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How to Convince Any Girl to Send Pictures


How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Send Pictures

It does feel gratifying to have the pictures of one’s girlfriend, whether unclad or clothed stored to a particular folder on a smartphone or PC. Just like when you are trying to convince a girl to sleep with you, the same process is followed when trying to convince your girlfriend to send pictures.

This becomes even more honeyed when a boyfriend unexpectedly receives pictures from his girlfriend.

Couple exchanging words

Sadly, not all guys in a relationship savor from the pleasure of receiving pictures from their girlfriends, especially the exposed photos. Just in case you are wondering whether there is something wrong with your relationship, the answer is “no.” It is very typical for you not to receive pictures from your girlfriend and this is mostly the case of newly or recently established relationships.

Mostly in a relationship, the guys happen to be the causal agents of not getting pictures from their girlfriends in the sense that they do not attempt convincing her to send her pictures.

It is on this ground that this guide is designed to help detract the burden on your mind. This guide will show you how to convince your girlfriend to send pictures without giving it a second thought.

Steps to Convincing Her to Send Her Pictures

It’s time to move on after finding out the wrong you did. Now, concerning how to convince your girlfriend to send pictures, consider the following charming things as a way of convincing her to throw her photographs.

Know the Kind of Pictures You Want

Knowing what you want can be helpful as it helps to pick a course. Since we are dealing with how to convince your girlfriend to send pictures, it will be smarter to have an understanding of the kinds of images your eyes itch for.

What kind of pictures do you want from her? The ‘easy to ask’ photos like her clothed pictures or her n*des? Funny enough, it does not matter which one you need. Even if you want to see how wide the hole of her a*s is, it is still as easy as asking and convincing her to send you the pictures of her on a coat.

Forget about her decent photos; it’s your girlfriend we’re discussing here. Would you remain shy while some other dude shares n*de$ with her or boldly convince her to share with you? By the way, I know it’s the nud£ sharing that brought you here, so ‘yes,’ if you’re going to have your girlfriend send you pictures, it would be her unclad or her pictures with some form of nudity.

Text Her Often

The decision here pertains to your girlfriend’s nude or any of her sexual-intense pictures. Next in line is for you to text her often, especially at night! Nights are the best time to make her understand that it will be gracious for her to send in some pictures of hers.

Going by the subject of this section, the insinuation is that you should stage hot late night chats with her. Beginning by having a few minute phone conversation with her is the ideal way to get started. During the discussion, remind her of how beautiful a girl she is. Make her blush and then ask her to please spend some of her precious time on WhatsApp or Messenger with you. I will recommend WhatsApp; it’s the coolest chat app with a charming design that will ignite some form of sexual flow. WhatsApp is generally the chatting ground where nudes and other lovely pictures and moments are shared.

A Luring Pre-sext

Before the phone call ends, you’d get a positive response, ‘Yes’ or a negative one. She’ll most likely say ‘No’ if you call in during a golden hour, but she’ll say ‘Yes’ in a dark hour; the reason being that dark hours are bed hours. With regards to this, you should consider giving her a call during late hours, like 21:00 hours.

When the phone conversation is over, have her hang up the call. Once she does, put on your mobile data, and message her first. You could begin the conversation with easygoing stuff like;

  • Hi there
  • Hello Angela

The above is enough instead of sending her love quotes and all those great and composite stuff which are not how to convince your girlfriend to send pictures.

After some hours of chatting, and maybe getting to the 23:00 or 00:00, your chat-pattern should change! Basically to a type capable of convincing her to send her pictures.

At this point, you’d both run out of anything sanctified to converse about. On your girlfriend’s end, she’s no longer interested in the “today was cool and mum is okay” chats. You are the man; you should now initiate the fact that men are generally more expressive than women. Now, the expression factor is what she is waiting and expecting from you. If you mess yourself up, she’d equally feel messed up!


Sexting is the first section indicating how to convince your girlfriend to send pictures without messing up.


The least f**k-concerned think you message your girlfriend gets her panties soaked. She will of course not tell you about it until the chat nears a point of exchanging the looks of penis tips and tits.


Don’t be devoid of good sense by sending her a picture of your penis; big or small at this point.

Besides, I don’t recommend sharing unclad photos with your lovers who are far away. Want to know why? The reason is that the moment they’re turned on or horny, another person in that location might trespass her body while you’re masturbating on your phone screen or PC; pities for the keyboard.

Convincing her to send her pictures is a win for you if she eventually starts sending ‘LOL’ over any naughty message from you. She may also add stuff like “spoilt boyfriend.” She doesn’t it by the way. Eventually, she will send you something naughty too, don’t laugh or taunt her for it; take it seriously!

At this point, some girls will ask if you mind seeing their “small breast” (they love to belittle themselves so that it won’t seem as though she’s contented with her bodily packages) while others would want you to convince them into it.

Bending the Rod

Oops! She doesn’t want to fall! Nope, she has fallen just that she wants to be sure of the ground she’s will be landing.

Before you burn her soul, send her a photo of hers and claim you’d masturbate on it. She’ll so blush over this.

After that, proceed to bend the rod and burn her soul with messages like this;

  • My dick is making it uncomfortable for me in bed, give me a second, I’ve got to put it well in place.
  • I didn’t want to let you know, but I have to now. I couldn’t help staring at your butt last week (include location or wait for her to ask)
  • If I could make a wish now, I’d wish you to be here, and I’ll make you moan with my tongue deep inside your pink hole. (Even a nun wants this)

The first and visible reaction from your girlfriend will be “Awwnn” (blushing).

When you’ve gone this far, you don’t have to do much anymore. Everything will now be like a big business whose capital is controlling itself.

Respect Her and Avoid Being Choosy

Have in mind that your success in bending the rod does not mean she’s cheap; it means hats off for a job well task completed.

When she sends in her pictures, nudes or otherwise, never ask for more, never choose a style for her and never comment ill no matter what on earth may be wrong with the picture or with you.

Mistakes to avoid when trying to Convince Your Girlfriend to Send Pictures

Be assured that the tricks above work, it does not matter whether you need your girlfriend’s nude pictures or whatever. But whichever way the case may be, you will be shown how to convince your girlfriend to send photos, especially the images of her sexy and mouthwatering body.

The First mistake to avoid

Not Extolling Your Girlfriend Enough

I think it is not too late for you to know that girls love to be praised like the angel they are. I don’t believe this line made any sense to you, so I’ll construct another one to explain the first line.

Happy Partners

What I wrote above meant that ‘your girlfriend’ loves it when you praise her like the angel she is. I’m sure the message is more evident now.

Before you proceed with this guide on how to convince your girlfriend to send pictures, go and worship her, if you’ve never done that. Believe me; if only you had extolled her well enough from the start of your relationship, you’d never be here soliciting for help on how to convince your girlfriend to send pictures.

A good example derived from various studies is that the body part girls love to picture and send to their boyfriends most is their breasts, followed by the nipples. If you’ve never seen a photo your girlfriend’s boobs and nipples, you’ve got to up your game in praising her looks a lot. Not that she is unaware of the whole thing though, she’s not sure of sending it to you since you are not giving her the green light by extolling her.

Other reasons could be:

  • Hiding your dirty side from her.
  • Putting on a holy Reverend-like attitude before your girlfriend.
  • Thinking she may not be interested.


As long as she is yours, you can easily convince your girlfriend to send pictures to you – any kind of pictures. One of the reasons why it fails is that lots of guys pretend that they don’t like such initially in the relationship.

Then along the line when you intend showing your bad side, she becomes scared of bringing out her dark side. You should do the job on time and tease her along all those lines. Just when you see the need to make her naughty, it wouldn’t become much of a big deal.

But once you discover that she isn’t responsive or playing games in the relationship, do well to play her back.

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