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How to Break Up with a Cheating Girlfriend to Pay Back?


One of the few things that hurt the emotion is a breakup. To break up with a cheating girlfriend can cause you a lot of emotional pains, especially when you get to find out. Just like bad skin, it must be removed before it kills other parts. When you discover your girlfriend is cheating on you, the next steps should be BREAK UP.

A lot of reasonable stuff do trigger the need for breakups, but cheating is a capital NO in terms of being an equitable cause of breakups. If she cheats as my girlfriend, she’ll cheat as a wife, so the only way to secure my future mental-self is to part ways with her after looking for ideas on how to break up with a cheating girlfriend. Whether you want to break up with her by text, or other means, it is still okay. As long as you break up.

My ex, despite the trueness she discovered in me, she still broke my heart. At first, I understood that she was a flirt, and I did talk to her about that, but she claimed it was just her being sociable. How she defines herself as being a friendly individual did not sound so bad after all because the things she did and said were enough to make me believe.

My Story with my Cheating Girlfriend

At a point, I became fed up with her activeness on social media even when we do not have any ongoing discussion. Her last seen always shows “Last seen 2 minutes ago” even when it’s deep into the night. I first thought of a breakup, but being that I’ve never caught her in the act, I felt I’d be overreacting to the situation. Normally, I am not the type that shares my relationship life with friends, and she was aware of that. So I expect such attribute of mine to be an extra boost for our relationship, but she instead seized the opportunity to as an additional advantage to cheat on a devoted mind like mine.

Even her phone’s password is what I did not give a damn about; such was the trust level. Being that I do not care to know her password, she took it as add-ons for cheating.

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How I Caught my Cheating Girlfriend

Down to how I caught her, I knew if I inquire for her password, it will be a signal for her to thread consciously. I flushed the idea of requesting for it and kept close tabs on her phone. Little did she know that messages can pop on the notification bar, she wasn’t wise enough to enable the ‘Hide notification bar’ on her Android device.

She came over to my place one early morning, which was unusual of her. While she was using the bathroom, I picked up her phone, without unlocking it (I don’t know the password), I put on her Mobile Data and turned down the volume of her phone. Immediately the first message that popped, I put off the data so that other words won’t cluster. Luckily for me with luck on my side, the first message read the destination she has to turn up to. I slid the message off and replaced her phone.

He is thinking of how to break up with his cheating girlfriend
A Cheating Girlfriend

As was expected, she told me she’s leaving home, which I bade her farewell. I quickly used another route to the location and picked up a spot to watch out for the cheat. All turned out as was expected and I went home.

I called her that evening to inform her of how much I miss her and that she should come over. When she arrived, I told her it was over; without looking at her face, I closed the door behind her. Well, this is more like how to break up with a cheating girlfriend.

At this point, my mind was made up. You could see I had no choice. She left the door in tears, and I watched her go with my heart burning for my trust that she let go down the drain.

It will be an error or sign of weakness on your side if after she hurts you, you still let her stay to hurt you another day. For you to want to dismiss her, it means that what she did in unbearable and there justifies your moves.

You do not need much on how to break up with a cheating girlfriend if you reread the way I did mine like a boss. Trust me, to break up with her is like science, you need to gather specific facts.

How to Break Up with a Cheating Girlfriend

Study her carefully for a specified period.

This time can be as short or as long as you want, depending on the situation.

Don’t Question Her

Do not question your suspicion by walking up to her to request. She might even turn it against you with claims that you are feeling insecure, which is a lie.

Get your Facts

Question your suspicion of her by retrieving as much as possible little facts that come your way.

Avoid her Friends

Do not question any of her friends on her attitude. They will eventually ask her, which will make it almost impossible for you to achieve your aim because she will begin to tread very carefully.

Present your Finding to Her

When you have enough evidence, gather them and put them out before her at a time where she least expects. If you choose the wrong time and atmosphere, she might deny everything and start deceiving you with tears.

Break up and Avoid Apologies

How to catch a cheating girlfriend
A cheating girlfriend begging

Tell her your mind and leave no chance for unnecessary apologies. If she has done it before, she will most likely do it again. This time around in full gear; so you don’t need a perfect excuse to break-up with Your Girlfriend. When a woman is cheating, she can be manipulated, and your life is at risk.

So the earlier you break up with a cheating girlfriend, the longer you live. Aside from killing you herself, she can also give you life-threatening diseases that will make the end of your sexually active life. Once a guy has convinced your GF to sleep with him, there is nothing else you can do, just break up with her.

How to break up with a cheating girlfriend can’t have been any better than this.

The Questions Regarding Break Up

Before and after the breakup, so many questions will come up including;

  • When Should I Break Up with My Girlfriend?
  • How to Get over a Cheating Girlfriend Fast?

For you to answer these questions means threading the best path in this condition.

When Should I break Up with my Girlfriend?

After all the days, weeks and months of heartbreaks, it is best to call it an end in good time. I have a friend whose girlfriend messed up with. When he was going to break up with her, he told no one; not even the girl in question.

He invited her over and made sure that he hurt her vagina hard before informing her. After the rough sex which surprised the girl, he told her three days later that it is over.

Flashback to what the girl did; she made her marriage arrangement with another man without informing the boyfriend who found out through a close friend — what a cruel world. Weak men will sob, but he didn’t sob, my friend chose to make her pay for the betrayal. What pleases me in this drama is that it wasn’t rape; he did it with her consent but made it damaging.

When should you break up with a Cheating girlfriend?

Let’s consider these four scenarios;

Your Friends are in Support

Friends are very vital in a relationship, especially your very close friends. There is stuff about your girlfriend that they refuse to inform you of simply because they do not want to be seen as the direct reason for your breakup.

Your Happiness is not Gone

When a relationship is working, there is happiness on both ends of the relationship. Just like my friend, when his lover was about to marry a new man, his joy was far gone. All he had hovering around him was anger and retribution. Check out what that anger led him to, it led him into hurting the girl’s vagina, which will take time to heal. She will deny her new man access to her pussy to avoid her hubby’s eyebrows being raised with questions.

Communication is Dead

If the question on when should I break up with my girlfriend is still bothering you deeply, it is now that you should break up. Since the communication that exists between you two is dead, what’s the essence.

As a man, you may one day hurt the girl physically merely because of a phone call that you do not know whom she is conversing with. You may hit her and probably injure her badly thinking that she was speaking with one of her lover outside; meanwhile, she was answering to her dad.

Uncertainty is High

When you are scared of love, work out. This is a sign of insecurity. You are not sure of her love or your love for her anymore. Uncertainty already builds that feeling that something rough is coming. Before it hits you hard to the point that you become scared to love again, consider a call-off.

There are situations where I could advise a guy to remain in a relationship, but when there is uncertainty, I advise against continuing with the relationship. If you think you still love her, but you are unsure, let it go. Yes; let it go. Letting go gives you more room to rethink and probably mend what went wrong. You may always go back if there is a chance.

Wondering How to Get Over a Cheating Girlfriend Fast?

You don’t have to cry. She is gone, be the ideal man that your creator and the society holds you to be. How to get over a cheating girlfriend fast is a thing that real men make even easier. I want you to be part of the men I call men. In my case, as I stated above, I called her to my apartment, informed her of my decision, and closed the door quickly behind her.

I know how tough this could turn out to be but, is it not better to let go rather than be a punk throughout the relationship?

I think it took me barely a few days to get over her. What I did was that:

I kept reminding Myself of Her ills

This is the magic idea that most guys are not aware of. The moment you allow the fussy stuff she did to replay in your head, it keeps making you hate her the more. If you remind yourself of the sweet times, you will find yourself crying in bed like a kid. This type of activity is not expected of a man and so, do not be that kind of man. Consider her to be Eve and do not see anything cool in about.

Take charge of your brain because it is designed to think in a sophisticated manner. Your mind will forcefully flashback to her beautiful ways but detest it because if she ever were right, she’d never have cheated on you.

Dish the Old Memories

Dishing the old memories could involve a lot of things.

  • Dish the memory of the good times you had
  • Stop envisioning her body
  • Detest how she used to talk, walk and sleep, no matter how beautiful they were
  • Never go back to places you visited while in the relationship

Unfriend and Unfollow Her Social Media Accounts

Reading the ways on how to get over a cheating girlfriend fast may be quite congenial for your happiness. It is here that you’ll discover that an ordinary like unfriending and unfollowing your cheat ex is what you need to get over her. Imagine being in a happy, and then Facebook pops a notification reading that your ex is feeling excited with five others. If you’re mental at that moment, you may smash your device.

Unfollow that cheat and see peace.

Other considerable things to do includes:

  • Cutting off with her friends and relatives
  • Abandon or dispose of anything she gifted you
  • Flirt if you can’t find a new lover immediately
  • Don’t stay alone, mix up with the person to busy your brain and probably hook up

If all of these fail to work, please find your way to the nearest brothel and lock yourself up there. The ladies there can help f*ck your brains back to normal.

Now you have seen how to break up with a cheating girlfriend, what else are you waiting for? Don’t forget to subscribe for more interesting posts like this.

See ya… peace!

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