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How to Attract a Libra [Dos and Don’ts]


Those born under the sign of Libra never let themselves fall freely in love, they always tend to have a component of rationality and control.
They are very helpful, perfect companions with whom it is really difficult to argue. This is thanks to their predisposition for dialogue. Finding and creating harmony is an essential need for them to the point where they sometimes sacrifice their own needs to keep peace with their partner. Unfortunately, some issues cannot be sorted without confrontation. This can lead to explosions when too many conflicts remain submerged for too long, which can seriously damage a relationship. Saying that, how can you attract a Libra and win their heart for good? Read this article to find it out!

Attracting a Libra woman


The planet that most influences this sign is Venus, which is why love is a priority for Libra women. Insecure and moody by nature, she is not comfortable alone and much prefers the company of others. However, to gain her trust enough to start a relationship, you will need initiative and patience. You are dealing with a very thoughtful woman who makes her decisions after pondering for a long time. The Libra woman is as tender as she is diplomatic, even if she appears fragile, she knows how to stand up for herself, especially if she is wronged or her trust is betrayed. Don’t make fun of her and don’t lie to her, even over little things, as it would lead you to lose credibility in her eyes. To lie to her is to lose your chances of starting anything with her.

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Attracting a Libra man

The Libra man has a casual character, but is always attentive and prudent, therefore less whimsical than other signs of the zodiac. To conquer his heart, you will therefore have to use many subtle tricks to avoid him discovering your strategy. However, the Libra man is an impatient creature, so do not prolong the number of times you see him before making your declaration lest he get bored.

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How do Libra women flirt?

The Libra woman is extremely faithful and respectful, as she prioritizes love above all else.

To conquer her you will have to make her feel special and pampered. You will also have to be delicate with your words and methods.
Small gestures will be enough to make her happy and satisfied, so a self-confident, caring and protective partner will be the right one. Once you have won her heart, the Libra woman will always need you to show her gestures of love, so never take your relationship for granted, but feed the fire with romance and kindness, as well as some surprises.
Seek dialogue with her and take her to tell her innermost secrets to strengthen your bond.

How do Libra men flirt?

The Libra man is casual and extroverted in love. To attract him, try not to declare yourself openly but provoke him with your seduction by drawing his attention to you, distinguishing you from his other suitors.
Focus on dialogue by engaging in a peaceful conversation and a quiet exchange of views, trying to have your say without criticizing his ideas. Once in the dating stage, it will be necessary to always keep love alive and interesting. Make sure to not allow boredom or habit to ever be a part of your relationship.

When a Libra man falls truly in love with you, you will be the happiest woman in the world.

Dos and Don’ts when flirting with Libra

  • When she has moments of low self-esteem, the Libra woman needs a partner to counterbalance her, a strong and self-confident partner, but one that is easy-going, not arrogant.
  • Try and keep things lively and refreshing. Monotony is the enemy of all Libras.
  • Be gallant with a Libra woman, courtesy and kind manners are the things they value most in a man. Always greet her with a kiss when you see her, give her a compliment, look her in the eye, stroke her cheek as she speaks. These little gestures will make her heart flutter.
  • Arm yourself with a lot of patience. It takes time to conquer a Libra woman. We advise you not to court her immediately, but to take her from afar, becoming a friend or acquaintance before probing the idea of a relationship.
  • Once she overcomes the obstacle of insecurity, a Libra woman will seduce you with all her charm and savoir-faire. She’ll show off like you couldn’t believe possible and you’ll be pleasantly impressed with her secret seductress skills.
  • Classic femininity is the essential starting point for attracting the attention of a Libra man. Choose classy and elegant clothing over current fashion trends. Keep your color pallet refined, not flashy Even your make-up should not be excessive and above all it should be used to accentuate your natural beauty rather than to add anything to it.
  • Competition: Don’t be intimidated by competition from other potential partners, even if you seem to see him flirting with them. The Libra man tends to be extroverted and loves to socialize with everyone, including other women. So don’t give up! It doesn’t mean that he has lost interest in you.
  • Make the first move. Libra men are sociable, so simply approaching him and waiting for a miracle will not be enough to capture his attention. Initiate a conversation with him to keep you at the forefront of his mind.
  • As soon as you have managed to capture him in conversation, know that he likes to discuss details and in particular, wrongs and rights. Let the conversation become a casual debate over morals to keep him engaged. Libras thrive when exchanging opinions and learning about different perspectives, so make sure to bring your own takes to the conversation and communicate them.
  • Don’t over please him. Libra men love to be appreciated but without excesses, so let him understand that you appreciate and value him without speaking openly about love and a stable relationship, at least for the first dates. In any case, remember that he is usually looking for a stable relationship.
  • Just as with Libra women, love is a treasure to Libra men. Make sure to take care of your relationship and engage regularly in new activities to keep that spark alive. Libra men particularly enjoy partners who are on their cultural and intellectual level as they find them stimulating and easier to fall for.

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You like each other! What’s next?

Rule number 1 for establishing a good relationship with a Libra is not to take it for granted. Do not give in to habit and routine, but treat the relationship as an eternal courtship, almost. It may take your Libra a long time to become fully comfortable around you, especially if past relationships have created underlying trust issues. Even if sometimes it seems like all your efforts are getting you nowhere, keep showing your Libra love until they show it in return.

If you have managed to attract the attention of a Libra woman with your gallant ways, to make maintain that relationship you must continue to behave like a gentleman. Romantic gestures are the ones that are most appreciated by a Libra woman. Spread them throughout the year – do not wait for Valentine’s day!

Libras like to take their time. This especially applies to decision making. You must therefore always indulge, as far as possible, this peculiarity of her character, without putting her under too much pressure. Pressurizing her runs the risk of making her agitated and reflects very poorly on you. Your partner expects to be understood and respected.

One thing about a Libra man that you should keep in mind is that they are unlikely to comfort you if you become upset. They are solution-orientated, which can create friction during disagreements. Their ‘roll-your-sleeves-up-and-deal-with-it’ attitude is beneficial in some circumstances and harmful in others.

Libra men are very sociable and active, so be like that too. Expand your friendships and work networking. He likes public relations a lot, so do not limit your couple interactions to close friends or other couples. Sometimes getting out there and making new friends is like a breath of fresh air for a Libra.

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