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What Traits Attract a Virgo? (Explained)


If you want to know what traits attract a Virgo, you came the right place. Actually, the first thing you need to know is that a Virgo has a particular, not to say difficult, character. But don’t worry, once you get a feel for their personality it will be easy enough to manage a relationship with them. The difficulty in seducing a Virgo is not so much in approaching them: a Virgo is in fact very polite and will never refuse an approach; they will never pretend to be the dark, mysterious, seductive type. The real obstacle in how to attract a Virgo is attracting their attention: Virgo has an excellent level of culture, is polite and is kind towards their neighbor, but they spare their feelings only for those who demonstrate to be deserving of it. How can you attract a Virgo? What does a Virgo like? Let’s see with this article.

What does a Virgo like?


Virgo loves rules, order and rationality as they hate chaos, confusion, anything that is not concrete and vulgarity in general. They are used to (successfully!) planning everything in their lives. The sign of Virgo, as you will have already guessed, is linked to the earth and to everything that is stable. This sign falls in the period of harvest and this is reflected in their decisive and concrete character, but this does not mean that they lack the emotionality to be great in a relationship.

You won’t see them smile often, but when they do, their smile comes from deep inside. They are inclined to help others, especially those they care about. Even when you think they’re not paying attention, they are.

Finally, however pragmatic, they have a strong spirituality. They are inclined to oriental cultures and love meditation, which helps them to find their beloved and much needed balance.

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Traits a Virgo likes


If you really want to understand how to conquer a Virgo, the first step is to not pretend to be like them. The Virgo will notice. If you have good intentions, you don’t need to hide your true nature!

Always be yourself and try to approach them naturally. At first, they may look at you with a little suspicion, but don’t be afraid, they are just trying to understand what kind of person you are. After realizing that you just want to be nice, they will gladly let you into their life.


One way to enter into graces and therefore to attract a Virgo is to make him understand that you do not assume a submissive character. The Virgo is methodical, concentrated and self-confident, but they are not dictators. They appreciate someone who will be their equal and level with them about problems they encounter.
Don’t be swept off your feet by their gallantry; if they help you out, return the favor in kind. Let them know that you are appreciative and are happy to pass on the good karma. ‘You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’, as they say. All it takes is one favor returned for your name to stick in the mind of a Virgo.


At this point you are getting quite close to the Virgo. But you are likely missing the final step, which in other relationships may seem the easiest, but in this case it is not. You are close to him and you see that he faces all things in a calculated way. So you prepare yourself for a stable and calculated life, where everything is pre-planned. But you are wrong: the Virgo knows how to go with the flow and has an exceptional sense of humor that you may not expect! If the Virgo understands that you are a good person, they will begin to feel at ease and you will be able to discover the bright and playful parts of their personality. So if you really want to figure out how to attract a Virgo, give them the chance to be themselves and show the side they usually keep hidden. Accept this new behavior in a natural way without giving away that seeing them joke is a bit like seeing them naked.


As infallible as they may seem, the Virgo can get their calculations wrong, like everyone else. Unlike everyone else, they can take these unexpected events as an existential failure. You must be prepared to support them, even if to you the error seems insignificant. But this level of support is necessary for any relationship! You won’t be over-exerting yourself. Especially because after a few minutes of panic, their resolution-oriented mind will already be seeking another solution!

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