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How to Attract an Aquarius? (Do’s and Don’ts)


Those born under the sign of Aquarius are unfamiliar with expressing of emotions and feelings. This doesn’t mean they don’t experience emotion, however when they find themselves forced to let it out they are as clumsy as a first-time adolescent. Apart from this communication difficulty, they can be lovable and wholesome companions, tolerant and respectful of their partner’s freedoms. How can you attract such a hard-to-handle zodiac sign? Check this article to find out.

Attracting an Aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman’s love is unpredictable, so before throwing yourself headlong into courtship it is better to try to understand her and act strategically.
First, become her friend. Once you have gained her trust she will begin to look at you with different eyes, but be careful if you notice her become nervous, take a step back and do not accelerate your flirtation. Once you have won her heart, the Aquarius woman will want you at the center of her world, for her you will always have to be there, for anything, from giving her the simplest of reassurances to helping her untangle complex problems. Remember that she will be equally generous and helpful with you; your relationship with an Aquarius will always be about reciprocating these little acts of kindness.

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Attracting an Aquarius man

The Aquarius man in love is reserved, so entering his world will take a lot of patience and your main goal will be to build trust between you.
Talk to him by discussing different topics, involving him in nice conversation, trying not to contradict his tastes or preferences.
Once you are on the same wavelength you can make some advances to show him that you like him. Once you have conquered his heart, the Aquarius man will need constant stimulation, in fact boredom could be downfall of your relationship and so you should both try to avoid falling into monotony at all costs.
Take initiative and propose new ideas and do not spare yourself with cuddles: the Aquarius man loves demonstrations of affection and unexpected surprises.


How do Aquarius women flirt?

Appeal to your powers of observation to study an Aquarius woman, it’s not easy to notice her flirting! She is an elusive and unpredictable woman, a little fickle, who often changes her mind, who is not easy to keep up with and who you can’t say ‘no’ to! So approach her gradually, trying above all to understand her.
The main advice is to approach an Aquarius woman as a friend as she is a very sociable woman who makes friends with ease. To go to the next level you need time and patience. Do not move too quickly or make her aware of your flirting too soon, it would be counterproductive! You must first gain her trust and make her start looking at you with love in her eyes.

How do Aquarius men flirt?

Aquarius man follows the typical inclinations of water signs, characterized by independence and intellectuality. Therefore the moves to follow to conquer a man belonging to this sign will be characterized by intelligence and brilliance, to be shown above all in conversation. Once you have established empathic contact, it will take additional patience to bring him closer to you and develop intimacy because he will take some time to trust you. Once he does, he will likely prove to be faithful and have a heart of gold.

It can be difficult to find him alone to be able to talk to him in peace because he usually finds himself in social and group occasions. Do not be afraid to approach him in these contexts too.

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Do’s and Don’ts when flirting with Aquarius

• If you manage to enter into conversation with them and find yourself discussing politics or current news of which you are unsure about, talk about a film you recently saw in the cinema or on TV. If you have opinions to express on a current event, express them, because even if the Aquarius were to disagree, they would still be interested and involved in the discussion. However, avoid expressing positions that are contrary to ethical values and honesty in which the Aquarius firmly believes. Also pay attention to their tastes and preferences, especially in reference to books and magazines; getting on the same wavelength could be useful to break the ice.

• Looks and clothing: the Aquarius appreciates elegance and class. Dress nicely when around them, avoid casual clothing with jeans and t-shirt on first dates. If you’re a man, use a musky scent on the first date, with essences ranging from oak moss to leather, or with a typical marine scent. Given the characteristics of the sign, your first date should be culture-related. Alternatively, you can organize a time and place to read books together or you could go to an intellectual event.

• Stay passionate: The Aquarius man is a lover of warm temperatures. Obviously, if the climate is harsh, the Aquarius will probably be cold in intimacy. Inciting passion can be harder in these circumstances. When passion is born, the Aquarius man is a supportive companion. If he falls in love, he does not conceive the bond as possession, but as a communion of ideals and intentions that are the basis of the couple’s relationship, even an intimate one.

• Always show yourself as positive, the Aquarius woman loves a carefree man, the one who faces life and the problems it places before us with a smile. For her, the man must be fun, but not superficial. She wants a man who sees the glass as half full, with his head in the clouds and his feet on the ground. Prepare to be dynamic, always ready to do different activities. Just as she often changes her mind, the Aquarius woman shuns monotony in all respects. She doesn’t like to fall into a routine, so never relax when you think you have conquered her, surprise her whenever you can!

• Make surprises: as we have said, ‘yes’ to surprises, but ‘no’ to grand blatant gestures. Try to be inconstant too, to get closer to the Aquarius’ love of the unpredictable. Be present, but not condescending. In the early stages, it would be best if you surprise her when she doesn’t expect it and ignore her when she looks for you.

• Uses all 5 senses to tease an Aquarius woman, she likes to experience new emotions on the skin. Passion is a very pleasant game for her and she loves indulging in different and new sensations.

You like each other! What’s next?

The Aquarius man is an independent type who needs constant stimulation because he tends to get bored easily. On the one hand this is an advantage as he tends to love getting into exciting relationships, even rather stable ones, and this is because he cannot be alone, but on the other hand there is always the risk that monotony will reduce his interest in you. So the most important task in maintaining a relationship is to keep up with him and be inventive, tease him with many different ideas to always keep the interest alive and avoid making every day or outing the same.

Jealousy is an interesting aspect because once you have his trust it is as if you have carte blanche, he believes you and does not fear anything or anyone. The Aquarius man is hardly jealous unless extreme circumstances arise. Likewise, he does not want a jealous and oppressive woman next to him, he expects you to be understanding and not jealous of his solo outings with friends and colleagues, among whom there may also be some women.

Be elegant and refined; the Aquarius man has a fondness for feminine charm but doesn’t like glitz. So the advice is to play a lot with your clothing and stimulate his senses, for example with perfumes or with gentle physical contact.

In addition to physical appearance and contact, the Aquarius man likes a woman who is informed and eager to learn, one who trains and nourishes both the body and the mind. It can therefore be useful to play sports and partake in outdoor activities, such as trekking or mountain walks. Stay informed on the main current issues to keep up with the times and always have fresh arguments for your friendly debates to ensure that the dialogue is continuous and always different.

The Aquarius woman is a very receptive person, who seeks multisensory relationships, which use all 5 senses, therefore try to create habits that will engage her senses. That is, carve out moments and opportunities for you to do something unusual, but which can become a habit. Talking with messages written on paper, listening to music in the dark, having dinner blindfolded and so on.

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