friend of mine once experimented this. In the experiment with 3 different girls, after gaining their attention using the format above, he attempted to switch. This switch is all about changing the conversation from a discussion to making it something recurrent i.e. a conversation that will always take place. You know, such conversation often leads to either becoming a close friend to the girl or probably dating her.

In the end of the experiment, 2 of the 3 girls snubbed him. The third girl replied but seemed to instruct him to make it clear that they weren’t conversant with each other enough to go further.

Because the other 2 girls ignored, it is impossible to deduce something. From the third girl’s response, it is clear you must convince a girl to have constant conversations with you. This leads us on to the number 5 technique of how to start a conversation with a girl online.

5. Be Conversant with Her

There’s something in step 4 that you should have known. The thing is that before switching from the discussion, it can take days. The least number of days may be 2 days and the conversation must be stretched.

How I Stretch Conversations

Without stretching the conversation, it will be difficult to remain conversant with her. There are only 2 ways to stretch the conversation and they include the following:

  • Introducing a new but related topic.
  • Forming branches from the existing topic.

The above are the verified ways to extend the topic and will help to keep you conversant with her.

6. Understand Your Need to Continue with Her

After becoming conversant, what’s your need of further conversations with the girl? If you do not have any intention, then simply stop messaging once the end of the topic is reached. Moreover, if she messages at some point, reply but not in regards to the recent discussion.

If your adventure is an ambitious type, then you have to keep the chat alive. The traditional way to keep a chat or conversation alive is to constantly send messages such as “hi” and “hello”. In this modern era, this isn’t much of the case any longer. Keep a chat alive by resorting to finding out things like her hubbies and preferences.

Mistakes to Avoid while Starting a Conversation with Her

Most guys make mistakes even after tutorials on how to start a conversation with a girl online. The problem is not ignorance but misinformation or wrong thought. Here are the common mistakes to avoid whole attempting to start a conversation with her.

Being Proud

Don’t be pompous with the tone of the message. This will mean a great disrespect to her and she will not be moved to respond. Be as humble as possible whether it is in your nature or not. Before you feel that being proud is okay, understand that girls hate it. If you want a girl to be happy with your pride, let it be that you’re dating her.

Signalling Her with Love-Related Messages

Never message any girl with “hi love”. In fact, never allow any word related to love to be part of the message. It is regarded as indecent and disagrees with the principles of starting a conversation with her. The worse scenario would be when she is in a relationship and would be forced to block you.

Sending Irrelevant Messages

There are lots of irrelevant messages that shouldn’t be sent to a girl. One such is any love-related message and it annoys a girl. She believes that all guys want is sex and that such is the reason why you’re messaging her with irrelevant kinds of stuff.

Your Personality

You need not appear rich in your profile but you have to look responsible. It is understandable that some girls do not care about looks when there is money but make no such mistake. There are still a number of decent girls out there who guest examines your looks before considering whether to or not to respond.

Insulting Her

We all read messages of guys raining abuses on girls who refused to respond. In the first place, it is uncalled for to insult her. She owes you nothing and reserves the right to reply or ignore.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to start a conversation with any girl online so far your approach follows this trick. For some years now, I’ve been able to get quite a good number of girls to chat with me using this technique. Most importantly, I make sure that I preserve them in case I need them for anything at any time.
You’ve just been drilled on how to start a conversation with a girl online. It is now left for you to practice this approach and use it on any girl of your choice.

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